The Day I Realized I’m a Changed Person

I’ve been wanting to blog about this incident that happened last month, but the words just came and fade away. So when mommy blogger Klessis started her new linky on “My Valentine’s Day Special”, I thought it was time for me to sit down, think about it and start churning out this post.

Last month, V and I had a quarrel. Quite a bad one, I would say, and it ended up with me dashing out of the house and slamming the door. I drove our boy to his English class, and I went to a restaurant to relish in some silence and good food. Then, I realized it’s been so long since I last dine out on my own.

During that one hour, I stared at this photo. The first thing that came into my mind was – How long have we been married? Almost eight years. That’s a very long time.


And I still remember how he sheepishly slipped his passport photo (taken more than ten years ago!) into my wallet. He made me laugh for days, but that photo remains intact in my wallet for years, until today.

I chuckled again at the sight of it, and suddenly, the memories of us rewind, play and fast forward all at once. It’s amazing to discover how a photo can bring a flood of memories to me! Maybe that’s the reason why he put this photo into my wallet.

V and I may look like a calm, happy and normal couple. But recently, we quarrelled a lot over trivial issues, and it really drives me crazy. Nope, we don’t have serious issues like gambling addiction, extra-marital affairs, debts, lies or anything of sorts.

Sometimes, we quarrelled just because he was late for a mere five minutes. In the midst of a quarrel, unkind words are spoken (unintentionally) and the other party is hurt. He blamed me for my mood swing as a side effect from the medication that I’m taking. And I feel hurt with his insensitivity towards my plight.

We’re not as dramatic as my parents-in-law though. I heard that my mom-in-law used to ran out with a chopper or hot water when she quarrelled with my dad-in-law (of course just to scare him and no one gets hurt). LOL.

Nonetheless, V and I can be very loud too, and if we don’t close the door, our neighbours might threaten to call the police.

When the frequency of our quarrels increases, I was stung by the realization that I’m indeed a changed person now. Why can’t I be more considerate, thoughtful and patient like I used to be? Sometimes, I really want to send myself for marriage counselling. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

Before marriage, it was easy to be considerate and thoughtful when he was all that I could ever think about. But when the honeymoon was over, both of us eased into marriage life and not long after that, Little Edison entered the picture. And we struggled with parenthood for a while.

Now, there are lots of works to be done, a house to keep, bills to pay, anxiety from raising a family, and at the end of the day, I’m exhausted – both physically and mentally. As years went by, my mind loses space for this person – who used to occupy almost every brain cell in me.

I think less about him, and sometimes I even forget.

Today, I take a step back to re-evaluate my role as his wife. I pray for passion now. And I pray for thoughtfulness to return again.

I thought of all the wonderful things that he did to me. Two years ago when I had to undergo two sinus operations, I remember how he has provided me with endless support and care. When my nose bled heavily after the operation, he immediately left his workplace and rushed me to the hospital.

In addition, he’s always very attentive with his little act of services like helping to pump petrol for my car, top-up my cash-card without being told, buy groceries (he knows that I don’t like to go to supermarket), and he can even cook.

And then, I realize just how lucky I am to find someone like him. Someone who makes a wonderful father, someone who loves me despite my many faults, someone who shares my adventures and misadventures, and above all, someone who will always be there for me unconditionally.

I want to walk the road of life with him.


“I love you, dear! I’m lucky to have you as my husband, through the good and bad times, I will always be there for you, just like you’ve always been there for me.”


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Dear Emily, I hope your hubby will read this post to know your heartbeat. As wives, we long to be pampered and loved so much so we become easily irritable with those closest to us. You are not alone, many ladies too are guilty of losing our cool (and temper) over the most trivial issues especially when we have to juggle both work and home (and kids!). Whenever I become irrational or have one of those unreasonable mood swings, I will definitely be brought back to my senses by my hubby’s ‘scoldings’ (yes, our quarrels can be nasty too). Yet,… Read more »

Dear Angie,
Thank you for your wonderful comment. It made me feel less guilty. Haha! I’ve been such a bad wifey, and I resolve to change that. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and David too! I saw his Valentine’s Day dedication song to you. Awww, he’s so sweet! 🙂

I can so identify with you! this must have been a tremendously difficult post to write! It’s times like these when we are so aware of our emotions and thoughts that we are more grateful for what we have. You are so so blessed, and even more blessed to know how blessed you are! (uhoh–i hope i’m making sense here!) 🙂 Enjoy your day!!

Hi Jiahui,
Thanks for your comment. Haha! I know what you meant. To realize that we’re blessed is indeed a blessing. 🙂 I’m glad to keep a blog that I can express my bottled feelings and get some awesome comments like this. Enjoy your day too!


Hi Emily Your post make me tear at the end! Ya, I think most of the times we have taken our spouse for granted. Try to make time for couple time alone, I know it is not easy! But it really will keep the love and sparks alive, maybe take up some hobby together. Recently my hubby and I have took out vocal lesson together, though it is just 45 mins lesson but it surely does make us bond even more, jia you! We will definitely grow old with our spouses together, still holding hand till the end of time!

Hi Vivienne,
Thanks for your comments and suggestion. Now that my son sleeps early, I try to spend more time with him, talk about his work and watch a movie together. Every time I feel that I’m losing patience, I take a deep breath, step back and think again. It helps a lot, and will continue to jia you.

Yes, we will grow old with our spouses together. I love this statement! 🙂


Sometime I was very angry with my husband. In the end I just have to accept who he is. Life is not perfect in many ways.

Hi Lily,
Yes, there is no perfect couple in this world. Everyone has their weaknesses. So we just need to accept who they are and see how we can complement each other.