Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Special Edition Coca-Cola Auspicious Cans

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, supermarkets are packed with shoppers stocking up their carts with CNY goodies, from mandarin oranges, biscuits, candies and drinks to home decorations like red lanterns, paper cut posters, flowers and fireworks.

For me, I like to look out for special edition product launches and packaging expressions. Chinese New Year is a festival that is blessed with rich and varied iconography, as well as a theme that changes every year. So there’s certainly no shortage of visual inspirations for brands to launch their special limited edition products.

This year, Coca-Cola brings a very refreshing twist to spreading good fortune in the Year of Goat with the 8 specially-designed auspicious Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans. These cans bear lucky Chinese characters and they are the perfect complement to the traditional Mandarin oranges.

The EIGHT auspicious designs in distinctive red cans include “happiness”, “wealth”, “abundance”, “good luck”, “prosperity”, “fortune”, “peace” and “a smooth year”.


What I like about this design is that the greeting on each can is so personalised, and each of the eight cans expresses a different wish that we want to share with our loved ones.

In addition, the combination of contemporary design graphics with traditional calligraphic greeting characters makes the cans stand out among other products. They make a very meaningful gift across generations, bridging the generation gap and sharing the festive joy with everyone in the family.


Besides the calligraphic greeting characters, you may also notice some special design elements and symbols associated with each greetings, such as Chinese coins to represent fortune, a rice bucket to signify abundance and clouds to show happiness.

Chinese New Year is a time to re-connect with family and loved ones. To help us connect with each other during this festive season, Coca-Cola has specially created a Happiness Greeting Machine which allows friends and family to digitally share good fortune and prosperity with their loved ones.

Where I can find this Happiness Greeting Machine, you may ask. These machines will be located at 20 hypermarkets and supermarkets across the island, starting from 7 Feb 2015 to 16 Feb 2015. Check out Coca-Cola website for the list of locations.

Simply purchase any Coca-Cola products (excluding single cans and 500ml bottles), we can create our own personalised Chinese New Year greeting message with Happiness Greeting Machine, and send it to our loved one or friend via text message or e-mail. This greeting also comes with a digital auspicious Coca-Cola can.


Even if you can’t share your favourite Coca-Cola drink with family and friends living overseas, you can still send them a digital auspicious can!

As an added bonus, for each digital can and greeting that we shared, we will also receive an auspicious can of our choice and a free gift from Coca-Cola. It’s also the tradition of giving and receiving during the Chinese New Year.

Last but not least, we will also be able to spin the Auspicious Wheel of Happiness and stand a chance to win other great Chinese New Year goodies. So, let’s share the auspicious Chinese New Year greetings with Coca-Cola’s Happiness Greeting Machine!


Sharing good fortune with family and friends is what Lunar New Year is all about. I will certainly choose the auspicious Coca-Cola cans to spread happiness and prosperity to my family and friends.

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to share these EIGHT auspicious designs with them:

  • I want to share “Happiness” with my mum to wish her everlasting joy.
  • I want to share “Wealth” with my husband to wish him good salary and job promotion (you know – his money is my money, my money is my money, heh!).
  • I want to share “Abundance” with my dad to wish him having more than enough of everything that he needs.
  • I want to share “Good Luck” with my siblings to wish them best of luck in the Year of Goat.
  • I want to share “Prosperity” with my parents-in-law to wish them a flourishing and joyful new year.
  • I want to share “Fortune” with my brother-in-law, Kenneth, to wish him good fortune and success in his career.
  • I want to share “Peace” and “A Smooth Year” with all my friends and blog readers to wish them a peace, joyful, safe, healthy and smooth-sailing Year of Goat.


Let’s celebrate the Year of the Goat with this stunning Chinese New Year Edition of Coca-Cola and make a difference! These auspicious can designs are now available at your nearest stores (also look out for Coca-Cola’s special shrink wrap / box carton designs if you’re purchasing by the bulk in-store).

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

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