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The majority of Singaporean parents today are largely unconcerned about their children’s media use and screen time. First of all, smartphones and tablets have become the most sought-after parenting tools. Secondly, parents themselves get involved so much in technology and internet without realizing how much they may have ignored their children.

It’s a common scene these days – children and parents at a restaurant interacting with devices instead of each other. Unfortunately, our technology and internet activities have disconnected the communication between parents and their children.

No one can deny it; it’s the technology and internet world now.  Parents and children are already involved in this phenomenon. Thus, it’s not possible to put them away and return to the old traditional family quality time bonding.

Thankfully, the smart people at Kloneworld have developed an app that brings family together. Kloneworld is a group of storytellers with a twist. Using a mix of technology and creativity, they develop stories that inspired and entertained us when we were kids to pass-on to the next generation.

Kloneworld App

As you can see, they are completely different from any other family-fun apps in the market today. Kloneworld puts us into movies, animations, comic books and toys that we enjoy. They offer us an unmatched personalised storytelling experience, where we can see ourselves star in our own movies and comics, all at our fingertips.

I’m sure by now, you’re curious about how it works. I’ve been testing this app for over a week now, and I really like it. These are THREE main uniqueness of Kloneworld that distinguishes it from other children’s apps in the market.


Three Uniqueness of Kloneworld Toozo Town:

1. Personalized animations that I’ve never seen before

The coolest thing about this app is their personalized animations. Kids love the fantasy world of cartoons. Now, you can wow them by putting them into movies, animations and comic books that they like.


Simply upload your kid’s photo, and it will generate the animations automatically. Even photos taken from your smartphone are good enough. The character’s skin, facial expressions and eyes look so real! If you look at them closely, you can even see that the characters actually blink their eyes.

The app doesn’t only copy and paste the face onto the posters, but it makes a whole range of expressions and actions, from walking, smiling, laughing, dancing and singing, to going on adventures and fighting the evils. I’m pretty sure this app is the first in the world to provide such fantastic animations.

2. Storytelling that touches the heart

When we were kids, we learned through stories our parents told us, or through books that we read. That is how they imparted their wisdom and knowledge to us – through these stories of good deeds and teachings of wise people.

Now, with the advent of screens such as computers, smartphones and tablets, the storytelling has been lost somewhat. Kids spend time playing games that are entertaining, but have no educational values.


Kloneworld uses technology as a medium to tell great stories. Through these stories, they pass on the knowledge and wisdom of those who taught us onto the next generation, so they can benefit from them.

Through this app, we can give our kids a safe place to learn and have fun with their favourite characters, and at the same time, they can imbibe the same values from us that we received from our elders.

3. Available in printed versions too (for story books and toys)

Now, we can make our kids the star of the story alongside their favourite characters in a story book. I made these 3 books for Edison; he absolutely loves them and read them over and over again. He feels so special and unique seeing himself as a star in the story.



Besides story books, we can also make our own personalized 3D toys! The printed books and 3D toys are reasonably priced at SGD15 and SGD19.99 respectively.

Kloneworld is very easy to use. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it. All the steps here can be done using the app on your smartphone or on Kloneworld website.

Step 1: Sign up for an account!

Step 1

The first step is to sign up for an account using your e-mail ID and birthday. This account will allow you to synchronize your activities across various platforms and devices.

Step 2: Make your Klone(s)

Step 2

A Klone is a personalized digital avatar that we create using a selfie from our mobile or camera. Once we upload a picture, the software creates a 3D image which can be used to create animations, comic books and 3D printed toys.

The quality of our Klone depends on the quality of the picture we upload. Ideally, the picture should be even light without shadow on the face, and our kids should be looking straight at the camera with his / her mouth closed and forehead visible.

Good Klone
Picture Credit: Kloneworld

Once your picture is uploaded, a preview will be generated. If you like what you see, click “Approve” to proceed. Otherwise, upload another picture. You can create as many Klones as you like. It’s not limited to our kids; you can also create a Klone for every member of your family.

Step 3: Choose your product!

Step 3

Next, you’ll be able to choose the available products – videos, printed books and toys. Click on the product that you want, select your Klone for the product and wait for a few minutes for the software to generate the animations.

You can share your videos with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. You can also download it in MP4 format.

Here’s the Welcome to Toozo Town video that I’ve generated.


To purchase the printed books, you can also select from the Klone(s) that you’ve generated.

Step 4

Kloneworld develops new products regularly. If you don’t want to miss it, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

Kloneworld is a Singaporean company based in Singapore, and is launching their first product exclusively in Singapore, and then the rest of the world. It’s our pleasure to meet Mr. Ajay Sharma, CEO and Founder of Kloneworld, during the product demonstration at Nuffnang office.

Here’s a picture of us with Mr. Ajay Sharma and their mascot.


All in all, it’s a very interesting product where parents and kids can see themselves in animations, short movies, books or even 3D printed toys and other memorabilia. All we need is a simple selfie, and their technology takes care of the rest. It’s both educational and entertaining, and the products can be used online or offline.

For the parents, we’re assured that our kids have a safe and engaging environment to learn, grow and have fun. It also connects the parents with their kids. The app is free for download with a mix of free and paid content. Price for paid content ranges from SGD1.99 to SGD7.99 for videos, SGD15 for books, and SGD19.99 for 3D toys. Even paid content can be redeemed via koins, and you get koins by inviting others to use the app.

Kloneworld complies with PDPA and COPPA, the Singaporean and American laws, in order to ensure our kids’ safety.

Click HERE to download the app. Let’s give it a try today! I’m sure you and your kids will like it. Have fun!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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