Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: Apr 2015

Last week, I visited the on-going construction of Bartley Residences and took some pictures. Some forumers called the developer and were told that the TOP will be in July this year. However, I’m not overly optimistic because there are still a lot of landscaping works to be done.

No matter when is the TOP, we’re not in a hurry to move in. Strangely, as we move closer to the TOP, I started to have mixed feelings. First, moving to a new property is exciting especially since its just 5 minutes walk to our boy’s school. Second, the sadness of leaving this apartment which we called home since the day we got married. And third, the fear of the amount of works that need to be done in the subsequent months. As what my friend said – the defect verification is enough to kill.

We spent the first Sunday looking out for furnitures and interior designers. It was really tiring, and I wonder how many weekends we need to spend doing this. Nonetheless, it was a fruitful trip and I can start drafting our budget now. We’re really inexperienced in house renovation and interior design since we didn’t do much for our current apartment. We’re the second owner, so everything in our current apartment has been nicely done up by the first owner.

Here are some pictures to share.

Bartley Apr 15 - 1
The last block is almost completed now

Bartley Apr 15 - 4
View along Bartley Road

Bartley Apr 15 - 5
View from the main entrance at Lorong How Sun

Bartley Apr 15 - 2
More trees have been planted

Bartley Apr 15 - 6
A 3BR unit with two balconies – similar to ours

Bartley Apr 15 -3
The 120 years Bodhi tree in between the blocks

Bartley Apr 15 - 8
An L-shape leather sofa that we’ve shortlisted

12 thoughts on “Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: Apr 2015

    1. Hi Diva79,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your wonderful blog with us. Sure we can get some useful tips from you. 🙂

  1. Hi Emily,
    I saw that only land scape still in progress. Hope TOP can be in july. All the building seems finished. Thanks for your report.

    1. Hi Andre,
      The progress is at least 90% completed now, I think. TOP in July seems possible. 🙂

  2. Hi Emily,

    I chanced upon your blog looking for Bartley Res ads. I’m a property agent who helped several clients purchased their future home at Bartley Residences.

    Your photos and blog updates sure brought back some good memories. Perhaps we might run into each other when I’m there to help my clients collect keys and the checking of defects. =)

    LOL! And it’s only recently after my own little “smartie” was born that I can fully empathize with parents paying top dollar for properties to be near choice school for their children. In comparison with market price today, I think Bartley Res pricing was reasonable when it was launched. I just hope that it wouldn’t be too expensive in the resale market in the future if I need to buy near Maris Stella.

    All the best!

    Alan Yong
    Mobile: 90027538

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your message. It’s very nice of you to provide such after-sales services to your clients. I’m sure they will be delighted. Hope to meet you one day at Bartley Residences. All the best to you too! 🙂

    2. Hi Emily,

      Do you know that your blog comes up in third place when I searched Bartley Residences? Well done! I stumbled upon your blog again while doing research. =)

      It was interesting to read about your updates about your new home, especially the entry about the defect checks. In fact, I’d just collected keys on behalf of two owners who own units at BLK 7A and the defects check is next Thursday. Hopefully, the defects rectification can be done quick so that I’ll be able to furnish the units and get them rented out before the festive season. *fingers crossed*

      From your photos, I think you made a very good choice choosing a pool facing 3 bedroom near the arrival plaza!

      All the best for your renovation works and shopping for the house! I’ll recommend two of my clients who bought for own stay to check out the residents’ Facebook group too.

      Alan Yong

    3. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for informing me. I didn’t realize that cos I didn’t google about BR. Haha! The first time I went to BR during my key collection, a property agent actually walked to me and asked me whether I’m the blogger who write about BR since its development days. I said “Yes!” It’s cheap thrill that a stranger actually recognized me from my blog.

      Hope your clients’ units will be defect-free. Yeah, pls ask them to join our group. We’re all nice people actively discussing about our new home. 🙂

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