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Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: May 2015

This morning, I have some time to spare after sending the boy to school. So I made an impromptu visit to the ongoing construction site of Bartley Residences. To my surprise, the landscaping of the condo is mostly completed now – judging from the side of Bartley Road. However, the main entrance at Lorong How Sun is still a bit messy.

I took some pictures using my new Samsung S6 camera phone and my compact camera. Some pictures are not very sharp as the zoom function is limited. In my next visit, I shall bring along my zoom lens.

A forumer called the developer today and updated us that the TOP will be in 3rd quarter from July onwards. So it’s roughly two to three months more before we get the keys to our new home. Yay! I can’t believe that we’ve waited for three years already. “Time flies” is indeed an understatement in our times.

So what’s keeping us busy this month? Apart from our boy’s SA1, we’ve been busy reading up on home reno & deco inspirations, visited a few interior designers, comparing prices, and drafting our renovation budget (will share more in my next post).

I shall end this short post with some pictures of Bartley Residences taken this week.

Bartley - May 2015 - 3
It’s all completed now!

Bartley - May 2015

Bartley - May 2015 - 2
Landscaping is almost completed too
Main Entrance
Main entrance at Lorong How Sun
Security Guard House
Main entrance and security guard house
Side Entrance
Side Entrance 1
Side Entrance (Opp Maris Stella)
Side Entrance 2 to Bartley MRT (opposite Maris Stella)
Sheltered walkway to Side Entrance 2 – good for babies on strollers
Tennis Court
One and only tennis court
Adult Fitness Corner
Adult fitness corner
Dining Pavilion
Dining Pavilion (with hot plates)
BBQ Pavilion Near Blk 19
BBQ Pavilion near Blk 19
Spotted a unit with aircon installed – Eeek! The grills are slightly rusty already
Unit with Brown Exterior
Units with exterior painted in brown – V commented that it doesn’t look very elegant 🙁
Unit with White Experior
Units with exterior painted in white – I hope our unit is in white too!

I’ve created a new Facebook Group for the residents of Bartley Residences. If you’re a resident, you’re welcome to join us HERE. Thanks! 🙂

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Nice to see your update, can’t wait for TOP! Btw, do you know whether there is any Bartley Residence whatsapp group created?


Hi Emily, I have requested to join fb gp. Appreciate your help to add. Thks!

Michelle Blob

Hi Emily, requested to join the facebook group to keep updated with the progress, but got rejected. Would really appreciate it if you could accept the request so that i can keep my parents in the loop about our new apartment!