8 Awesome Children’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Children's Bedroom Design Ideas

Both V and I agreed that providing Edison with a wonderful living space in which he can thrive, learn and play is the most important thing to do when we move to our new home. We believe that a child’s home can have a huge impact on how they grow and develop, so we should always try to make their living spaces as comfortable and as fun as possible within our means.

From a parent’s perspective, whether we have a toddler or school-going children at home, we want a bedroom design that is effortlessly fun, functional and also practical for the years to come. Children grow up too fast; we certainly don’t want to renovate their rooms over and over again.

So, our design criterias for Edison’s room will be: 1) a timeless design that will last into his teenage years, 2) have enough storage space for the many different odds and ends that will accumulate over the years, 3) simple yet stylish with easy to maintain surfaces, 4) innovative workstation that encourages learning, and 5) painted in his favourite colour combinations, of course.

As his bedroom is small, having a design that fulfils all the above criterias is quite challenging. Therefore, we’ve been searching for children’s bedroom design ideas, and here are some awesome designs that we really like. We like to share them with you too!

8 Awesome Children’s Bedroom Design Ideas

1. I’m amazed by how this designer can transform such a small bedroom into a cosy shared sibling’s bedroom. Give me the pink, I’m totally in love with it!

Credit: Rezt & Relax Interior

2. Another lovely girlish design for a shared sibling’s bedroom. I love how the design gives equal amount of spaces to each child.

Credit: InzzStudio Interior Design

3. A shared sibling’s bedroom for boys this time.

Credit: Urban Design House Pte Ltd

4. Boys like to climb, I know. Bunk bed is their top favourite. What about this one? I’m sure Edison will be drooling over this design.

Credit: Streetstrut Home Design Decoration Trend

5. This design is bright and cheery, and effectively maximizes all storage spaces in a small bedroom.

Credit: Home Designing

6. A platform bed in cheery purple.

Credit: InzzStudio Interior Design

7. If your kid’s bedroom is really small, this design maximizes your storage space while sacrificing the functionality.

Credit: Idees-Interior Design

8. Here’s a gender neutral bedroom design that can last until adulthood.

Credit: NID Design Studio

These awesome children’s bedroom designs make me want to be a kid all over again! What about you? 🙂

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