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Review: Breathe Easily and Safely with Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Fan

HAZE is a four-letter word that every one of us hates. The dreaded haze season has become an annual occurrence in Singapore. In June 2013, Singapore recorded the worst haze in its history where PSI index hit an all-time high at 371. According to PSI grades, the situation is hazardous when it passes 300.

Thinking of all the grime and soot in the air, our first instinct is to wear a protective face mask when we’re outdoor. But what about when we’re at home?

We often think of our homes as safe havens, and under the misconception that the air at home is the cleanest. Unfortunately, this is NOT TRUE. The levels of pollutants and allergens at home can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor, turning our home sweet home into a potential respiratory nightmare.

Even if we close all the windows and doors, the soft particles of haze could still seep into our homes. With babies breathing up to four times faster than adults, and children who are more susceptible to asthma, it’s vital to keep the air at home clean and safe.

How can we do that, you may ask.

Breathe easily and safely with Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Fan


Recently, we discovered Dyson Pure Cool™ 2-in-1 purifier fan. This is the latest model of Dyson’s bladeless fan – it may look similar to previous models, but it hides a very useful new feature in its base. The purifier, you’re right! The smart people at Dyson have invented a new bladeless fan which has a built-in HEPA filter for removing particles from the air while at the same time keeping us cool.

Dyson’s products aren’t cheap, but they always offer something innovative and genuinely useful. Just like how they invented bagless vacuum cleaner, bladeless fan and now a 2-in-1 purifier fan that filters the air as it blows.

Enough said about how great Dyson is, now let’s get down to why you need a Dyson Pure Cool, what it can do for you, and why I really like it.

Why you need a Dyson Pure Cool?

Most of us have heard of air purifier, but most people still believe that this product is expensive, space-consuming, tedious to maintain, and in short – an expensive thing without much use.

Air quality today is not at its prime, especially if we’re living in a city. Dangerous particles in the air can settle on floors and surfaces, potentially causing asthma and respiratory problems. These dangerous particles include pollutants, allergens, pollen and mould. If we consistently live in poor air quality, it has significant effect on our general health.

Credit: Dyson

Dyson Pure Cool can help us in many ways – improve the quality of our lives, give us some peace of mind that our children are breathing clean air, alleviate the effects of allergies, and allow everyone to sleep and breathe better.

The way I see it – you can’t put a price tag to the value of healthy life and living conditions. If for the cost of few hundred dollars, you can enjoy every moment under its observant clean influence, then it’s certainly a worthy investment!

What can Dyson Pure Cool do for you? How does it work?
Credit: Dyson

Using powerful Air MultiplierTM technology and an energy-efficient DC motor, the Dyson Pure Cool purifier fan draws in air via a mixed flow impeller. The air is passed through a patented 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter, containing 1.1m2 of constructed microfibers. It’s capable of trapping even the smallest particles – including pollutants, pollen, bacteria, viruses and particles down to PM0.1.

Clean air then leaves the amplifier loop at a high velocity and is directed over an airfoil-shaped ramp. This way, a long-range stream of smooth air is released, purifying the air that we breathe.

The Dyson Pure Cool is capable of capturing up to 99.95% of harmful ultrafine particles, as small as 0.1 microns. It also removes pollen, bacteria and particles of 2.5 microns, as well as captures odours and harmful toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Here are FIVE things I like about Dyson Pure Cool:

1. It’s a 2-in-1 purifier and fan

One of the things that I want to eliminate when we move to our new home is standing fan. It’s very difficult to clean, and when dust sits around, they contribute to allergies and sinus problem. Thus, I told the Husband that I want only Dyson bladeless fan for new our home and he completely agrees.

Now, I’m extremely delighted with Dyson Pure Cool. It’s the only purifier fan in the market. And it’s also one of the most efficient purifier in the market. I get the best of both worlds!

2. Ease of maintenance

Many people has the perception that purifier is difficult to maintain, particularly the filter maintenance. Dyson Pure Cool really impresses me with its ease of maintenance. Its filter can be changed in just a few simple steps that don’t even take more than a minute.

Filter that can be changed very easily

The filter has been engineered to last for approximately 4,382 hours. If you use it for 12 hours a day, the filter will last for one year. Meaning – you only need to change the filter once a year. Too easy, I can’t even believe it!

3. Less space and less weight

Perfect fit for my living room

Traditional purifiers are big, bulky and heavy. Dyson Pure Cool is small and compact, takes up to 70% less space and weighs up to 66% less. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for smaller space apartments. I’m completely won over by its sleek design and clever engineering.

4. Safe and child-friendly

If you’re constantly worried about your child getting his or her fingers cut by fan blades or trapped in a purifier, this is the perfect purifier fan for you. No blade, no dangerous outlets, no worries!


5. It is super quiet too


Dyson Pure Cool has been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation. Now, the whole family can sleep as sound as a baby. Complete with a built-in sleep timer that allows pre-set intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours, it is engineered for night-long purification and air circulation. Using a remote control, it can be set between 1 to 10 airflow settings too.

Dyson Pure Cool is available in two colours – White/Silver or Iron/Blue and comes with two years warranty. Retail price in Singapore is S$999 with replacement filter at S$79. For more product information, please visit Dyson Pure Cool website.

Disclosure: Thanks to Dyson for sending us this amazing purifier fan for review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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