Bartley Residences Interior Design – Foyer and Living Hall

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the key collection date, but so far, there is still no news from our lawyer yet. I understand that the key distribution list has been fan-out by the developer, so we should be receiving our letter very soon.

Here’s a picture of Bartley Residences taken two days ago. It’s all completed now.


Our renovation plan and 3D drawings from our ID are close to finalization now. Once we get our keys, he can proceed with defect checking and site measurement for us.

Living Hall Lay-out

The foyer / entryway is the first area of the home that is seen when we enter our home. Thus, we want a design that exudes a warm welcome. We also want a full height shoe cabinet that hides the DB box, with a small settee beside it so that our boy can sit while wearing his shoes.

Here are the two designs proposed by our ID. The second design includes an area to put keys, wallets and other daily used things.

BR Foyer

BR Foyer A

The TV feature wall is the most important element in the interior design (I think!), thus we spent the longest time searching for design ideas. It holds our entertainment system and provides storage too. Most importantly, it conceals wiring, cable boxes, and everything else that’s unsightly.

Our ID gave us 3 proposals for our TV feature wall: 1) full-height cabinet, 2) feature wall using laminate with two contrasting colours, and 3) feature wall with stucco finishing that gives a “brick-like” feeling.

BR Living Hall
BR Living Hall B

BR Living Hall A

It’s not an easy decision to make. Full-height cabinet gives us more storage space, but it also makes our living hall looks smaller. So, we decided not to go for it. We will choose between option (2) and (3). If you were me, which design will you choose?

Well, that’s a short update for today. In my next post on Bartley Residences Interior Design, I will share our 3D drawings for our dining hall and bedrooms.


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6 thoughts on “Bartley Residences Interior Design – Foyer and Living Hall

  1. Emily; Design 3 IMO, though for pragmatic reasons that might not apply in your new home’s case. For Design 1 – the depth of the wall cavity (which sits the TV) might affect whether persons can see the TV’s image from the corner of their eye when they are standing almost in parallel to the screen’s surface. Design 1 will also limit the size of TV you can physically mount, and any future cable management might prove challenging given the limited amount of space a hand / arm can squeeze past, unless you go for one of those arm/butterfly mounts. Design 2 doesn’t have this constraint, but it might look visually odd if you later mounted a larger TV as it might not flush with the backdrop lines at that point.

    That’s the Engineer side of me talking. Aesthetically, all three look pretty nice.:)

    1. Hi CY,
      Thanks for sharing these useful information for our consideration. Truth be told, we haven’t thought of that yet. Haha! Luckily, you pointed them out. I prefer Design 2 because the laminate is easier to clean. I like Design 3 too, the only concern I have is that the dust will accumulate in between the bricks and thus making them tedious to clean. Given the small size of our living room, I don’t think we can buy a big TV though. =)

  2. Hi emily..I am also gonna be a Bartley residences resident, yr neighbour. Lol Would u mind contacting me so we can share ideas n tips.

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