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Blog Train: The Mummy “Me Time” We All Deserve

You’ve barely five hours of sleep, the house looks like you just had a party, laundry is piling up, the kid’s exam is coming, and the baby is screaming for attention.

Well, we have all been there and let’s admit it – it’s not pretty. Motherhood is crazy.

You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and under-appreciated. You want (perhaps craving for) “me time”. Time away from this crazy multi-tasking, time to recharge, time to be yourself, time to not feel like a mummy – for just a little while.

You have fantasies about reading a book in peace, wearing your favourite heels, having a drama marathon, or enjoying a nice, uninterrupted adult-only lunch. You’re not alone.

Modern parenting advice tells us that we should find our “me time” away from the kids. We’re also told that it is essential for us (to recharge and to relieve stress) and important for our kids too (to allow them to learn to be independent).

What I’ve learnt from my 8 years of motherhood journey, even if it’s just 20 minutes of “me time” every day, it can make an enormous difference in our life. It will make us a happier, healthier and better mum.

How do I spend my “me time”? You may ask. This is the main topic of this post. It’s also part of a blog train initiated by Danessa of Prayerfull Mum where a group of mummy bloggers share their thoughts on their “me time”.

1. Blogging is my favourite “me time”

Blogging Me TimeBoring as it may seem, but the time I spent on blogging is absolutely counted as my favourite “me time”. I enjoy recording my thoughts, my experiences, and my travel journal on this blog. It also encourages me to think deeper into certain aspects of my life. Most importantly – when I read back, I remember all the happy memories and beautiful things that I’ve experienced in life.

Through blogging, I also learn new skills from time to time – photography, photo-editing, graphics design and CSS, just to name a few. I just started to learn Adobe Photoshop on my own (something that I wanted to do long time ago). I hope to be able to make my photos look better, draw vector graphics and design my own website one day.

2. Watching K-drama is my most relaxing “me time”

K-drama me timeI’m a Korean drama addict for about ten years now. Once I started watching a K-drama, one episode leads to ten more and before I knew it, the sun has risen. My dark eye circles are so worth it when I finally finished a good drama with an equally good ending.

Yeah, I used to be crazy like that. Sometimes, V is quite annoyed with my obsession with K-drama. Due to my lack of discipline, I choose to watch live drama now (meaning: still airing in Korea) rather than completed drama. Only two episodes per week means I don’t need to marathon and sacrifice my sleep.

K-drama makes me feel young at heart, giggling like a fangirl in front of my computer and swooning over how sweet and handsome the male lead is. Here’s the screenshot of the two live K-dramas that I’m currently watching.

Do you notice the similarities? Yes – the plain white top. What is it about a hot guy in a plain white top that’s so darn attractive? Whatever it is, I LOVE IT! Do you?

3. Baking is my most enjoyable “me time”

Baking Me TimeI don’t bake very often, but when I really do, I’ve a great sense of satisfaction and fun. I love to bake and think of it as a fun part of “me time” away from work and family. Baking is also effective to relief stress as the baking process is soothing and truly enjoyable.

From creativity to measurement, textures of the ingredients, smell of the baking and the first yummy bite, my mind is completely enwrapped and enraptured when I bake. I’m also the sort of person who enjoy reading cookbooks just for fun. I find that very simple yet engaging and enjoyable for me. Any cookbook lovers here?

We should always make time for the enjoyable little things in our life. How do you spend your “me time”? I’d love to hear from you too. Leave your “me time” ideas in the comment section below. 

Blog TrainMummy’s “Me Time”

11736992_10152885003231415_1536250971_nNext up on this blog train is Susan (one of my favourite mummy blogger!). She is a full-time working mum who finds that there are never enough hours in a day. She finds herself juggling between family and work while being a nurturing mum, loving wife and a career woman. She blogs at and hopes to inspire other mothers to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Hop over to her blog to read her take on mummy “me time”!.

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