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Bartley Residences Interior Design – Balcony and Dining Hall

For years, I longed for an apartment with balcony. I’d love to stand there at night, look up the sky, see the stars and enjoy the cool breeze. Isn’t it wonderful?

It’s like a dream come true to me because our new home will have two balconies. I already warned V not to use our balconies for drying laundries! I already have plans for them. Our balconies may not be big, but there’s no reason they can’t be beautiful.

Now, let’s turn your attention to our living hall balcony. The estimated size is 5m x 2m. For the flooring, we plan to put 60% composite wood decking and 40% carpet grass. The area with carpet grass will be made into a mini putting green for our boy. We will put an outdoor tea table and chairs at the other side with composite wood decking.

BR Dining Hall

The other balcony is at the master bedroom, and it’s very small. We plan to put composite wood decking and a hanging chair – to be made into reading or chilling corner. Most likely, we’ll install invisible grilles on both balconies.

For the dining hall, we will use a wall mirror to expand the interior space visually, and a settee with storage. Our designer proposed a single tea colour mirror. I told him I wanted to try a three-colour combination – tea, white and black. Then, he patiently explained to me the reasons why my idea doesn’t suit our home, but he still kindly done up the 3D drawing so that I can have a better “feel” of it.

BR Dining Hall c

At the end, we still feel that his original design (single colour mirror) looks nicer.

If you’re wondering whether we have collected our keys, the answer is “no but very soon”. This week, we received the letter for final payment, which is the 25% TOP, 6 months of maintenance fees (~$1,900) and a one-time survey fee ($166). We made the payment straight away, so we can expect to receive the letter for key collection next week.

Nonetheless, we won’t be collecting the keys until after the Chinese 7th Month – which is in mid September. Giving approximately 2.5 months for defect rectification and renovation, we’re likely to move into our new place during the Dec school holiday.

This means – By Primary 3, school will just be across the road. My office will just be one MRT station away, and if I drive, it will be less than 10 mins to go to work. I’m so looking forward the “time savings” soon.

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Arlene August 30, 2015 at 1:27 PM

If u have already moved in please pay close attention to SPs and managing agent responsibilites like car parks registration, liftling of gantry, movers and contractors and of cos the hanging of laundry and rubbish disposal.
If this is not tackle immediately as and when it happened it will be very difficult to correct when the SPs take over as MC.
Happy Moving Day..

Emily August 31, 2015 at 8:14 AM

Dear Arlene,
Thanks for your advice. I haven’t move-in yet, will pay attention to those items that you’ve mentioned. 🙂


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