Introducing: PNKids Complete Multivitamin + Minerals Syrup

Being a mother, one of the things that I’m often concerned about is whether my son is getting enough nutrition because he’s a picky eater. Since he started primary school, he is spending more meal-time at school and I’m not around to monitor his food choices.

When he was much younger, he was a notorious picky eater and I had my fair share of food battles with him. He simply refused to eat anything unfamiliar, especially vegetables and fruits. I tried every trick that I can find on the internet, like chopping up vegetables into tiny pieces and hide them in his food, make them into beautiful yummy bento, offer rewards, cook up all sorts of new recipes, but they rarely worked.

Over time, I’ve come to realize that these battles are energy draining and not worth fighting. So while I still try my best to give him a balanced diet, I make up for whatever’s missing with supplements. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and it stopped all the stress for everyone involved.

We tried a large variety of multivitamin and nutritional supplements, from chewable tablets to gummies, jellies and syrup. To me, they are genius innovation. Who would have thought that a full day’s worth of complete nutrition can be packed into such a kid-friendly and tasty supplement?

One of the most frequent questions parents ask is ‘What multivitamin supplement is best for my child?’ In my opinion, the key to choosing a good multivitamin supplement is a balance between nutrition and taste. We need to look for something that has the right amount of vitamins and minerals they need according to their age. Taste is equally important because it’s the deciding factor whether they want put them into their mouths.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out PNKids Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup. It’s the latest product from PNKids, an award-winning health supplement brand. PNKids offers a wide range of health supplements specially formulated for kids – from wide-scope product such as Multivitamins for Boys and Girls, to specific target products such as Brain Power and Bright Eyes.

They have been awarded “Top Brand” in the kid’s dietary supplements category. All their products are manufactured from premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavours and colours. They aim to provide our little loved ones with the proper vitamins and minerals essential for their daily activities and growth.

In 2014, PNKids has been ranked No. 1 Kids Multivitamin Brand in Singapore in the Western Pharmacy stores, based on Nielsen report. Originating from the USA, PNKids is now available in all chainstore pharmacies, supermarkets, departmental stores and speciality stores in Singapore.

Now, I’ll share with you more about their latest product – the new Complete Multivitamin + Mineral Syrup. It’s the most complete solution in providing nutrients for kids that I’ve been waiting for. Nothing has been seen in the market that closely compares to this formulation, nor to its delicious fruity taste. So, I’m very excited to introduce it to you today.

Containing 21 powerful key vitamins and minerals, it fuels their growth, supports the development in their bones, teeth, immune functions, hormones etc, and fills in the nutritional gap in our children’s diet. The tasty syrup formulation has a delicious mango flavour that is suitable for infants and children aged 12 months and older.

It’s also designed for toddlers who are making their transition from “fortified milk formula” to standard cow’s milk. Vitamins and minerals are specially chosen to support optimal growth and development for picky-eaters and help to build up their appetite. It’s lactose-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarian too.

Simply pour 5 to 10 ml (depending on your kid’s age) of PNKids Multivitamin Syrup into milk, water or juice. It adds a light sweet fruity taste to the drink that every kid will surely love. It can also be added onto food. It is to be consumed once a day.

I like the fact that I can fortify my child’s daily drink with 21 essential nutrients simply by adding the multivitamin syrup into his drink. Its great tasting fruity flavour is a bonus to us because Edison loves it so much that he’ll ask for it every day after his meal.

PNKids Multivitamin + Mineral syrup gives me a peace of mind, knowing that the daily nutritional needs of my son is being taken care of, no matter how picky of an eater he can be. Whether he’s eating enough at school or at home, I’m assured that he’s getting the key vitamins and minerals to keep his growing body stronger and healthier each day.

And we live happily ever after with no more food battles!

For more product information, please visit PNKids website or PNKids Facebook Page.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by PNKids. All opinions are honest and are my own. PNKids is our favourite health supplement brand and we recommend it based on its nutritional and health benefits.

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