10 Ways to Savour the Moments of Your Kid’s Childhood

You know those times when you look at your old Facebook photos and start to feel nostalgic? Well, Facebook wants us to be constantly reminded of our older days via their new feature “On This Day”. Basically, what it does is to pull out old photos, posts and statuses from the same calendar date in the past years and displaying them on top of your news feed.

By default, only you can see your “On This Day” post, although you can, of course, share it with your friends. I came across incidents where my friends shared their previous pregnancy announcement photos, and started getting false congratulatory messages. Funny, I know.

Just a few days ago, this photo popped up on my “On This Day” post and the moment I saw it, I had a mini meltdown. Darn you time. Why do you have to move so quickly? How does my baby grow up so fast? Where have all those years gone? It was all so unfair.


I looked at my son today as he was playing volleyball at the same spot in this picture. Five years ago, he looked sooooo chubby and cute. I still remember how his curiosity went wild when he saw the giant grasshopper.

I wanted to cry, in fact, I did teared a little. I felt like such a fool.

At this point, I realized that I just have to accept the fact that my boy has grown up. Each and every day, he would grow up a little more. All children grow up, no matter how much we want to slow down the process. Thus, the key is savouring that every moment of your kid’s childhood.

Let’s do a simple exercise now. If you were given a time machine that allows you to go back and spend some time with your kids, what would you do? Get a paper and jot them down.

Interestingly, this exercise makes me realize that there are many things that I can still do to savour the moments of my son’s childhood. Perhaps those times aren’t gone after all. It’s more important to do it now before it slips away and never come back again.

Today, I’m going to share with you the list from my own exercise.

10 Ways to Savour the Moments of Your Kid’s Childhood

1. Start a memory box when you have your first baby. Take lots of photos and even videos, especially on important milestones such as first steps, first tooth, first day of school, and even losing their first tooth.

2. Kiss them. A lot. Never underestimate the power of a smooch or two. I must say that while they still allow you to do so, pepper your love nuggets with lots of kisses, and repeat it daily.

3. Hold them while they are sleeping. Touch their hands, cuddle them, kiss them (again!), and stare at their beautiful faces. Remember – when they’re older, you’re not going to get those hugs and kisses as much as you want to.

4. Spend less time on your phone and more time playing with your little ones. It’s easier said than done, I know. But if you really do it, you’ll be amazed by the outcome if you allow yourself to “disconnect” in order to “connect” with your kids. Remember that pretty soon your house will be quiet, your kids will be grown-ups, and you’ll be longing for those play times.

5. Write them a love note. I learnt this from actress Wong Li Lin, who occasionally shares snippets of her love notes to her kids on Instagram. Personal handwritten notes grow rarer by day as emails, tweets, and messages are more accessible in a wired world. However, handwritten notes show deeper appreciation that is far more significant.

6. Ask them for a daily recap. You may have a perception that your kids wouldn’t want to tell you much about their day. Ask them to share the best and worst parts of their day, and you may be surprised with what you hear. On the other hand, share your parts too. Seeing how you cope with your challenges can indirectly nurture their skills.

7. Collect your child’s artwork or other seemingly unimportant toys. Clean and preserve them so that you can look back and remember those wonderful years when your kids were younger. Until now, I’ve been keeping all the birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards that Edison made for me. I also have a folder to keep his artworks. They are treasure to me.

8. Bedtime snuggle and chat. Set your kid’s bedtime ten minutes earlier so that you can spend time snuggling with them in the dark. Listen to them, hear their concerns, acknowledge their feelings, and assure them that you’ll help them to solve their problems. You’ll be amazed how your relationship with your kids can deepen.

9. Create wonderful childhood memories. Go for a vacation, organize a birthday party or start a family tradition. It can be really simple if you’ve budget constraint. Most importantly, make it meaningful so that your kids will always look forward to it.

10. Live in the moment. Finally, the most important of all is to love them and enjoy the time you have with them. Slow down and savour every minute. Smell their hair. Listen to their laughters. Look at them in their eyes. Our kids are only little once, and we can never go back.

Pink bullet

Every parent says this; children grow up so fast before my eyes. That’s why we should slow down to soak up a few extra moments of sweetness while we still can. How do you savour the moments of your kid’s childhood? Give us more tips in the comment section below.

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I write diary attached with pictures for my 2 little kids


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