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Bartley Residences: Defect Inspection (Part 2)

Eight weeks since our key collection and six weeks since our defect list submission to our developer, our defect rectification progress is close to 80% completion now. (We took two weeks for defect checking) We believe our unit will be handed over to us within the next two weeks, and we shall carry on with our renovation works.

We swung by last weekend and got a pleasant surprise that our parquet flooring in all bedrooms have been resanded. This is my biggest nightmare because its original state was so rough and looked so dull. I’m not asking for mega-shine finishing, but at least, it should feel like natural wood and most importantly, our feet is comfortable walking on it.

This is the before and after pictures of the parquet flooring in our common room. I’m satisfied with it, even though I’m still contemplating whether to ask them to resand once more.


The scratches on the doors have been fixed. Some residents joked about the “door artist” uncle who’s highly-skilled in fixing scratches on doors. Our main door was originally full of scratches, but now they are hardly visible. The most visible door defect is the one at Bedroom 3 (with scratches and chips at the corner), and it has been properly fixed too. Here’s another before and after pictures.


We also reported scratches on some glass window panes – not minor scratches, but deep visible scratches. The defect team has replaced them with new ones at our master bedroom, kitchen and yard. We know that they’ve been replaced with new ones as the blue adhesive tapes are still there.

Kitchen Top

Approximately 20 hollow tiles in our living hall, kitchen and balcony have been replaced. We’re more than pleased to see this. The defect team also promised to do a polishing for us at the end of our rectification.

There was slight water ponding at one part of our main balcony, and it has been repaired too.

The warped wardrobe doors have been replaced, and the scratches on the kitchen top and backsplash have been removed (not sure how they do it, I can’t detect any visible scratches now).

Remaining defects to be rectified include the sliding doors at main balcony, scratches and chips inside the kitchen cabinet, as well as warped kitchen cabinet door – which I believe they’re able to complete within next week.

All in all, the defect rectification process is full of ups and downs. To be fair to the defect team, we know that they’ve done their best to rectify all the defects that we’ve reported to them without any argument. We were frustrated at first because the rectification took longer than expected, and along the way, we also found new defects.

We tried to understand their constraints (manpower shortage, lead time for ordering new materials, etc) and gave them more time to do it, as long as all the major defects are rectified. We’re also willing to write-off those less critical ones when the time comes.

Hopefully, we can start our much-awaited renovation by third week of Nov.

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Damien Sitoh November 11, 2015 at 12:26 AM

From the pictures, it looks like your neighbours from the other blocks can literally see through your living room and bedrooms! Wouldn’t there be a lack of privacy?

It’s really bad how they built condos these days to be so close to one another. Guess the lack of land in Singapore makes it so.


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