Fatherhood is as rewarding as Motherhood & #TMDadTalk Christmas Giveaway Contest

Fathers of yesteryear were often uninvolved in childcare, as the mothers did them all. The role of a father was pretty much limited to financial support. He was the breadwinner of the family. When he was able to bring home the bacon, his job was considered done.

Today’s fatherhood has evolved so much more than just paying bills and putting food on the table. It means the other half of a couple equally responsible for raising children. Fathers are much more involved than they’ve ever been.

This is how my marriage works. When V cooks, I take care of the after dinner clean-up. We alternate the book reading, meal making, dish washing, housekeeping, etc. That being said, I feel that V and I have hit upon the perfect balance. As a result, our marriage is stronger, our family is very close-knit, and our son has a very close relationship with his dad.

Fatherhood is as rewarding as motherhood, as he always said. When Edison was little, he had no qualms about dirty diapers, cranky crying, and sleepless nights. And today, his job description involves crazy games with the boy, bedtime stories, cooking, chauffeuring, disciplining, and housekeeping, while working hard to bring home the bacon. He’s our Super Daddy!

Daddy, my photographer
Daddy, my playmate
Daddy, my travel companion

Super Daddies are really cool these days, and they are on the rise too! Even Taiwanese Mandopop Superstar Jay Chou is a hands-on family man, as his wife said. There is nothing uncool about a man changing their baby’s diapers, feeding his baby in the public, or carrying a huge diaper bag.

In fact, I often find that fathers have a uniquely different parenting style than mothers. Both parenting styles complement each other to make a positive difference in a child’s life. Thus, fathers and mothers have their unique and complementary roles in parenting.

For instance, visit any playground and listen to the parents. Who is encouraging their kids to climb a little higher, ride their bike a little faster, or throw the ball a little harder? Who is encouraging kids to slow down and be extra careful? Mothers are generally more protective, but fathers often encourage their kids to push the limits. Together, they help their children remain safe while expanding their experiences and increasing their confidence.

Another example, let’s talk about disciplining. Mothers discipline more often, but fathers discipline with a firmer hand. Fathers confront their kids and enforce discipline. Mothers, on the other hand, will try to reason with their kids and rely on their kids’ emotional attachment to them to influence their behaviour. Again, these different disciplinary approaches create a healthy and proper balance.

The key message here is ‘Fatherhood is as rewarding as Motherhood.’ And with that, I’d like to encourage you to participate in #TMDadTalk Christmas Giveaway contest.

Tokio Marine Group, one of the world’s most globally diversified and financially secured insurance groups with presence in 37 countries, is running #TMDadTalk Christmas Giveaways contest on their Facebook Page.

The objective of this campaign is to engage Dads to share their special moments with their children, and children to share their special memory with their Dads. Winners will stand a chance to win $200 worth of Takashimaya shopping vouchers each.

#TMDadTalk campaign focuses on giving parenthood a fresh perspective through the eyes of Dads, which I think is very interesting. Let’s put our Super Daddies in the limelight this time, and see for ourselves a totally different perspective in parenting through their eyes.

The contest mechanic is pretty easy. Just follow the three steps below.

1. Like Tokio Marine Singapore’s Facebook Page.

2. Submit a photo that captures a special moment you shared with your child with your Dad with a caption in 30 words or less

3. Comment on your post’s comment section and hashtag #TMDadTalk.

And now, let’s spare three minutes of your precious time to watch this interesting #TMDadTalk video. It’s hilarious how these daddies share about their fatherhood experiences, from being an expert toilet finder to becoming super paranoid. The ending is so touching that I feel like crying.

Dad TalkWhen it comes to parenting, ‘Mum’ is usually the word. But as society dynamics changes, we see Dads sharing the load and being more hands-on with their children. In this video, we invited Dads to share about their experiences of Fatherhood – from the unconditional love their children are giving them, to the fear that they will end up disappointing their children. But one greatest realisation was: to cherish the years and memories spent with them. What is of your favourite memory with your children?

Posted by Tokio Marine on Thursday, November 19, 2015

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