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IMPACT Ergonomic Study Desk & Chair (from ERGOWORKS)

ERGOWORKS has been my trusted brand for ergonomic products. Since Edison started using IMPACT Ergo-Comfort Spinal Protection School Bag a year ago, I can see that his posture has greatly improved. And the best thing is – after a year of rough handling from the boy, the bag is still in good condition. T__T

I do believe in ergonomics and being comfortable as much as possible to avoid unnecessary stress that may lead to spinal problems in the future. Therefore, I feel the importance of having a proper ergonomic desk and chair, both in the office and at home, for my health and wellness.

Most of you are aware that we’ll be moving to our new home soon. Initially, I’ve planned to custom-made an L-shaped study table for Edison. But after giving it a second thought, I scrapped the idea. Firstly, the cost is high. Secondly, a fixed height desk may not be suitable for a growing up child like him.

Thus, it’s more worthwhile to invest in a good quality ergonomic study desk and chair for him. I really want to give him a comfortable study area that is properly designed and provide a healthy seating position for him.

So, I visited ERGOWORKS showroom at Marina Square two months ago (read here) to find a suitable set of ergonomic growing desk for him. There are two brands available here – ERGOSTARS and IMPACT – both have their own unique features. After trying all the different models at the showroom, we picked IMPACT Bundle 3. 🙂

IMPACT Bundle 3

Now, let me show you some of the unique features of IMPACT Bundle 3 that we really like.  😎

IMPACT Bundle 3 Ergonomic Study Desk

1. It has a quick release locking mechanism for desktop height adjustment. It is designed ergonomically to grow with our children.

2. The desktop tilts to comfortable and ergonomic angles for reading, writing and drawing with easy angle adjustment (using the red lever).

3. It has an accessories tray and wrist support pad. No more messy accessories all over the table! The wrist support pad is useful to hold a book or laptop.

IMPACT Ergonomic Study Desk

4. The desk comes with rounded corners for safety.

5. Easy mobility with front caster wheels. I love how easy it is to move the desk without risking a scratch on my floor.

IMPACT Ergonomic Study Desk

IMPACT Bundle 3 comes in two colour options – white and modern maple, and we chose the latter.

DUOREST DR-250 Smart Collection Ergonomic Chair

1. It’s patented design, Dual Backrest, reduces sitting fatigue and spinal pressure

DUOREST DR-250 Smart Collection Ergonomic Chair

2. Quick release locking mechanism for easy seat height adjustment

3. Back rest height and angle adjustment

4. Armrest adjustment

5. Healthy back tilt movement

DUOREST DR-250 Smart Collection Ergonomic Chair

6. Upholstered in durable fabric material. It’s very smooth and comfortable too.

Oh, one thing that’s worth mentioning – I must compliment the delivery guy for his professionalism and efficiency. The items were delivered to me on-time, and he was polite, helpful and took extreme care of the products with caution when carrying them into my house. Then, he set-up the table and demonstrated the functionality of the study desk and chair to us. When he left, he carried the empty boxes and plastic wrappers down to the trash bin.


All in all, I’m glad to have chosen IMPACT Bundle 3 for Edison. IMPACT Bundle 3 is a complete workstation that grows along with him, allowing him to use it from primary to secondary school. The service rendered to me was fantastic since our first visit to their showroom at Marina Square all the way till product delivery. Last but not least, the product comes with 10 years warranty too.


Edison1Edison loves his study desk and chair so much! 🙂

If you’re looking for an ergonomic study table and chair for your kids, I highly recommend ERGOWORKS. Do check out their showrooms at Marina Square, Centrepoint and Causeway Point for an extensive range of high quality, comfortable and user-friendly ergonomic products that are endorsed by medical professionals.

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Lacy January 31, 2016 at 8:04 PM

Hi , have been following your blog for sometime. And I would like to ask you which water filtration system you have chosen for your new home ? I am looking at Hyflux and hydroflux . The latter one is very expensive when compare to the Hyflux. Any suggestions will be helpful for me to decide. We recently painted our house and after seeing your blog post on painting I also chose rose white and whisper grey for our house from Nippon :)) . Thank you so very much .

Emily January 31, 2016 at 10:55 PM

Hi Lacy,
Thanks for following on my reno posts. Yes, rose white and whisper grey are very nice – I’m happy that you like them too. 🙂

I’m actually thinking of 3M water filter and will probably install after the CNY. I want to move-in first and see how the kitchen top will look like – whether still have space or not. Haha! Now, I have coffee machine, air fryer, rice cooker and microwave oven. If my kitchen top doesn’t look too congested, I will install the 3M water filter after the CNY.

Lacy February 1, 2016 at 10:09 AM

Thanks for the print reply. Appreciate much :)). We were so confused about the colour choice for our house and ur Reno post was so helpful to make up our mind. Yes whisper gray and rose white is very cozy and nice . 3M was also on my mind for water purifier . I know them only for the stationery stuff ?.. Now ur tempting me to get the Air fryer which I have been eyeing for a long time . Anyways thanks for the suggestion. Do let your readers know about ur purifier choice once you buy it. It will be of great help ??. My best wishes for your new home .

Lacy February 1, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Thanks for the prompt reply ! That was a typo . Auto correct


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