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Bartley Residences: Renovation Part 2 (Carpentry and Lighting Installation)

Happy 2016! Hope everyone had a great first week of work and school. I was completely drowned in work after a two weeks’ break. I started my day at 5:30am and ended it close to midnight. And it’s going to take one to two weeks more to clear the backlog at work. In addition, we need to start packing and clearing unwanted stuffs this month. Thus, blogging will take a back seat for now.

Just a short update today on the second part of our renovation. The carpentry installation started last Wednesday. It was planned for completion on Friday, but a small “accident” happened and thus, the progress was affected.

The carpenter accidentally drilled into a concealed water pipe, thus it burst and a few pieces of carpentries were soaking in water. It wasn’t his fault entirely because no one knows that there’s a concealed pipe in that wall. It was just so unfortunate for him to drill right into it.

Living Hall

We had to call a plumber to fix the pipe and the affected carpentries need to be replaced. Although the carpenter and our ID explained to us that the affected carpentry can still be used, we asked for replacement. Our concern is that water might have penetrated through the woods and affect its durability in the future.

Even though our ID company provides lifetime warranty, we requested for replacement on the affected pieces. I applaud our ID, Tim, for agreeing to our request with no question asked. It will take another week to re-fabricate the carpentries for our living hall. Thus, it will resume mid next week.

Dining Area

Dining Area Feature WallDining area feature wall with glass

The carpentry in our master bedroom has been completed, and I was so in awe. It looks better than I’ve expected. There was a last minute design change (during the carpentry measurement) for my dressing table. The original design has a flip-up mirror, pigeon holes for storing cosmetics and a table top for multi-purpose usage. I changed it to a longer mirror with storage cabinet behind it. Thus, it gives more storage spaces, neater (no need to flip the mirror anymore), and also no worries that taller bottles cannot fit into the pigeon holes. And I put an LED spotlight on top of my dressing table.

Master Room

Master Room Carpentry

BR Master RoomOriginal design of the dressing table in our 3D drawing

I love the rounded corners on my bedframe for added safety and a sleek look. No more oohs-and-aahs for kicking on sharp corners in the middle of the night!

Master Room Carpentry

Master Bedroom Carpentry Cost
False ceiling with cove lighting effect: $1,000
9ft half height bedhead with cove lighting effect: $1,080
2ft side table with drawers (2 units): $800
2.5ft dresser table with drawers; $500
2.5ft dresser mirror cabinet: $750
Queen size bedframe with 4 drawers: $1,750
Total: $5,880
Note: All carpentries use solid plywood, laminate and internal polyester finish

For the lighting, we installed cove lights in warm white (warm yellow light) and LED downlights in cool white. For our ceiling fan, we chose Acorn Futuriste AC-308 50” with 18W LED lightkits and touch screen remote control. I love its modernistic and aesthetic design.

ToiletLED downlights in warm white instantly give a nice ambiance to my master bedroom toilet, Edison quipped that it looks like hotel toilet

For Edison’s room (Bedroom 2), the carpentry is also close to completion. We’ve decided not to put false ceiling in his bedroom because we wanted to install a ceiling fan. Due to the small size in both common rooms, we’ve to do away with false ceiling in order to install ceiling fan. We love ceiling fans, and in our hot weather all year long, we simply couldn’t live without them.

Common RoomPhoto taken at 12 noon. Edison’s room has pretty bad afternoon sun and it’s facing Botanique condo.

We chose Acorn Ventilateur AC-238 42” with 18W LED lightkits for our two common rooms – silver for Edison’s room and white for our study room. I love that the LED light comes in two colours – daylight for studying use, and warmlight for all others. The 42” short blades with a big round LED light at the center looks really cute, I will post more pictures after the plastic wrappers are removed next week.

Acorn Futuriste AC-309 56” ceiling fan to be installed in our living hall next week

The remaining works to be done in the next two weeks include:

Week of 11 Jan: Living hall carpentry installation, balcony wood decking and carpet grass installation, metal shelf in bomb shelter, glass and remaining lighting & fan installation.

Week of 18 Jan: Painting touch-up, cleaning, indoor and outdoor blind installation, and furniture delivery.

Will update more in Part Three. So, please stay tuned.


Interior Design by:
Rezt & Relax Interior
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868
Website: http://www.reztnrelax.com/
Designer: Tim Tian and Jingyu

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It is looking very beautiful.


Looking forward to Part 3, your master bedroom looks nice.


Hi Emily, I like your master bedroom carpentry colours. Could you share with me the laminates you used?


Hi Emily after reading ur post on acorn ceiling fans even we are planning to buy the same model . Now that u must be using this fan for a while can you share the Breeze level and did it serve the purpose. We want someone to install the fans for us, they have to go thru the false ceiling in the living room . Will the Acron dealers do the installation also? Or if you don’t mind can you share any electrician contact . Sorry to ask so many questions. Thanks in advance


Hi Emily,
may I know if the ID you engaged does all the lightings (purchasing and installation) or you outsourced your own?

I will be getting my keys 3rd Q of 2017, meantime sourcing for good ID 🙂


Hi Emily,

thank you for the info, love your renovation blog, very detailed and well-written 🙂


Hi Emily,
Could you share where did you buy your lightings from and how much you had spend….Many thanks!


Hi Emily,

can you roughly tell me how much does your renovation cost from R&R including electrical works?