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Hello Term 3!

Can you believe it? June holidays have come to an end. Yikes! My alarm clock has been set at 6:00am again, and we’re back to regular ‘programming’.

Fortunately, the June holidays were well-spent. We flew to Korea on the very first day, and spent an awesome 9 days there. When we got back, we naturally slowed down our pace of life (mentally and physically). We relaxed and well-rested. ^^

We also spent some time to do revision on all the subjects. No doubt, sticking to revision during a holiday is a major challenge with all the distractions, but it’s essential. I believe that having a healthy study routine is the most important thing for a student.

Thus, I’ve been enforcing this for years – with hope that Edison will develop a healthy study routine on his own, and to avoid intense last-minute study for exam.

With my assistance, he worked out his own revision time-table and schedule. This term, we’ve some changes in his schedule. He started his first tennis lesson last Saturday, and he absolutely loves it!


Originally, he had swimming lesson on Saturday morning. I had to shift it to Thursday evening to free-up Saturday morning for tennis. But the good thing is, both lessons are conducted at our own apartment. Thus, it saves a lot of travelling time for us.

Also starting from this term, his Chinese tuition has been changed from 1-to-1 to group tuition because his teacher will be going on maternity leave soon. Math tuition on Friday afternoon remains unchanged.

Hope all of you had a good break. Let’s start Term 3 with a bang! 🙂  😉  😛

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