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Letter to My Son – Happy 9th Birthday!

As I woke up this morning, I gave him a perk on his cheek and whispered “Happy Birthday son!” He cracked open one eye and nodded happily.

“Mama, what time I was born?” he asked with curiosity.

“3:00 am!”

“What? 3:00 am!!! How did you know I’m coming?”

Slowly, vague memories of me being pregnant and giving birth to him returned. It has been ten years since I announced my pregnancy to V on his birthday. It was very exciting at that time because it was our first pregnancy, and it so happened on V’s birthday.

I gave birth to Edison through emergency c-section. I was a few days overdue but there was no sign of him coming (he must be feeling too comfy inside!). Our gynae at that time proposed inducing labor, and it makes sense to me as I was already heavily pregnant, too exhausted and couldn’t even sleep well.

Unfortunately, the induction didn’t went well. In less than two hours, I was wheeled to the operating room for emergency c-section due to fetal irregular heartbeat. It wasn’t a bad thing though – that’s because the entire birth-giving process was relatively painless for me. I didn’t even experience labor pain at all!

And so, today is a new day. The last year of single digit birthdays for Edison, that is.


When I asked if he wanted a fancy birthday party with friends, or a simple birthday celebration with family members, he chose the latter. I love that too! I’m not a big fan of fancy birthday party, and so do him. It takes a truckload of time to prepare such a party. Instead of spending a hefty price tag for a party, I rather buy him something that he likes, or bring him on a holiday.

Happy Birthday 2

Dear Edison,

What a fun year it has been, right? We’ve finally settled into our new home this year, and you got a new bedroom for yourself. Going to and from school is such a breeze now. Everything is feeling good and comfortable. And as they should be.

You’ve almost completed your Primary 3 with new classmates and new teachers. It has been a challenging year, school-wise, but we’re glad that you made the transition well. Studying has never been easy, but you know very well that Daddy and I will always be there to help you and to support you.

You started playing tennis this year, and I’m glad that you love it. Swimming, tennis and golf are your favourite sports now. We want you to learn sports – not for competitive reasons, but we want you to have fun, stay fit and make friends. As what I’ve always said, all I want is for you to be happy and healthy.

You’re a loving, sensible and good-natured boy. I’ve said that many times and that has not changed till now. In fact, you’ve grown into a caring boy with a heart of gold. You care so much for the people around you, and have learnt at a very young age on how to speak the language of love. As such, being your mom has been the greatest thing I could ever ask for.

You are a brave, cheerful, silly, goofy, and inquisitive little boy. I love seeing the kind of person you’re becoming, as you become more confident with yourself, and who you are. We are beyond lucky to have you in our family. You bring us so much joy and happiness.

Right now, at nine, you come to me with almost everything. When you face challenges, when you need help, when you’re bored, you’ll come to me. I hope that you’ll continue to do so even when you grow older. Please always remember that I’ll always be there to protect you and to guide you. From primary to secondary and tertiary, I want to be there to share all your challenges and celebrate all your successes.


My goal has always been to be the best mother and the best teacher, you could have. On the other hand, I also learnt a lot from you than I could have possibly imagined. You allow me to see the world from different angles, and the positive feeling that with you, my life is beautiful and worth living.

I love you, son. And as I say to you every night, “I’m SO proud to be your mom.”

Happy 9th Birthday, Edison! I shall end this letter with our family picture taken on your birthday. 🙂



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Kenneth October 2, 2016 at 9:08 PM

I’m so blessed to have Edison into. Our family.

Since young, he has always been a very very sensible boy. He is always so sweet and obedient

Thank you for coming into our family Edison. We love you very much.



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