KidZania Singapore – Review, Guide and Promotions

We’ve been planning to visit KidZania Singapore since it was opened in April 2016. But I bet it would be super crowded during the initial months so we decided to wait.

Last weekend, we made an impromptu trip to KidZania, and what a surprise! The place was quieter than I’ve expected. At most of the establishments, Edison hardly had to queue. It must be due to the exam period. So, if exam doesn’t bother you, then October could be the best month to visit KidZania Singapore.

Introduction to KidZania Singapore

Kidzania SingaporeCheck-in counters at KidZania Singapore

If you’re entirely new to KidZania (else, you can skip this section), KidZania is a place where children can experience the ‘real world’ through role-playing activities such as working, earning a salary and buying things.

KidZania operates just like a real city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a working economy and recognisable destinations in the form of ‘establishments’ branded by local and international brands. These establishments are designed to educate through experiences, foster the development of life skills, and empower our children to pursue their dreams.

Kidzania Singapore Qatar Airways

Located on Sentosa Island, KidZania Singapore is an 81,000 square feet kid-sized city with over 90 professions. Best of all, it’s the first KidZania in the world to house a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737.

Before You Go In

I’d advise you to purchase your tickets online to enjoy 5% discount. Use Maybank Credit or Debit cards to enjoy 10% discount.

When you arrive, proceed to the check-in counter with your e-tickets to get your wrist tags. All the visitors will need to be tagged. This is a safety feature to ensure that children can only leave the premises with an authorized adult.

Getting into Kidzania

Children aged 4 and above will receive 20 kidZos in cash and an ATM card containing 30 kidZos (currency used in KidZania) for their initial spending.

Tips: Kids should wear covered shoes and pants if they want to try activities at the Climbing Building, Mountaineering School and Stadium.

First Thing When You Go In

Kidzania 2

First thing first – head to the bank to activate the ATM card. Once the card is activated, you can start using it across ATM machines within the city. Your kids can also deposit their earned kidZos into the card.

KidZos are recognized at every KidZania city throughout the world. This means you can use the cash in other countries too. However, every city has their own bank and ATM card. Thus, you may not be able to use the card in other countries. For instance, KidZania Singapore uses Maybank and KidZania Malaysia uses CIMB Bank. Therefore, if you wish to use your kidZos in other countries, please bring the cash.

Remember – parents are not allowed inside the establishments. But not to worry, the friendly Zupervisors will assist your kids to activate their ATM cards and during subsequent their role-playing activities.

Kidzania3His first job in the bank!

Apply for Pazzport (optional)

KidZania has a loyalty program called CitiZen PaZZport that costs $18 per child (one-time registration fee, valid until 18 y/o). With this paZZport, your child will begin as a Naturalised CitiZen and enjoy these benefits:

  1. Earn / save 2 extra kidZos per activity
  2. Enjoy 5 kidZos discount on redemption items at the Department Store
  3. Enjoy 5% discount at the KidZania Shops

Each time your child completes an activity, he will receive a chop in his paZZport. When he accumulates 30 / 60 stamps, he will be promoted to Distinguished CitiZen / Honourable CitiZen for more benefits.

Not all KidZania cities around the world have this program. For those that have, the same paZZport can be used. To sign-up, go to the Pazzport Office at Level 2 before you start any activities.

Personally, I feel that there’s no need to spend additional $18 per kid – unless you plan to visit the place very often.

Choose the Activity, Look out for the Census Board

Kidzania6‘+’ sign means you’ll earn kidZos, ‘-‘ sign means you’ll spend kidZos

It’s important for you to check the Census Board displayed outside each establishment which will indicate the activity type, minimum age, duration of play, and how much kidZos you can earn or need to pay. Some activities have age and height requirements, and some require basic skills such as reading. If your child has food allergy, do look out for food allergy warning too.

You can also see the capacity and duration for each activity. From there, you can estimate your waiting time.

Take a Break (parents only)

Kidzania Parents Lounge

Kidzania Parents Lounge 1

I must say that the best thing about KidZania is their Parents’ Lounge. If your kids are independent enough to venture on their own, you can then chill at the lounge that is complete with WIFI, computers and magazines. You can also purchase snacks and drinks here. Do note that this lounge is strictly for adults only (kids are not allowed).

Where to eat?

The food-related establishments includes KFC (Level 1), Pizza Hut (Level 2), and The Soup Spoon (Level 1). Bring your kids here for some chef role-playing, and they get to eat what they cook! They also serve actual meals to the visitors.

Kidzania Pizza Hut

Pizza BriefingKids are given a unique code as an identification so that they can take back the same pizza they made after baking

Alternatively, you can also dine at traditional coffeehouse KILLINEY KOPITIAM or enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine at WARUNG M NASIR cafeteria. Both are located on Level 1.


What not to be missed?


The most popular job has to be the First Officer at the Aviation Academy. Everyone wants to be a pilot, therefore the queue can get awfully long. I’d advise you to get your queue number as soon as you get in. Once you get your queue number (with exact timing), you can proceed with other activities and return when your time is near.

The cockpit set-up mimics a real life cabin, it’s really impressive. I’d say that this is a MUST TRY activity because it’s a rare opportunity to see the cockpit and learn to fly. So, please don’t miss it!

Cash-out your kidZos before you leave

Kidzania Maybank Kiosk

As I’ve mentioned above, kidZos are recognized around the world only in cash form. You can cash-out your kidZos at the ATM machines.

After 6 hours of ‘working’, I told Edison to cash-out all his ‘hard-earned’ kidZos and spend them at the Department Store. Parents are not allowed in the store. So, I was all curious to know what he’ll buy at the store.

Department Store at Kidzania

Guess what! He bought a toy lizard! V and I couldn’t stop laughing at his selection. Perhaps, the boy needs to be taught on how to spend his money wisely on things that is truly useful.

Be prepared to come back

Last but not least, KidZania is truly fun and addictive. It’s impossible to complete all role-playing activities in one day, thus be prepared to come back. You may find yourself wanting to explore KidZania all around the world too. They are unique on their own. =)

Here are the jobs that Edison tried during his visit:

Climber at Kidzania

Kidzania Climbing BuildingHe said this activity at Climbing Building is his top favourite
Kidzania LifebuoyAs a Health Researcher at Lifebuoy Health Institute
Kidzania YakultAs a researcher at Yakult Science Laboratory

Kidzania Spritzer

Kidzania Spritzer 2As a Water Quality Assurance Specialist
Kidzania Traditional BBQ Meat StoreLearn how bak kwa is made & packed at the Traditional BBQ Meat Store

Edison in Kidzania

Important Tips

  1. KidZania Singapore is capacity-controlled, do book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.
  2. Re-entry is NOT allowed. Thus, be prepared to spend the entire day there. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket (for younger kids) as the place is fully air-conditioned.
  3. Water coolers are available. Bring your water bottles along to keep everyone hydrated.


Kidzania 1

Have fun at KidZania!


KidZania Singapore
Palawan Kidz City. 31 Beach View #01-01/02 Singapore 098008
Official Webpages: Website | Facebook Page | Instagram
Useful Info: Ticket Prices | Getting Here | Opening Hours | Promotions

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