A Brand New Look

First of all, do you like my blog’s new look? I hope you do. This is what I do whenever I’m feeling a bit meh about blogging, and when I don’t have any brain juice to write. I change my blog’s theme. This way, I feel that I’m still doing something for the blog even though I’m not writing. And the new look motivates me to continue blogging.

Prior to starting Our Little Smarties in 2009, I had a personal blog that I was blogging for 2 years. I wrote everything about Edison’s growing up on that personal blog. People who read it were mainly my family members and friends. It has been discontinued after I started this blog.

Our Little Smarties was originally started as a parenting blog where I shared my personal motherhood experiences along with growing up stories of Edison. Over the years, it has evolved from parenting stories alone to lifestyle, home, food, travel, beauty, and so on. Even though my blog name is still the same, my writing style and direction have changed.

When I started this blog, I knew that one day, I’d want Edison to read it. I hope that it will bring him all his fond childhood memories. It also allows me to reflect on the precious moments that have gone but not forgotten. This blog is an amazing collection of words and pictures to look back on, and be thankful for not only the big things in life, but also for the small things we have.

But now that Edison is older, I need to respect his privacy, and there are often issues going on that are far too personal to be shared on this blog. Therefore, you don’t get to read much about him in recent years as compared to the older days. I prefer to keep his school and academic issues offline.

As a result, I find that this blog is all over the place now, and I’m seriously lacking focus. Should I stick to being a parenting blogger, or should I broaden my niche? Can I just blog about anything that I like? These are the questions that keep popping up in my mind whenever I want to start a post. What should I write?

This got me thinking.

I think there’s nothing wrong with blogging about anything that I like. If I feel that I don’t want to blog about parenting only, and that I’d like to blog about food, travel, beauty, home, etc, then I should go for it. There’s no need to confine myself to just one category. After all, this is my own personal blog.

If you find me blogging about the latest playground in town, and the next day, I’m blogging about the best place to shop for K-beauty products, please pardon me for the lack of continuity in content.

I believe the beauty of blogging is that it can be about anything and everything. Therefore, I shall continue to blog about everything under the sun at my own pace.

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