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I’ve always stressed the importance of good hygiene to Edison from a very young age, even though he may not be able to understand me much back then. With creativity and patience, I taught him personal hygiene habits in a very fun way.

My biggest reward? A young hygiene master was born in my family, and he’s no other than our Little Edison. Ha!

Whenever he touches something possibly germy, he’ll wash his hands with anti-bacterial soap without being told. When we’re out, he’ll ask for anti-bacterial sanitizer before he eats. Sometimes, it’s hilarious to see him being so obsessed with hygiene – which is why I jokingly call him a “Hygiene King”.

Most parents would think that giving our kids healthy balanced meals and vitamin supplements are the best way to prevent illness. I might have said this before but staying one step ahead to prevent infections by using anti-bacterial protection is equally important too.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), proper hand washing can reduce diarrhoeal cases by up to 45%. When children wash their hands, it’s the first line of defence against the spread of many diseases – colds, flu, and other infections.

So everyone, proper hand washing – do it often, do it right!

Kirei Kirei Anti-Bacterial

Our family has been using Kirei Kirei, the No. 1 Hand Soap in Japan, for more than a year now. With Lion Japan’s advanced anti-bacterial formulation, it provides the anti-bacterial protection that is vital for the prevention of infections caused by nasty germs.

What’s so unique about Kirei Kirei, you may wonder. It’s a safe formulation using IPMP (an anti-bacterial ingredient) to provide safe Dual Defence anti-bacterial protection for both body and hands.

Do you know that in Sep 2016, FDA has banned 19 specific active ingredients commonly used in antiseptic wash products? Their study shows that certain anti-bacterial ingredients may do more harm than good over the long-term. For example, triclosan and triclocarban could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects. Therefore, it’s important to use products that are safe.

Kirei Kirei provides the safe and superior all-round anti-bacterial protection for our family to stay healthy. Most importantly, its cleansing ingredients are 100% made from plants formulation that cleanses gently and care for our skin.

Kirei Kirei Hand Wash (not)

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap and Body Foam come in four refreshing fruity fragrances:

1. Caring Berries (purple): cares for delicate skin with mulberry extracts rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, leaves a sweet berry fragrance after wash;

2. Natural Citrus (white): infused with mild fruity citrus fragrance to keep you feeling fresh all day;

3. Moisturizing Peach (pink): moisturizes skin with peach extracts naturally rich in vitamins, and leaves a lovely fruity peach fragrance after wash;

4. Refreshing Grape (green): leaves skin feeling revitalized with a mild refreshing grape fragrance.

I love that the products come in different variants to suit everyone’s preference and needs. Let’s start off with mine. I have dry skin, so I need a body wash that balances between protection and care. Kirei Kirei Moisturizing Peach Body Foam works wonders on my skin. I was amazed at how smooth and soft my skin was after using it.

Kirei Kirei Natural Citrus Body Form and Refreshing Grape work best for V and Edison, who are often active and outdoor. They are infused with fresh fruity fragrance to keep them feeling fresh, deeply cleansed and protected all day.

Kirei Kirei Body Form 2

Most importantly, Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Body Foam maintains freshness all day with its deodorizing ingredients to prevent body odour and acne with easy-to-rinse foam.

Look at my “Hygiene King” enjoying his royal shower!

Edison shower with Kirei Kirei

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap, on the other hand, dispenses soft, creamy foam which cleanses more effectively and thoroughly than ordinary liquid hand soap.

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer provides effective anti-bacterial protection on-the-go with moisturizing benefits, keeping hands hygienic and protected. It leaves a non-sticky feel and refreshing fragrance after use. There’s always one in my bag, and I make sure Edison carries one too.

Having sick kids is tough on everyone, especially the moms. All that late nights, extra cleaning, taking urgent leave to take care of sick kids, and risk spreading the illness to others can take its toll. Thus, I’ve discovered that the best way to prevent illness and keep my family healthy is through safe and effective anti-bacterial protection. Kirei Kirei is my trusted brand, of course!


Kirei Kirei Body Form 3

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Kirei Kirei.

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