Yunomori Onsen Singapore: 1st Japanese Onsen & Family-Friendly Spa

Every time I travel to Japan, I always look forward to onsen bath. I’ve always hope that Singapore will have an onsen too. Therefore, when I heard of the opening of Yunomori Onsen Singapore in Kallang Wave Mall, I was jumping in delight. Now, we don’t have to fly to Japan for onsen anymore! =)

Yunomori Onsen

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is located in Kallang Wave Mall within Singapore Sports Hub, walking distance from Stadium MRT Station (very convenient!). It’s the first authentic Japanese onsen in Singapore with the biggest variety of baths, spanning more than 16,000 square feet.

There’s a wide variety of onsen baths available such as Soda spa, Silk bath, Jet bath, Bubble bath, Cold bath and Hot bath. Each bath provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience as well as its unique health and beauty benefits. Other facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage, spa treatment, relaxing lounge, and a dining café are also available.

Entrance Fees & Membership

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Reception

The Onsen’s entrance fee is priced at $38+ for adults ($40.60 w/GST) and $28+ for children and seniors ($29.96 w/GST), which includes access to the onsen facilities for the entire day.

A variety of massages and spa treatments are available from the ala-carte menu. Guests can also purchase as a set, for example, Onsen + 60 mins Thai Massage at $118+. Affordable membership packages are also available for frequent guests.

Kids above two years old are welcomed at Yunomori Onsen. Different baths have different temperatures, so they can also enjoy themselves at the bath with suitable temperature.

This guide will be helpful if you’re new to Yunomori Onsen. Stripping off for an onsen bath can be daunting for some, so I hope this guide will get you prepared before your first visit.

When You Enter Yunomori Onsen Singapore

Shoe Locker

Leave your shoes in the shoe locker and get the locker key. Check-in at the reception counter (barefoot) to purchase your admission to onsen and spa treatments. Hand your locker key to the receptionist, and you’ll be given an RFID wristlet.


Please wear the wristlet at all times. This wristlet will be the one contact point for all your purchases made within the facility (including the dining café), as well as the key to your locker inside the onsen. Everything operates on a cashless mode here.

Once you’ve secured your RFID wristlet, you can walk into the onsen area. Onsens are separated by gender. And nope, they don’t have onsen catered to couples.

When You Enter the Changing Room (Before the Onsen)

Onsen separated by gender

This is the entrance to the changing room – separated by gender starting from this point (red for woman and blue for man). Once you enter, you’ll be given two towels (one small, one big) and a set of Yukata.

Onsen bath is best enjoyed NAKED. Swimsuit is not allowed. However, if you’re shy, you can request for disposable bra and underwear. (Hehe, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear this!).

To be honest, I went in completely naked. Ha! After my last visit to onsen in Korea (Jun’16), I’ve overcame my shyness to go naked in the presence of strangers. But again, if I were to go with my friends, it’s a completely different story.

Yunomori uses Puri Alchemy’s range of spa products, one of Thailand’s leading luxury spa and aromatheraphy brands, in all toiletries, spa treatment and amenities

Leave your belongings in the locker (locker # is stated on your wristlet). Only the small towel is allowed inside the onsen. You can leave your big towel in the locker to dry your body after the bath. If you wear make-up, bring your makeup remover. Shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner are available inside the onsen.

Now, undress yourself completely (wear only disposable bra and underwear, if you need), and walk into the onsen area with the small towel only. Make sure you’ve secured all your stuffs in your locker.

Gentle reminder! Photography is strictly prohibited here – for obvious reason – everyone is naked here.

When You Enter the Onsen

There’s a sliding door in the changing room, and that’s the entrance to the onsen. Once you enter, you’ll see the sit down bathing area on your left and right. Yep, it’s the open concept bathing here. So, don’t be shy!

Rinse your body and feet with the buckets provided before getting into the onsen bath. DO NOT wash your body or put your towel into the onsen bathtubs. You can alternate between onsen baths with sauna and steam room.

Onsen Pools (3)

Onsen pools

There’s a watercooler here, so please keep yourself hydrated. When you finish your onsen bath, take a shower at the same bathing area. You can find shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner here.

After the Onsen

Go to your locker area and dry your body using the big towel. Dress yourself in the Yukata. Don’t worry if you do not know how to wear it, you can find the poster instruction near your locker. You can drop your used towels in the bins provided. Hair dryer, comb, cotton buds, hair band and body lotion are available at the dressing area.

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Resting Area

Now, you can walk to the dining café, relaxing lounge or treatment room in your Yukata.

Yunomori Café

Complimentary Tea

Get yourself a cup of complimentary drink at the café. This café serves healthy homestyle Japanese food at reasonable prices. On the menu, there are more than 30 food items including curry rice, tempura, donburi, udon and onsen tamago (poached egg).

Grilled salmon plateGrilled salmon plate
Japanese Assorted PlateJapanese Assorted Plate
Chicken Karaage Curry SetChicken Karaage Curry Set
Banana SmoothieBanana Smoothie

Personally, I find that the set menu is very appetizing. I’d recommend the Japanese Assorted Plate ($17.80) – a delicious and healthy platter of grilled fish, teriyaki chicken, vegetables, rice and soup. We also tried the Grilled Salmon Plate, Chicken Karaage Curry Set and Prawn Tempura.

Prawn tempura

EdisonEdison enjoying his Mango Smoothie after a hearty meal & relaxing onsen bath!

When You’re Ready to Leave

Change to your own clothes and leave the Yukata in the bin provided. Return your RFID wristlet to the reception counter and make payment (if you’ve purchased food, drinks or additional treatment / spa services).

Your shoe locker key will be returned to you upon check-out.


With a $38+ entry ticket, you can spend an entire day at Yunomori Onsen & Spa. Choose from the 6 types of onsen baths to soak in, and alternate between sauna / steam. The facility is clean, all toiletries are provided for your convenience.

If you get hungry from all the pampering, there is a full-fledged eatery for you to refuel. It’s a perfect place to hang-out with your friends and family.

My Verdict

Yunomori Onsen Singapore

I’d certainly recommend Yunomori Onsen & Spa. I feel that $38+ is a reasonable price as there’s no time limit in the onsen and other facilities. Soda Spa, Bubble Bath and Silk Bath have temperature between 38.5 – 39.5°C. The temperature is not too hot and suitable for kids too.

Edison said, “The onsen is so relaxing and the food is great too!” He used to describe places as fun, but now, he knows what relaxing truly means. My boy has grown up so much. Ha!

With the upcoming school holiday and festive seasons, Yunomori Onsen Singapore would be the perfect family destination to pamper and enjoy a healthy bonding activity with your loved ones.

Yes, we’ll certainly be back again soon.


Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
1 Stadium Place #02-17/18, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628 (take the escalator outside FairPrice Xtra)
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm Daily
Official Webpages: Website | Facebook Page | Instagram

Follow Yunomori Onsen on their social media to keep yourself updated on their promotions.

Disclosure: This is an invited media review. All opinions are honest and are my own. Photography is strictly prohibited in the onsen. All pictures of the onsen (without my watermark) are courtesy of Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore.

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