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Nirwana Gardens Bintan: Review & Recommendations

Nirwana Gardens Bintan is an integrated beach resort spanning over 330 hectares that offers five accommodation options ranging from family-friendly to the romantic and exclusive. Just an hour ferry ride away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, it’s the perfect relaxing haven from bustling Singapore.

Nirwana Gardens offers numerous facilities and services which could keep their guests entertained for days. It also has its own private beach where guests could use for various activities.

Now, let me give you a glimpse of what you can expect at this family-friendly yet fun-filled resort in Bintan Island.

Getting to Nirwana Gardens Bintan

We took the ferry at Bintan Resort Ferries at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. The journey to Bintan Ferry Terminal took just an hour. The ferry is very comfortable and clean with a deli offering snacks and beverages.

We took the 11:10am ferry and arrived at Bintan at 11:10am (Indonesia time is one hour behind Singapore). For details on ferry schedule and ticket fares, you can visit BRF website.

Travelling to Nirwana Gardens is totally fuss-free. Just check-in at Bintan Resort Ferries counter at least an hour before departure. Upon arrival at Bintan Ferry Terminal and after immigration and customs, take the complimentary shuttle bus to Nirwana Gardens. We arrived at the resort in just 10 mins.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by helpful staffs to assist in our check-in and luggage, together with local cultural dance performance and light refreshments to welcome our arrival.


There are five types of accommodations at Nirwana Gardens. The most popular one is the Nirwana Resort Hotel – where we stayed. There are 245 refurbished rooms that come with view of the landscaped gardens, South China Sea or swimming pool.

Nirwana GardensEntrance to Nirwana Resort Hotel
Deluxe RoomNirwana Room in Nirwana Resort Hotel

We stayed in a Nirwana Room that is equipped with TV with multiple cable channels, mini-bar, private shower with bathtub, basic toiletries, personal safe, hairdryer, and complimentary WiFi. The room is clean, spacious and comfortable. We also had an extra bed for Edison.

Nirwana Resort Hotel is perfect for families as it has literally everything you need for a fuss-free family holiday! Its family-friendly environment is a sure win for parents and children.

Nirwana Gardens 2The three-storey Nirwana Resort Hotel

Other accommodations at Nirwana Gardens include the rustic Mayang Sari Beach Resort, the village-style Nirwana Beach Club (with cabana rooms), Banyu Biru Villa for families and gatherings, as well as the exclusive Indra Maya Pool Villa.

The key advantage of this resort is the various accommodation options to suit travellers’ needs and budget.

Resort Facilities

Nirwana Gardens Map

Nirwana Gardens is huge, and given its size, you couldn’t possibly explore the whole resort by foot. Guests can conveniently move around on the complimentary shuttle bus that runs every half an hour (every 15 mins on Saturdays). Alternatively, there are buggies available for rental.

Buggy & ATV

We love the huge infinity pool by the beach that’s also complete with children’s pool, jacuzzi and water polo. If you’ve been following our vacations, you’d noticed that swimming pool is our priority in choosing travel accommodation. And if you’ve kids, I’m sure you’ll know why too.

Nirwana Gardens Bintan

Nirwana Gardens Infinity PoolInfinity pool by the beach

The beach front of the resort boasts white powdery sand, turquoise water, fresh sea breeze, nice little massage huts, and plenty of shaded areas to rest and relax.

Edison at the Beach 2

PlaygroundChildren’s Playground
Nirwana Gardens Bintan

FIVE things we loved about Nirwana Gardens Bintan

1. Resort Centre & Happy Valley

We spent a lot of time at the Resort Centre & Happy Valley as there are many activities to keep us occupied. Even though the activities are not complimentary, I find that their prices are quite reasonable.

What Edison loved most are archery (Rp 95,000 for 25 arrows / SG$9.50), airsoft shooting (Rp 105,000 per session / SG$10.50) and rifle shooting (Rp 95,000 for 25 bullets / SG$9.50).


Rifle ShootingRifle shooting pro here! =)
Airsoft shootingAirsoft shooting range – this is very fun, MUST TRY!

You can also find gym, NABLEZ Kids Club, Nirwana Bowling Alley and Flying Fox here.

Kids ClubThe Kids Club is huge, but it was closed during our visit
2. Ninebot Tour

I’d highly recommend the Ninebot tour too, especially if you haven’t tried it before. It’s very FUN. There’s an option for morning and sunset tour, and each tour takes an hour. Don’t worry if you’re new to this. This was my first time too.

We were trained by the instructors and given a brief circuit training before we start our tour. Ninebot is very easy to learn and ride. Initially, I was worried about Edison but apparently, he took just 5 mins to master it. Yes, it’s super easy to ride and once you’re into it, you wouldn’t want to get off!

To operate the Ninebot, simply turn it on using a remote control, grab onto the handlebars, step onto it firmly, and lean forward gently. Contrary to what most people believe, you won’t tip over or fall backwards easily unless you hit something or failed to balance yourself (usually because you’re too nervous). So, just relax your body, stand straight and enjoy your ride.

The beauty of this tour is that you’d be able to explore beyond the resort areas of Nirwana Gardens, and into the exclusive villas, elephant sanctuary, mini zoo, beach, etc. For added safety, we were equipped with helmet and knee/elbow pads, as well as two instructors who guided us from the front and back. Kids 9 years old and above with minimum height 130cm are allowed to ride a Ninebot.

It’s certainly the most fun sight-seeing experience we’ve ever had! =)

3. Meat and Grill Saturday’s at The Poolside Restaurant

The Poolside Restaurant serves buffet dinner only on Fridays (Seafood Grill) and Saturdays (Meat & Grill). We checked-in on Saturday, so we tried out the Meat & Grill buffet. The buffet is priced at Rp 550,000 for adult (SG$55) and Rp 300,000 for child (SG$30) – the food quality and variety are well-worth the cost.

There’s an extensive range of BBQ meat in hawker style buffet, complete with live acoustic music and traditional dances.

Nirwana Gardens Poolside RestaurantThe Poolside Restaurant

This is the Poolside Restaurant during the day. At night, it turns into a fantastic food village with al fresco setting, charcoal-fired grilled buffet, live cooking stations, and entertainment. It’s the perfect way to wind down in the evening.

4. Savour the local food at Spice Restaurant

Spice Restaurant is also our favourite dining spot at Nirwana Gardens. This beachside eatery is located at the main lobby of Mayang Sari Beach Resort, and it serves marvelous variety of traditional Indian and Indonesian dishes.


Here are what we ordered for dinner: Nasi Goreng Nusantara (Rp 185,000 / SG$18.50), Nasi Goreng Nenas (Rp 185,000 / SG$18.50), Rice with Ayam Bakar (Rp 205,000 / SG$20.50), Satay Mixed (Rp 118,000 / SG$11.80), and Chicken Wing (Rp 135,000 / SG$13.50). All the dishes are well-made and flavourful.

If you’re looking for a serene ambience to dine, or some yummy local cuisine, I’d highly recommend Spice Restaurant.

5. Mini Zoo

Mini Zoo

Kids love animals! Edison was truly delighted to find a mini zoo within the resort. We visited this place twice to check out the rabbits, roosters, hen, crocodiles, fishes, iguana, snake, birds, squirrels, and other animals. 

My Verdict

I’d recommend Nirwana Gardens Bintan if you’re looking for an inexpensive family-friendly resort with beautiful beach and variety of activities. From child-friendly activities to water sports, land activities, massages and sight-seeing, there’s never a dull moment at Nirwana Gardens.

Nirwana Gardens Bintan

There are 10 eateries within the resort, so you’ll never run out of choices. Unfortunately, we missed the Kelong Seafood Restaurant due to time constraint. I heard that it’s only place to go in Bintan where you can tuck into the richest and freshest seafood, while enjoying the balmy sea breeze and a panoramic view of the South China Sea.

A new-themed restaurant, Neydles House, is coming up soon. It will be serving a variety of authentic homemade noodle dishes from all over Asia with excellent texture and flavourful broth. Nirwana Gardens is also implementing many upgrades in their properties. Currently, renovation is in-progress to complete Nirwana Deluxe and Banyu Biru Villa.

Last but not least, all the staffs at Nirwana Gardens are friendly and helpful. We’re particularly grateful to the Ninebot instructors for giving us an amazing and memorable tour around the resort. Overall, we truly enjoyed our 3D2N trip to Nirwana Gardens.

Travel Tips

  1. Approach the Guest Information Centre at Nirwana Resort Hotel lobby one day prior to your departure to confirm your return ferry and timing. You need to take the shuttle bus to Bintan Ferry Terminal one hour before your departure.
  2. At the Guest Information Centre, you can find the menus of the main restaurants in the resort. Decide what you want to eat before you head there (save your time!). You can also book your taxi, excursions and activities here.
  3. Lastly, check out Nirwana Gardens Bintan website for all the fantastic promotions and discounts before you book.


Nirwana Gardens
Jalan Panglima Pantar, Lagoi 29155
Bintan Resorts, Indonesia
Official Webpages: Website | Facebook Page | Instagram

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ShinyVisa @ Nirwana June 11, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Spent my birthday at Nirwana! Love the friendliness of the staff. The kelong restaurant is a definitely must visit place to enjoy sunset. The view is amazing. 🙂

Emily June 11, 2017 at 1:23 PM

Hi Derek,
I agree, it’s a fantastic resort. I missed the Kelong restaurant during my last trip. Will certainly check it out if I have a chance to visit the resort again in future.

Daddy B July 11, 2017 at 2:05 PM

HI Emily

Which room were you booking for that one and does that comes with twin beds?

Also, do you recommend a one or two nights stay on this one? I’m travelling with very small children ages 3 and below.

Emily July 12, 2017 at 11:55 AM

Hi Daddy B,
If I’m not wrong, it’s called Nirwana Room. Sorry, I can’t be exactly sure cos the trip was almost a year ago. It comes with a queen bed + single bed. I’d recommend 3D2N so you can slowly explore the resort & activities with your kids. It’s quite rush for 2D1N – considering the time you need to travel to and from the ferry terminal.

Rodessa July 7, 2019 at 4:41 PM

Hi. How much is the Ninebot Tour & how many days / nights did you stay at Nirwana Garden?

Emily July 8, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Hi Rodessa,
I stayed for 3D2N. Sorry, I can’t remember the price of the Ninebot Tour, it’s been so long. The price should have changed by now too. Pls check their website for the price. Thanks!


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