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Igloohome Smart Digital Lock Review

I’ve always wanted to install a smart digital lock because I’m worried that Edison might misplace his house key. I’m not paranoid without a cause – he has actually misplaced it twice. The first time, he was swinging the key on a ring around his finger and it flung right into the pool. The next time, he accidentally dropped it from his pocket.

Secondly, I want to get rid of the hassle of using a house key, the fear of losing it, and the annoying fact that it might scratch other valuables in my bag. So, I’ve been looking for an affordable and user-friendly smart digital lock that can be operated using a smart phone.

bolt2mainPicture Credit: Igloohome Website

I came across Igloohome Smart Digital Lock at Selffix when I was buying a replacement filter for my 3M Water Dispenser. I was immediately attracted to its unique design that resembles an iPhone. And next, its retail price is even more attractive!

Most of the digital locks that I’ve seen cost more than S$500, and the high-end ones can even reach S$1000. Igloohome Smart Deadbolt Lock costs just S$388 with free installation. Compact in size and price, Igloohome Deadbolt Lock is very user-friendly too. Here’s 7 reasons why I really like it:-

igloohome smart digital lock

7 Reasons Why I Like Igloohome Smart Digital Lock

1. Three modes of entry – PIN code, Bluetooth and Emergency Key

Igloohome Deadbolt Lock comes with an LED touchscreen that can be unlocked when you tap in a 4 to 9 digit PIN code. Temporary PIN codes can be created using igloohome mobile app at any time, and from anywhere. This is particularly useful when we want to grant temporary access to our part-time cleaner when we’re away from home.

Temporary PIN code can be set as a one-time use or a duration PIN. Using igloohome mobile app, we can set the exact time and date for the PIN code to become active and expired. Once the PIN codes expire, they will no longer be accepted by the lock. So, our home remains secure.

igloohome smart digital lockOur home is called Edison & Company, and hence our lock is named as Edison & Company’s lock

An alternative mode of entry is via Bluetooth key – this means we can unlock with just our smartphone! Just tap “unlock” on igloohome mobile app when we’re near the door. And voila! The door is unlocked.

There’s also an Easy Unlock feature – when enabled, you just need to tap the touchscreen on the lock to wake it up, and it will automatically unlock. It’s like ‘Open Sesame’ in modern times, how cool! =)

Similar to PIN code, you can grant temporary access to visitors by sending them bluetooth keys that can be configured via mobile app.

You know, when you’re using any electronic devices, you worry about running out of battery. In emergency situations, there’s still a physical key that can be used to unlock the door. This certainly provides assurance to us that we can enter our home no matter what.

igloohome smart digital lockEmergency key access
2. Automated Timed Re-lock Function (for the forgetful me!)

V has an irritating habit of asking me if I lock the door the moment he starts the car engine. As both of us are equally forgetful, I always end up running back to check. With the Automated Timed Re-lock Function in igloohome smart lock, I can FINALLY give it a stop. What a relief!

igloohome smart digital lock

The duration before the lock automatically locks can be set between 5 to 120 seconds using the mobile app. Now, I don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock my door.

3. Visibility on access logs

While we grant temporary access to visitors via temporary PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, we can trace the history of the exact dates and times when they were used using igloohome mobile app. Example, if I set a Bluetooth key for Edison, I can track what time he reaches home every day.

4. Works offline

I don’t want to get into technical details that may bore you, but I want to let you know that igloohome smart lock does NOT need an internet connection to function. It works from the synchronisation of the smart lock and mobile app – even before the lock is installed.

It’s similar to a bank security token that gives you a one-time password, it’s not connected to the internet at all. There’s a ‘formula’ that has been programmed in both the igloohome smart lock and mobile app. That way, they can communicate without being connected. This ‘formula’ is also unique, so you don’t need to worry about unlocking your neighbour’s lock.

5. Built-in Tamper Alarm

Singapore is a safe country with the lowest record of home break-ins in the region. Nonetheless, safety should not be taken for granted. The built-in tamper alarm is a bonus feature that will sound when intruders try to pry the lock from the door.

6. Fuss-free installation and simple to use

Seriously, I’m not a fan of complicated gadgets. What I want is just a secured lock that is user-friendly and simple to use. That’s why I really like igloohome smart lock.

The installation process took less than an hour. After that, the installer gave us a short briefing on how to lock and unlock the door. Following the Quick Start guide, we can easily change our Master PIN code, create user PIN codes as well as activating the auto-relock function. It’s easy peasy and maintenance-free too! =)

7. Out of battery? No problem!

When the batteries inside the lock are flat, I can easily connect an external 9-volt battery to jump start the lock. I’m also rest-assured that this won’t happen because I can easily monitor the battery level on my igloohome mobile app.

Iglooohome5Easy replacement of batteries

One more thing to note – I still have my existing mortise lock on my door. The igloohome smart lock is installed as an additional lock. The existing mortise lock handle will still be used to open the door, but the lock will not be used anymore.

Igloohome61) Unlocking via igloohome mobile app, 2) creating a temporary Bluetooth key, 3) creating a PIN code, and 4) checking battery level

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02
Inner & Outer Finishes: Zinc Alloy
Operation method: PIN code, Bluetooth Key, Emergency Key
Colour: Black
Power: 4 AA Batteries (lasts up to 9 months)
Replace the entire lock: No
Auto lock when you leave: Yes
Price: S$388 + free installation (promo until 31 March 17) | usual price: S$499
Click HERE for more product information.

Should You Buy It?

The igloohome smart lock is affordable and value for money. It’s user-friendly and simple to use with basic features that allow you to grant temporary / permanent access to visitors and friends remotely. It doesn’t require internet connection to function.

If you don’t need high-end features like fingerprint scanner or RFID proxity tags, I’d recommend igloohome smart digital lock to you. Compact in size and price, it’s a perfect smart digital lock that balances between security, affordability and convenience.

Here’s a video from igloohome that showcases the awesomeness of their smart lock:

Video Credit: Igloohome

I’m SO glad to give everyone at home the convenience of keyless access and a fuss-free living. Now, it’s your turn.  😀


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Disclosure: We received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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