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Cruising Away to Thailand and Vietnam on Royal Caribbean!

Royal Caribbean

First trip of the year on the last day of the term, we will be away on a 7-night Thailand & Vietnam cruise on Royal Caribbean. This is also our FIRST cruise experience with Royal Caribbean. We’re so thrilled!

Thinking back, it has been five years since our last cruise vacation with Star Cruises. Our previous two trips were only 3 nights and this time, we doubled the number. Truth be told, I’m not sure if I would be bored being in the ship for a week long – even though we’ve planned our offshore excursions. So, I packed my K-dramas and books with me. =)

V booked this trip half a year ago when he spotted a promotion on Price Breaker. It was a pretty good deal especially for the school holiday season. Last heard from the tour agency is that the cruise is full house now.

I booked the WIFI package (I bet none of us can survive without it). So, I’ll try to share the snippets of my trip on Instagram if I can connect. Do follow me on Instagram @ourlittlesmarties.

Till then, wishing everyone a happy holiday!  😀

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