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Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas Virtual Tour & Review

If you’ve read my long review on Mariner of the Seas, you’d know that we truly enjoyed our 8D7N cruise vacation to Thailand and Vietnam. As promised, I’d bring you on a virtual tour on this gigantic cruise liner today.

Now, first-time cruisers often have many preconceptions about sailing. They may fear that the food on the ship is terrible, that days spent onboard are a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare, that cruise is simply boring, or that they might suffer from seasickness.

Truth be told, I’m prone to seasickness too. Even an hour ferry journey to Bintan makes me feel nausea. However, on a large modern ship like Mariner of the Seas, you won’t feel much movement. I felt very, very minimal movement of the ship and hence, no seasickness at all.

To me, these preconceptions are completely untrue for Mariner of the Seas. It’s VERY family-friendly with impeccable service, great food and awesome fun times. The moment we boarded the cruise, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Mariner of the Seas at Laem ChaBangMariner of the Seas at Laem ChaBang, Thailand

Mariner of the Seas is 311m long with a breadth of 38m at waterline level (49m at the bridge wings). The liner has a passenger capacity of 3,807 passengers, accommodated in 1,557 staterooms, of which almost 50% have balconies. Lastly, the crew capacity is 1,185.

Now, I shall bring you on a deck by deck virtual tour on Mariner of the Seas. Take a deep breath, let’s go! =)

Edison on Mariner of the Seas

Deck 2 – 4

Deck 0 and Deck 1 are the dry/cold storage areas and the ship’s utilities, hotel stores and laundry. There’s also a medical facility on Deck 1.

Deck 2 includes the conference centre, board room, and multimedia screening room/cinema. The large conference centre has dedicated facilities that caters up to 400 guests.

Mariner of the Seas Screening Room on Deck 2Multimedia screening room/cinema
Board Room on Deck 2The Board Room

Forward on Deck 3 is the mid-level of the Savoy Theatre with a capacity of 1,320 guests. It’s the main venue for musical extravaganzas with ultra-modern light and sound systems. There’s also Studio B, a 900-seat arena for ice shows and ice skating using a sliding floor underneath. It also houses an art and photo gallery, as well as a broadcasting room.

The Savoy TheatreThe Savoy Theatre
Mariner of the Seas Ice-skating ringIce-skating ring

From Deck 3 to 5, there’s the glorious three-tier Main Dining Room, themed to reflect the classic musical favourites, Rhapsody in Blue (Deck 3), Top Hat & Tails (Deck 4), and Sound of Music (Deck 5). It accommodates 1,900 people! This is, of course, my #1 top favourite place on the cruise.

Main Dining Room Mariner of the SeasEntrance to the Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room Mariner of the Seas

Main Dining Room Mariner of the SeasThe most elegant Main Dining Room

Mariner of the Seas

Deck 4 also includes the Boleros Bar and main passenger entrance. Forward of the Boleros Bar is the Casino Royale, Schooner Bar and the two-deck Dragon’s Lair nightclub.

Mariner of the SeasLet’s go to the casino! (Just joking, he’s too young for it)
Casino Royale on Mariner of the SeasCasino Royale


Deck 5 – 10

Mariner of the Seas features a four-deck-high horizontal promenade, called the Royal Promenade, from Decks 5 to 8. The length of the promenade is approx. 120m. At each end, there’s a seven-storey atrium surrounded by bars, lounges and unique shops, called The Centrum. It’s best compared to the lobby of a grand hotel. Very elegantly decorated!

Royal Promenade on Deck 5Royal Promenade

Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas CentrumThe Centrum

On Deck 5, there’s Café Promenade that serves snacks and coffee all day, Promenade Shops (duty-free shopping), Guest Services, and offshore excursion booking counters. There’s also Lotus Lounge for guests to enjoy live music, dancing and various entertainments.

Cafe Promenade on Mariner of the SeasCafe Promenade

Cafe Promenade on Deck 5

Guest Services at Deck 5Guest Services counters

Decks 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 contain the staterooms, with some of them overlooking the Royal Promenade on Decks 6, 7 and 8. Our stateroom is on Deck 6 (room # 6554 for my memory’s sake!). ^___^

Edison on Deck 7

Mariner of the SeasOur cabin on Deck 6

On Deck 7, there’s a well-stocked library, featuring a variety of genres, plus tables for cards and board games. RC Online, an internet café, can be found on Deck 8 where guests can use the PCs for checking emails and surfing the net (internet charges apply).

Library on Deck 7Library
RC Online on Deck 8RC Online overlooking the library

On Deck 9, there’s a Concierge Club where guests staying in Grand Suite-level rooms and higher, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor® Society members can enjoy complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks.

On Deck 10, there are the largest guest staterooms, the wheelhouse, and some of the officer’s cabins behind the wheelhouse.

Deck 11 – 14

Yes, finally we’re up at Deck 11 – the happiest deck on the cruise! And here’s why. =)

Mariner of the Seas pool

Deck 11 is the Pool Deck, with Solarium, Fitness Centre, Boardwalk Dog House, Windjammer Café, Giovanni’s Table, and Chops Grille steakhouse. It’s all about EAT and PLAY!

Solarium Pool on Mariner of the SeasSolarium

The adult only (over 16’s) outdoor Solarium pool is decorated with a Tuscan theme featuring urns, lions, large bowls of fruit, a tiled mosaic style floor and a statue of a lady at the helm of the pool. Unlike the ship’s other two main pools, the Solarium pool features walk in steps and ranges in depth from 1.35m to 1.6m.

Solarium Pool Mariner of the SeasSolarium at night
Windjammer Cafe on Mariner of the SeasWindjammer Cafe

Deck 12, on the other hand, is the children’s area with Royal Babies and Tots Nursery for the littlest guests, Adventure Ocean for kids from 3 to 17, Fuel Teen Disco for teens, Video Arcade, and The Living Room – teen only lounge with movies and gaming consoles. There’s also an outdoor running track that’s open to everyone.

Video Arcade on Mariner of the SeasVideo Arcade
Jogging Track on Mariner of the SeasJogging Track

Deck 13 is another sports area that contains the liner’s signature rock-climbing wall, sports courts, in-line track and Mariner Dunes 9-hole miniature golf course.

Rock Climbing Wall Mariner of the SeasRock-climbing wall
Mariner of the SeasMariner Dunes 9-hole miniature golf course
Mariner of the Seas Sports CourtSports Court

Deck 14 has the Viking Crown Lounge that offers spectacular vistas by day and turns into a lively dance club at night. I’d say it’s an ideal location for a quiet drink whilst enjoying the sunset out of the large ocean view windows (and I love taking pictures from here!). Seven Hearts card room and Diamond Club are also on this deck.

Viking Crown LoungeViking Crown Lounge

Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the SeasThese pictures are taken from the Viking Crown Lounge large ocean view windows

The highest Deck 15 contains the Skylight Chapel for wedding ceremonies, etc.

Skylight Chapel on Deck 15Skylight Chapel

Edison loves Mariner of the Seas

Phew, there you go! I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour, and I will re-read this post from time to time to remind myself on the awesome times I had on this cruise. Aw, I really LOVE Mariner of the Seas! It’s certainly a holiday destination of its own that is perfect for families!

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May April 29, 2017 at 5:59 PM

Thanks for the wonderful write-up! We will be going during the year end hols. So excited and I hope Nov comes fast.

Emily May 1, 2017 at 9:40 AM

Great to hear that, May! Enjoy yr cruise vacation and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome for you and your family. Cheers! 🙂

Rachel September 12, 2017 at 1:34 PM

Hi Emily,
Thank you so much for the well written review! Have been thinking of giving this cruise a try for the longest time!
I had been to a smaller cruise many years ago and that experience has been good but the nightmare began when all the people rushed to disembark upon the cruise reaching Singapore and I almost fainted because many people were squeezed near the door at the small area.

Can I check how was the disembarkment like once the cruise reaches Singapore? Is it in a orderly manner ?

Oh ya by the way if my boy is 11 years old, do you think he can still sleep on the pull out bed? He is about 135cm tall but heavy ;(

Thank you very much Emily 😉

Best Regards

Emily September 12, 2017 at 4:55 PM

Hi Rachel,
The disembarkation was done in an orderly manner. They arranged the timing by deck, so the crowd was manageable. 1-2 days before the disembarkation, they put the form with details of the timing and bag tags in our cabins. Luggage were collected the night before, but we opt to carry ourselves. All in all, we took less than an hour to disembark.
My boy is 10 years old, around 25kg. The pullman bed is very sturdy, I don’t think there’s any issue with that. But if you are worried, you can call them to ask. 🙂

Jiequn November 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Happy to see your sharing here. I am looking forward for my cruise trip next week.

Hope you could help me on some questions about the shows:
how do we know the entertainment/show schedule? I don’t seem find it on its website. And also what do you mean for 1st seating guest(9pm show) and 2nd seating guest(5.30pm) in your another post?
Do we need to do reservation for the show?

Thanks your help in advance.

Emily November 20, 2017 at 5:38 PM

Hi Jiequn,
There’s no need to make reservation for the show. If your fine dining dinner is at 5:30pm, you’ll have your dinner first followed by the show at 8pm. If your fine dining at 8:30pm, then you’ll watch the show first before dinner. Hope this helps.

Rachel November 20, 2017 at 6:43 PM

Hi Emily,
After reading your blog, our family decided to book the Dec cruise and luckily managed to book the Owner’s suite on Mariner of the sea! Hope it don’t disappoint us as I am afraid of the big crowd ha ha!! Am too lazy to read up of the rules despite we will be boarding in 2 weeks time.
Hope we will get good customer service given that it’s not really cheap 😉
Thank you for sharing and I like your blog very much !!!

Emily November 20, 2017 at 10:01 PM

Dear Rachel,
Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. 🙂 Wow, a suite on Mariner of the Seas! I’m sure you’ll enjoyed it. Truth be told, we really enjoy cruising a lot. My crazy husband has been looking up Ovation of the Seas now. We might do a fly-cruise next year.

Sharon November 25, 2017 at 10:25 PM

Hi, so interesting and fruitful to read your post. Understand We need to checkin the big luggage but Are we able to checkout ourselves with big luggage? Booked The deluxe ocean view balcony and was told it comes with 2twin beds (unless request to join as one) but yours was a queen bed and is that a sofa or sofa bed at the side? We will be staying at deck 7. Thank you

Emily November 26, 2017 at 10:08 AM

Hi Sharon,
The one on the side is just a sofa, not sofa bed. I’m not sure if there’s any twin beds, sorry abt that. Perhaps, you can call them to be sure. Actually, when I booked my package with Price Breaker, I can select my cabin # during booking. If you know your cabin #, you can call RC to check on the bed. For check-out, they can opt to carry everything your own, including big luggage. If you need them to carry, you’ll need to leave them outside your cabin on the designated time/date before departure. Enjoy your vacation! We miss RC so much and have been planning to board Ovation next year. 🙂


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