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Wall Enhancement with Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series is a special line of semi-transparent Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint that can be applied onto any wall, glazed over any existing wall colour. It’s available in Cloud and Frost effects with 5 different variants – Cloud Gold, Cloud Pearl, Snow Frost, Pearl Frost and Gold Frost.

Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesPhoto Credit: Nippon Paint

Edison’s room was originally painted with Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 in Latte 1114. So, Jen from Prestige Painting proposed Nippon Momento Enhancer Series that can transform our walls without changing its existing colour.

The advantage of it is that it can easily transform a plain coloured wall into a totally new look without involving a high cost. In addition, it’s durable and maintenance-free. Unlike wallpaper, it can even be applied on surfaces which are uneven, avoiding problems such as bubbling and peeling that wallpaper shows up over time.

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

We’ve selected the wall above the bedhead as the feature wall to be painted with Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint (Enhancer Series) in Cloud Pearl – Pure Moon CP 175, and the effect that we want is soft and criss-cross.

As mentioned above, Enhancer Series is available in two effects. Cloud gives a cloudy glazes of golden shine or pearlescent sheen, while Frost gives a unique texture of snow, pearl or gold.

Personally, I like Cloud for bedroom because it gives a wonderfully calming effect. Just imagine being drifted away in the fluffiness of clouds – it’s the kind of dreamy effect that we want for Edison’s room. Lovely, isn’t it? =)

First of all, a layer of Momento Primer was applied on the wall. When it dries out, Nippon Momento Enhancer Series was applied in a criss-cross application using a special brush. Again, we witnessed how Jen applied the special effects paint skillfully and totally focused. We were so impressed that she did it in less than half an hour!


The effect of the paint is so subtle that even if we were to paint all the four walls with it, it will not look too overwhelming. That’s what I really like about Nippon Momento Enhancer Series. As light as cloud, as cosy as home.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesBefore
Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesAfter

We’re SO in love with the new wall! The cove lighting on the bedhead further enhances the pearlescent sheen on it. It’s beautiful, and interesting, and I’m happy to make the right choice for Edison’s room.

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesIn the day
Close-up1At night

In addition to beautiful walls, Nippon Momento Enhancer Series creates a healthier indoor environment. The low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint is also free from lead, mercury, chrome and heavy metals. It is recommended for interior walls, ceilings, cement-based plaster, gypsum-based plaster, brickwork, hard and soft boards, and cement fibreboards.

If you’re looking for a quick way to accessorize and enhance your walls without spending a huge sum, I highly recommend Nippon Momento Enhancer Series special effects paint.

You can also read my previous post on how I created a feature wall in my master bedroom using Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint.


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Jay April 11, 2017 at 9:09 PM

Hi I have went through all your posts for renovation, and it helped me a lot.

Would you mind sharing the quotation for this painting ? i love the painting.

Emily April 12, 2017 at 10:17 PM

Hi Jay,
For the range of Momento that I’ve chosen, the price is $8/sqft. It costs $400+ for my son’s room and $700+ for my master bedroom. Momento is a good choice, I’m glad you like it too.


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