Absolute Slimming Review: How I Lost 4.2kg in 25 Days (No Weight Rebound)

This is my personal weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming. In just 25 days, I lost 4.2kg plus 4.5cm off my waist! This shockingly easy treatment doesn’t involve hunger, slimming pills or crazy exercising at all. So, this post titled Absolute Slimming Review tells you all the details (and some secrets, pssst!) of this amazing weight loss treatment.

Absolute Slimming Review

Sitting at my work desk, I often felt like my pants were about to burst. I was so scared to step on the bathroom scale because the number keeps going up. To be honest, I’ve tried my fair share of weight loss techniques but none of them worked. I was SO frustrated as I could no longer fit into my usual “M” size clothing. #cry

I also realised something. I’ve been eating the same kind of food as I always have. I’ve been exercising about the same amount of time as I always do. So, if all these things are the same, why does the scale keep going up? Sadly, this is no joke and I need to put a stop to it.

When my weight gets more stubborn with age…

Then, a painful realisation hit me that even though nothing (diet/routine) has changed, but I’m older than before. As we age, the following changes occur to our body:

❗ Our blood circulation weakens, which prevents the removal of toxins that encourage fat deposits

❗ Our metabolism slows down, which prevents our body from effectively burn fat deposits

As a result, our fat becomes hardened as layers upon layers of them are deposited over time (eeek! sounds so scary!).

Is there a way to fight back and win?

So, I was out desperately searching for solutions. I figured I’d need a sustainable weight loss program that tackles the root cause of the issue – slowing metabolism. After rounds of searching, I was SO delighted to have found Absolute Slimming.

Absolute Slimming Review

I trawled the Internet for reviews on Absolute Slimming and I’ve to say that I was a little impressed by the fact that their reviews were nothing short of stellar. The real-life results on their Facebook Page is a proven track record. Happily therefore, I’m confident that Absolute Slimming can help me achieve a sustainable weight loss healthily.

Now, wait a minute! Don’t leave just yet! This is NOT an advertorial, but my own (genuine) personal experience. If you’re keen to learn more about my weight loss journey, please read on.

This is going to be my longest post ever on Absolute Slimming review. For ease of navigation, I broke it into several sections in easy FAQ format so you can easily jump to the one that interests you. Let’s go!  😉

(Warning, long post ahead, so go make some coffee first!)

Absolute Slimming Review & Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Absolute Slimming? And how is the treatment carried out?

Absolute Slimming has been around for 15 years (yes, it’s that LONG!). Irene Chye, the founder, started out exploring the practice of cupping (a traditional technique for general wellness) as an interest. In 2002, she created CSH therapy®, a 3-step formula that uses a Chinese approach to weight loss.

Absolute Slimming Review
Me and Irene, founder of Absolute Slimming. She’s a very nice, soft-spoken and amazing person!

CSH therapy® is a Singapore homegrown and all-natural slimming solution that consists of cupping, scraping and heat treatment therapy. It aims to restore the body’s natural metabolic functions to achieve fast, natural and sustainable weight loss results with 99% success rate!

Cupping: Promotes full-body weight loss by stimulating acupoints that improve our body’s metabolic processes. Restores balance to our stomach and spleen functions, which helps in the suppression of appetite.

Scraping: Promotes full-body toning by flushing out toxins that encourage the storage of fat. The removal of toxins also restores metabolic processes in specific areas of our body, which helps in the shaping and firming of problem areas.

Heat Treatment: Promotes target-area toning by using direct heat to soften the fat in targeted problem areas such as the upper arms, outer thighs, inner thighs and rear. This enables breakdown and removal of stubborn fat.

Each treatment takes about an hour. It’s recommended that you go for treatment twice a week for 4 consecutive weeks for BEST results (total 8 treatments).

I heard that cupping leaves ugly marks and scraping is awfully painful. How do you feel after the treatment?

I’m not going to lie – cupping will leave marks about the size of 50-cent coins on your body. Sometimes, I even got guasha marks from scraping. But I’m least bothered about them because they came-off in about a week. Some lighter marks came off immediately the next day.

Now, pain tolerance is rather subjective. I’d say that scraping can be painful on your first treatment especially on sensitive areas like inner thighs. I twitched like a fish out of water and gritted my teeth throughout my first scraping, but luckily, it lasted for just 5 mins. No pain no gain hor!

Nonetheless not to worry, you can always ask the therapist to reduce the strength if it’s too painful for you. Eventually, your body will get used to it (this I assure you!). By my fourth session, I was actually enjoying it. Towards the end, I didn’t feel pain at all but rather firm stroking motions.

After every treatment, I felt that my muscles are instantly relaxed and I slept very well at night. So, in short, DON’T worry about the pain – it’s tolerable and it’ll go away!  😀

I heard that there’s a strict meal plan to follow. What do you eat?

Truth be told, I was initially quite worried about the diet plan that most slimming centres will impose. I cringed at the thought of dieting, I know for sure I’d fail.

At Absolute Slimming, the meal plan is essentially low on refined carbs (e.g. no rice, noodles, white bread, etc) and processed foods and high on lean meats, vegetables and fruits. I was also advised to eat small portions of healthy fruit snacks in-between meals whenever I’m hungry. Apples and kiwis are good choices as they’re easy to tote along and do not need refrigeration.

The key is to eat right and eat well during the weight loss program at Absolute Slimming. By doing so, I can lose weight in a healthy way. This is one of the most important lessons I learnt from them.

Absolute Slimming Review
Prior to this, I was not a salad person. Now, I’m TOTALLY into it! Yummy!

To be very very honest, I didn’t follow the meal plan so strictly. Reason – I’m working and eat out most of the times. So, it’s not always easy to find food according to my meal plan. When I eat out, I’ll just order the healthiest non-carb dish on the menu.

It took me 3 sessions to truly understand what I can/cannot eat. So, don’t panic if you’re unsure. The friendly therapists will advise you throughout your program. What I like most is that they do not restrict me, but instead, they offer healthier alternatives that suit my lifestyle and preference.

I was privileged to have a consultation session with their food consultant (psst! this is a new up-and-coming service for VIP customers only). Hehe, I was lucky to be the first few to have a preview. I learnt so many useful eating and lifestyle tips from her. After that, I realized that my biggest mistake was consuming 3-in-1 coffee twice a day (as high as 160 calories/cup!). OH NO, I was sabotaging my diet without knowing it!  😥

From there on, I learnt to keep it black. Black coffee with sugar has only 50 calories, thus I’m cutting 220 calories per day from just a simple change. After 3 sessions, I started to feel its effectiveness in suppressing my appetite. Even though I was eating lesser, I didn’t feel hungry all the times. Sometimes, I only ate an apple for dinner LOL.

How’s your overall results? Beside weight loss, what else do you feel after the treatments?

Now, I’m sure you can’t wait to see my before-and-after pictures. Without further ado, this is my most convincing picture! Can you see that my flabby tummy is gone for good?  😀

Absolute Slimming Review
Before-and-after (Side View)

I lost 4.2kg in 25 days. On top of that, my waistline and tummy were reduced by 4.5cm – which is pretty significant when I wear my work pants. I can even slip into an “S” size top! I was completely over the moon.  😆

Absolute Slimming Review
Before-and-after (Back View): The 4.5kg weight-loss is pretty obvious here LOL.

During the treatment, I also noticed that my skin was clearer and my face was visibly slimmer. Scraping helps to flush out toxins, thus promotes clearer complexion. So ladies, the little bit of pain is totally worth it. Hehe!

Here are the numbers that I’ve lost after 7 sessions:

Absolute Slimming Review

What I love about Absolute Slimming

At Absolute Slimming, slimming and wellness are made simple and affordable, yet healthy and sustainable. I love the fact that they’re an advocate for healthy eating, and they continuously encourage their clients to make healthier lifestyle changes.

All their therapists are very caring and friendly, and they certainly make my visits very pleasant and comfortable. I can guarantee you that they are NOT pushy at all. There is none of those hard-selling awkward sales pitch that’s so common in most facial/slimming centers.

The post-treatment care rendered by them is fantastic. After each session, they will serve warm water (a small gesture goes a long way!) and make sure that I adapt well with the treatments. They’ll follow-up with my next appointment and send me reminder the day before.

Absolute Slimming Review

Additionally, I’m also very impressed with the mobile app that they recently launched. MyScale, by Absolute Slimming, allows me to keep track of my measurements, appointments and customized meal plan easily on my mobile phone.

Lastly, they have two outlets at Holland Village and Bugis that are just a stone’s throw from the MRT.  🙂

Do I get a weight rebound after I stop my treatment?

I was assured that I will not experience weight rebound. Reason: CSH therapy® increases my metabolism to the point where it can burn fat more efficiently. Therefore, even if I do gain weight after a weekend of binging, my weight will drop back much easier and faster after that.

So, I decided to put my worry aside and test it out myself. For four consecutive weekends after stopping my treatments, I went for buffets. Edison, my little buffet-lover, hadn’t had any buffet during my 4-weeks treatment. Naturally, we went for as much buffets as our tummies could afford.

Additionally, I also had 3 McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burgers in a week (too yummy I couldn’t resist!) before I realized that it’s worth 550 calories. Yikes! I immediately gained ~2kg after all the feastings. A few days later, I measured my weight again to check for weight gain.

Eh! Nothing!  😯

My weight dropped back to 54kg (even though I didn’t deliberately eat lesser after that). This certainly took me by surprise, WHAT MAGIC IS THIS? The results proved the effectiveness of the treatment. My weight is much easier to maintain now. Yayyy!

Nonetheless, other scenarios such as pregnancy or consumption of certain medications may cause rebound in weight after the treatment. If we constantly overeat or eat at irregular hours over a prolonged period, it may have a negative effect on our body. Therefore, a maintenance treatment is recommended.

Let’s face it! One facial will not keep your face glowing forever. Maintenance is the key, and the same goes for weight loss. Eat right and keep sinful food at bay are my mottos now. With Absolute Slimming as my health partner, I swear I’d not feature another weight loss program on this blog.  😆

How much does it costs?

Well, I’m not going to reveal the cost of my treatment because it might give you a wrong impression on the cost. Reason: treatments at Absolute Slimming are customised based on individual needs, lifestyle and conditions. You may not need the same amount of treatments that I did.

However, I must share that their treatments are affordable. As compared to what I’ve paid for fat-freezing and other weight-loss program previously, they cost MUCH lower.

Tips for Success!

Even though the overall treatment takes only 4 weeks (assuming you go twice a week), it takes a bit of discipline to follow your recommended meal plan. Therefore, if you have any travel plan or major event that might disrupt your meal plan, please don’t start your treatment during that period.

My tips for success is begin with an end in mind. I set a target for myself to achieve. I purposely bought a dress one size smaller and I told myself that I must be able to fit at the end of my treatment.

And guess what??? I can really fit in! Muahaha! *happily dancing away*

Lastly, tell yourself that you can take control of your weight and prevent your waistline from spreading. You can fix your metabolism that functions at snail pace. Have faith, enjoy the treatment and you’ll be on your way to success in no time!  😀

Thanks for reading my LONG Absolute Slimming review post!

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Absolute Slimming Review
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Sumi August 3, 2017 at 7:13 AM


I am glad that you can achieve your ideal weight effortlessly. I have a problem with maintaining my weights even though I watch what I eat (try too!) and exercise 3 times a week. It is an uphill battle.

May I know which branch ( I notice that there are 2) so you go to?

Thank you.

Emily August 3, 2017 at 9:03 AM

Hi Sumi,
I usually go to their Bugis outlet, but sometimes I also go to the Holland V outlet – depending if there’s slot on the time that I requested. I’m glad I made the decision to try this during the June school holiday. Once school starts again, the crazy schedule begins and it’s difficult for me to go for treatment. Otherwise, I may do another cycle. Ideally, if I can lose 4kg more to 50kg, that would be perfect. Anyway, I’m still following their diet plan and exercise twice a week, hoping that I can still lose some more. 🙂

Annie September 8, 2017 at 4:26 PM

Hi Emily.. came across your review while googling about Absolute Slimming. Is there any particular therapist that is good that you would recommend?

Emily September 9, 2017 at 8:34 AM

Hi Annie,
All their therapists are nice, I didn’t particularly request for anyone. I’ve also been to both outlets at Bugis and Holland V.

Cher February 1, 2018 at 9:58 AM

Hi Emily,

Have your weight maintained since your treatment in June ?

Emily February 2, 2018 at 12:16 PM

Hi Cher,
You asked at the right time, haha! I just went for my medical check-up yesterday and checked my weight. It was 54.3kg. I was puzzled because the last time I weighed myself (after 10 days of non-stop eating in Thailand in Dec), it was 56kg! I gained almost 2kg after my Thailand trip and surprisingly, one month after, my body seemed to have shed off the excess 2kg. I didn’t even exercise or dieting (I swear!). 🙂

The effect of the treatment is totally amazing! It’s been 8-9 months since I completed my treatment and my weight is still well-maintained at ~54kg.


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