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The Top KOMTAR Penang – Largest Indoor Theme Park in Penang

During the June school holiday, we went for a short trip to Penang. The Top KOMTAR Penang is the latest attraction that we’ve visited in Penang. You may have heard of KOMTAR Tower – Penang’s tallest skyscraper! Established decades ago, this building has been revitalised in 2015 and turned into tourism.

Rainbow Skywalk, the highest glass skywalk in Malaysia, was launched in 2016. In 2018, The Gravityz, a 90m long rope course outside the 65th floor (dubbed as the world’s highest rope course) was opened to the public. All the attractions in the building are collectively known as The Top KOMTAR Penang.

In this post, I’m going to breakdown some of the 💯 fun things to do at The Top KOMTAR Penang. 😃

Top 10 Attractions at The Top KOMTAR Penang

1. Window of the Top

This is the top thing to do at The Top KOMTAR. Hahah! You can discover the whole of Penang with a bird’s eye view at the Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck. It’s a thrilling experience to walk on air without windows and enjoy stunning views of George Town and beyond at its highest point here.

The Top KOMTAR Penang
My brother, sister-in-law, me and our kids at Rainbow Skywalk

Rainbow Skywalk is located on the 68th floor. The glass walkway is capacity-controlled, and you need to remove your footwear (wearing only shoe covers) when you walk in. There are also various displays near the glass walkway such as double rainbows that arch into a pot of gold, a horseshoe chair and a unique hanging musical orchestra that are great for photo-taking.

The Top KOMTAR Penang
Observatory Deck at Level 65

Can you spot the GravityZ instructor behind us (on the outside!)? 🤣

If you want to dine with such great views, Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro offers delicious tapas food and cocktails. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the views at the air-conditioned Observatory Deck at Level 65. There is also a mini glass walkway that allows you watch the world from below.

2. The GravityZ Outdoor Rope Course

This is strictly for the dare-devils! Dubbed as the highest Rope Course Challenge in the world, GravityZ is located on the 65th floor. It’s 239m above the ground, completely OPEN AIR – my feet turned jelly by just looking at it! 😲

GravityZ Outdoor Rope Course
GravityZ Outdoor Rope Course

There are six obstacles that you need to go through, each one is more challenging than the previous one. Once you start, there’s no going back! LOL. To catch a glimpse of how it feels like, check out this video.

3. Jurassic Research Center

YES, this is my favourite part of The TOP at KOMTAR. I’m sure you’ve watched Jurassic Park. Ever wondered how dinosaurs look like? Now, you can step into the Jurassic period where dinosaurs roam the Earth. At Jurassic Research Center, you can time-travel to millions of years ago and uncover the mysteries of the planet’s prehistoric past.

Jurassic Research Center
Jurassic Research Center

It’s truly an educational journey for both children and adults where they can experience and interact with life-sized dinosaurs along with informative exhibits and displays. Tell me where else you can see dinosaurs come ‘alive’? 😃

The Top KOMTAR Penang

The TOP Komtar Penang

The TOP Komtar Penang

Jurassic Research Center is located on the 5th floor. Just when you exit Jurassic Research Center, you’ll see an indoor playground called Dino Gym. This dinosaur-inspired playground is pretty fun with hanging bridges, swing sets, rock walls, trampolines, etc. Additional admission fee applies to this playground.

4. Tech Dome Penang

This is a major family attraction! I’m sure all of you will like the Tech Dome – it houses over 120 interactive scientific and technology exhibits spread across 40,000 sq ft of floor space. Yes, it’s HUGE!

You can find galleries on Information Technology, Life Tech, Robotics, Optics, Electro-Magnetism, Forces and Motion, as well as Children’s Exploration Zone, Penang Transformation Story and an astronomy observatory that provides an immersive and experiential presentation on the marvels of science and technology.

5. 7D Discovery Motion Theater

Before I stepped into this theater, its name puzzled me. What is 7D? I googled and this is what I’ve found:

  • 4D 👉 3D movies + seats movement
  • 5D 👉 3D movies + seats movement + various special effects (snow, wind, rain, bubble, etc)
  • 7D 👉 7D is an interactive cinema, you can use the toy gun to shoot the target.

Are you clear now? Well, I am. 😀

7D Discovery Motion Theater is a special theater with a dome-shaped screen that allows it to project IMAX-type virtual reality movies. Additionally, the theater seats can move, vibrate and release air and sprays to stimulate an actual experience.

Similar to watching a 3D movie, we must wear 3D glasses. The images felt like popping out of the screen as we watched the movie called Pirate Adventure. However, there wasn’t any toy gun to shoot. So, it felt like just another 5D show to me.

6. Ocean Explorer

It’s not often we get to experience marine life and have a close encounter with deep sea creatures. Thus, Ocean Explorer is certainly not to be missed. It brings the ocean to you with high-resolution surrounding projectors that create an almost-reality show of the underwater realm.

We queued for almost half an hour before we entered the submarine lookalike Ocean Explorer. Each round took about 10 mins and the capacity is limited – that explains the long queue. Nonetheless, I was glad that we waited (‘cause we almost gave up!). Ocean Explorer is definitely one of the best attractions here, plus it’s very educational too.

7. Magic Mirror Maze

For a quick thrill, go for an Alice-In-The-Wonderland adventure in Magic Mirror Maze. It reflects, magnifies and distorts. It plays tricks on your mind too LOL. Once we ventured into this thrilling mirror maze, we had so much fun and laughed our way out. Escaping from here was a bit tricky with deceiving dead ends and endless circles, after all it’s a maze! No prize for finding the way out, but definitely a sense of satisfaction.

8. Jelly Bump

Who doesn’t like bumper car? Get ready to relive your childhood at Jelly Bump. It’s the only place where you can drive like mad and bump onto anyone with getting hurt or caught. Hahah! 😆

9. Durian The King of Fruits
The TOP Komtar Penang
Edison with cousin Jaerone

Everything you need to know about durians – you can find it here. Being a durian lover, this place is very unique as it showcases the history of durian plantations to its growing process. There are also plenty of fun and interesting activities to try – all durian-related of course! There are also various fun photo opportunities here.

The Top KOMTAR Penang

The Top KOMTAR Penang

10. Penang State Gallery
The Top KOMTAR Penang

Edison with his cousins

Penang has a long and colourful heritage. Since its humble beginnings as the first British Straits Settlement in the late 18th century, George Town has undergone a tremendous transformation. The Penang State Gallery is a one-stop centre for visitors to learn everything about Penang as well as purchasing special souvenirs unique to the state.

The Top Komtar Penang

The Top Komtar Penang
Model of Penang Bridge
The Top Komtar Penang
Model of a traditional shophouse

My Verdict

All in all, we spent about 7 hours at The Top KOMTAR Penang. We didn’t get to visit Boutique Aquarium, Zombie Outbreak, Augmented Reality Virtual, Formula One & TOP Capsule as they are not included in The Top Fun Pass.

The Top Fun Pass (multiple entries) are priced at RM93 for adults, and RM55 for children and senior citizens. For MyKad holders (Malaysian citizens), you enjoy discounted rates of RM74 for adults, and RM45 for children and senior citizens. Do note that not all attractions are included in The Top Fun Pass.

If you’re only interested in visiting The Top Rainbow Skywalk, you can also purchase a single-entry ticket priced at RM64 for adults and RM45 for children and senior citizens. I think this is ridiculously expensive because the Rainbow Skywalk area is not big, and we spent less than an hour there.

Overall, The Top KOMTAR Penang is a fun and family-friendly place to visit in Penang. If you have a day to spare, I’d definitely recommend it. 😀 Some people might think that it’s touristy and too commercialised, but I felt that it’s worthwhile because there are so many activities and attractions here. We had 7 hours of fun here – on average RM13 per hour (~S$4.30 per hour). Is this expensive? Definitely NO!

There are also many food options at The Top KOMTAR Penang. So while you’re here, grab the chance to savour some of the Penang local favourites such as Char Koay Teow and Laksa. The best times to visit the Rainbow Skywalk, in my opinion, are morning and late afternoon when the sunlight is not so strong. The night view is very beautiful too.

You can purchase discounted The Top Fun Pass that includes Window of the Top and Avenue of Adventures Combo at KLOOK at S$24.55 (approx. RM74). That’s ~RM19 savings for adult’s ticket. Need a car? Check out Penang Private Car Charter on KLOOK too!

Have you been to The Top KOMTAR Penang? Tell me if you like it too! 😃


The Top KOMTAR Penang
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