Personal Struggles

Navigating Through This Crisis Called COVID-19


Hello Readers! I trust that you and your family are safe and healthy. Just a short post today to share with you what I’ve been doing thus far. I lost track of how many days since the Circuit Breaker started and I don’t even bother to count how many days left before it ends. I believe we will get over this situation together and be back stronger than ever.

Work from Home

When I reflect on the past 10 weeks working from home, it sometimes feels like I have been at this for months and other times it feels like I just started. My company started split team arrangement since mid Feb where I worked from home on alternate weeks. When the new COVID-19 cases rose to 49 on 2 Apr 2020, my company declared full work from home policy.

To be honest, I enjoyed working from home initially but after some time, I began to miss my lunch kakis, random chit-chat at office pantry, dressing-up for work and even taking the MRT! I’m sure many of you are missing the office life too.

I only realised how big my desk space and monitor are in office when I started working from home. So, I decided to fix things up. I cleared most of the things I don’t need off my desk. I bought a 22” monitor so that I don’t need to squint my eyes at the small laptop screen. I also bought a Canon printer to print my reports for easy reference. As it turned out, the printer was a big savior when Edison started full HBL and Zoom tuition.

My work desk before the printer came

Working in a tech company means there is no lack of tools for telecommuting. We have Zoom, Slack, Jabber and various communication methods. Collaboration spirit remains strong during this challenging period, which I’m always thankful for. All our documentation is stored on Shared Drives (there’s no need to lug mountains of papers back home from office). All forms and approvals can be done electronically too. That’s the beauty of technology, isn’t it?

What else can I do?

If there’s something that we want to do but we don’t have time for, NOW is the perfect time to give that “something” an extra thought. Circuit Breaker gives us plenty of time on our hands. Why not start something that we like?

I’ve always wanted to learn Excel VBA but I don’t have time. I resumed my Excel VBA course on Udemy (the one I gave up on my first attempt last year) and now, I’m proud to say that I’m almost halfway through the course. Seeing how my fingers could type the codes without using the macro recorder makes me super excited!

When can I travel again?

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 96% of the world’s destinations are currently impacted by travel restrictions and other lockdown measures. The world has really come to a standstill and I was saddened by those in the travel industry who are out of jobs. It is hard to predict the ultimate impact of this pandemic on the global economy even though governments around the world are working to minimize it.

Now that we are locked at home, travel seems like so long ago. I miss travelling A LOT. I cancelled my trip to Bangkok during the March school holiday, my home trip to Malaysia to celebrate my Dad’s birthday in April and a 3D2N staycation during this May Day long weekend. Many of you (including myself) must be wondering when we can get back to the same level of freedom when transiting and entering international borders like we did just four months ago? Only time can tell. I hope this crisis will be over soon.

Be Grateful

My company always strive to keep their employees safe and connected, as well as helping them to deal with this crisis. Truth be told, I was SO touched to receive face masks and sanitizers from my corporate office. I will always remember how my company took care of me when times were tough.

I’m also incredibly proud of the leadership that Singapore Government has shown in the face of this unprecedented crisis. They rolled-out a series of initiatives to help us weather this storm. I’m particularly thankful for the online channels that send important COVID-19 messages in a timely manner to the public, as well as the distribution of masks to all Singapore residents.

I will be taking a blog break now and I’m unlikely to be active on social medias too. In the meantime, be sure to take time out for your mental and physical health. Find a way to get some fresh air and exercise every day. I look forward to the day where I can blog about my holiday on this space again. Thank You and Stay Healthy!


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