It’s Back to Bangkok Again!

Bangkok is indeed a perfect holiday destination for us, Singaporeans. First of all, there are affordable flights on major carriers to the city, and even cheaper flights on low-cost carriers. Secondly, it’s not an expensive city. I can book a night at a 5-star hotel for less than $300 (including breakfast for 3). Thirdly, it’s an interesting city with great food, friendly locals and lots of family-friendly activities. 😀

That being said, we’ll be heading to Bangkok this month. When I told my friends about it, their first reaction was “Again? I thought you just went late last year?” Haha! 😆  Yes, it’s back to Bangkok again! This time, we’ll cover the places that we missed in our 10-days Bangkok Chiang Mai trip last year.

So, what’s in the plan for our 6-days Bangkok trip this time?



V suggested to stay at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit again. We love everything about this hotel, including the perfect service and location, but I’d prefer to stay in another hotel for a different experience.

Forest Adventure Tree Top Course: Great Family Bonding Exercise

Forest Adventure is a treetop obstacle course located at Bedok Reservoir Park. It is also Singapore’s first and only treetop obstacle course. Suitable for kids as young as five years old, it’s a wonderful activity for the little ones to experience the outdoor as well as for families to exercise together.

I was quite surprised to know that Forest Adventure has been opened since 2007. I only heard about them recently. If I had a parenting label, I would likely be sporting the “unadventurous mom” badge LOL. 😆 Well, you probably know that I’m not a sporty person too. Anyway, if you haven’t been to Forest Adventure, it’s time to check them out. Forest Adventure was recently revamped with a new obstacle course on their 10th anniversary and is now bigger and better than before.

Truth be told, when the invitation from Forest Adventure landed in my mailbox, I considered for a long time before accepting it. I’ve never done anything like this in my entire life, and I think I’m scared of heights too. Now that I’ve experienced it, I can honestly tell you that it’s very FUN! It’s certainly NOT as scary as I thought it would be. Hence, I’m going to recommend this place to you today. 😀


Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure is located at Bedok Reservoir Park. The nearest carpark is carpark A on Bedok Reservoir Road. From there, there is about 10mins walk to Forest Adventure (follow the signage).

Rope Courses

There are three rope courses here. The Kids Course and the Junior Course cater to kids and tweens, while the Grand Course is designed to challenge teenagers and adults. The conditions of participation and course map are as follow:

Forest Adventure

As there is a limit to the number of participants on each course at any time, I would advise you to make a booking prior to your visit (no prepayment required). When you arrive at Forest Adventure, check-in at the main counter to make your payment and get your wrist tags.

Planning For Our First Winter Snow Vacation

Wow, first of all, my apology for disappearing for close to a month after my last post. I have been SO busy with works and Edison’s mid-year exam. Finally, his exam is over and I realised one month has passed so quickly. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but nope, it’s not exactly true. It still flies regardless of the fun factor…  😆

Well, as revealed in the post title, we’re in the midst of planning for our first snow vacation. It isn’t exactly my first winter vacation, but it’s my first SNOW winter vacation. Truth be told, I’m not very fond of extreme cold weather due to my sensitive nose. Hence, I always prefer to travel in spring or summer.

V worked in the US for 4 years before we got married, snow is nothing exciting to him. The idea came from Edison. “Mama, mama, I want to see snow! What does it look like?” And I replied, “Snow is very white and it’s fluffier than your bed.” Then, he went on and on persuading me to go on a snow vacation.

Haha, it is funny how he lamented that he hasn’t seen real snow in his entire life (when he’s only 10 years old!). Truth is, I haven’t seen real snow even though I’m already 40! So, we decided to go for a snow vacation in December this year. But where to? We had two ideas in mind – Seoul and Hokkaido. 😀

First Winter Snow VacationPhoto by Yeo Khee on Unsplash

I’ve always wanted to visit the beautiful Hokkaido, but I was intimidated by the complex Japan’s rail system. Hence, V suggested to take a package tour to make our lives easier. Honestly, that’s the last thing on my mind. As much as possible, I want to travel on free and easy. On the other hand, Seoul is a lot easier as we’ve been there two years ago. And now with Trazy, we don’t have to worry at all! 😀

The decision process swings back and forth between these two places. And finally, we picked

Brandt Induction Hob Completes My Kitchen with Style and Safety

Induction hob is rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore as the technology becomes more and more affordable. When I moved in to Bartley two years ago, I’ve thought of replacing the gas hob with induction hob. However, V felt that it was a waste to throw away the new gas hobs – which is true since we can’t sell them anyway. So, we decided to use the gas hobs for another 1 to 2 years before we change them.

Fast forward to two years later, I’ve finally replaced my old gas hobs with induction hobs. Yay! 😀 Brandt induction hob makes me fall in love with my kitchen all over again. I can’t help but grin from ear to ear whenever I step into my kitchen (sorry yeah, I just can’t contain my excitement LOL). See the before and after:

Brandt Induction Hob

Brandt Induction Hob

If you’re thinking of making the switch too, here’s what you’ll want to know:

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore: An Amazing Staycation You Won’t Resist

Last weekend, we checked-in to Hotel Jen Tanglin for a staycation. It is located within the quieter end of Orchard, along Cuscaden Road (very near Botanic Gardens). Formerly known as Traders Hotel, it has undergone an extensive $SGD45 million makeover in 2015, and now reflects a modern functional design concept to meet the needs of today’s modern travellers.

When the first Hotel Jen in the world opened in Singapore Orchardgateway in 2014, I was SO impressed by the quality of its rooms as well as its affordable prices. If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel along Orchard Road that is extremely convenient with a beautiful swimming pool, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is definitely a great choice. Check out my previous review of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway’s Club Deluxe Room.

Hotel Jen is a new brand of fresh, friendly and fuss-free mid-range hotels by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd. Some of you may be aware that there are two Hotel Jens in Singapore. Now, let’s check-out the second Hotel Jen – that’s Hotel Jen Tanglin. This 4-star hotel offers amazing staycation packages starting from just S$176++ per night! Find out more. 😀


Hotel Jen Tanglin

We stayed in a Superior Room that is cosy and chic, complete with everything we need for a relaxing stay. After the extensive transformation, the room looks like brand new (nothing like the previous room at all). Totally amazing! 😆

Featuring a warm, playful and earthly interior, the Superior Room is 25 sqm in size and it comes with a super comfortable king-size (or twin) bed, a smart en-suite bathroom (no bathtub though), a mini fridge, as well as panoramic view of the surroundings.

Hotel Jen Tanglin

I particularly like the tawny-leather headboards with brass lamps, and textured accent wallpaper with motifs such as fish or bicycles. At the opposite end, there’s a white faux-brick feature wall with a sleek TV mounted on it.