“So, how’s motherhood?”

This is the question from an old friend of mine whom I recently added into my Facebook. My short answer to her is “Great!” Honestly, I’m still enjoying motherhood amid all the stress and challenges. Now, when I think over it again… The first six months with Little Edison is the most exhausting, confusing and stressful part of my life. The first 3 months (I’m still on maternity leave) was…

Photographic Memory Home Practice

Sometime in Nov last year, I talked about home practice on photographic memory. Do you still remember? I managed to find some good pictures and made them into flash cards. I promised that I will share with you, so please click HERE to download the file.

Edison – 16 months

Little Edison is now 16 months old! He has grown to be a real chatterbox. He babbles a lot recently, although he is still unable to speak proper words consistently. He’s a good sleeper. He sleeps 10 hours through the night and 2-3 hours in the day. He is taking 600ml of formula milk and two solids a day. He loves oatmeal, bread, banana and orange juice. He dislikes porridge,…

Welcome to My New Blog!

Well, this is it! I’ve finally made the jump to Wordpress and this is my own self-hosted blog. The new home of Prince Edison’s blog is here at ourlittlesmarties.com. Please update any bookmarks and feeds that you may have. Thanks!