Graduating K2 and P1 Orientation


This must be the most beautiful picture of Little Edison that I’ve ever seen.

I can’t believe how time flies. Last Friday was his last day in his kindergarten. When I walked to his K2 classroom with him, I looked a little gloomy. It hit me hard that I would never be able to do that again. When he goes to Primary 1 next year, I can only drop him off at the foyer as parents are not allowed to go into the school – even on the very first day.

That’s what I called the ‘growing pains’. Most of the times, growing up is a happy affair. But at times like this, I feel like my son is growing up too fast, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that moment yet. I’m sure some of you, parents, have been through this stage before, and you’ll know how I feel now.

Frankly, I felt quite stressed out after attending the Primary 1 Orientation Day at Edison’s Primary School last week. I tried to conceal my feelings so as not to affect him. I don’t think he’s ready for primary school challenges yet, but it’s all happening in about a month’s time.

He has to be ready, and I have to be ready too – no matter what.


On the Orientation day, we arrived half an hour earlier to purchase the school uniforms. They were supposed to be on sale during the Admin Day last month, but due to shipment delay, we can only purchase it during the Orientation Day.

After getting the uniforms, we walked to his P1 classroom. Most of the time, he was clinging to me like a little baby. I knew that he was overwhelmed with the school. It is very much bigger than his kindergarten. He saw a lot of older boys walking and running around.

We left him with his form teacher in his classroom to attend the Orientation briefing at the Auditorium. The children were given some activities to do in the classroom, and there were four teachers around. They seemed to be comfortably adjusted to the new environment as I didn’t see anyone wailing in tears.

Little Edison started to participate in the activities, but we didn’t see him making any attempts to talk to the other children. He usually takes some time to ‘season’, so we left him for the Orientation briefing.

The briefing took about an hour; it was really informative and useful for parents preparing their kids for Primary 1. I will share this in a separate post.

After the briefing, we picked up Edison from his classroom and had a short talk with his form teacher. She seems to be a very nice teacher, and hopefully under her guidance, Little Edison can progress into his Primary 1 smoothly.

We brought him for a school tour to show him some of the important areas of the school, i.e. his classroom, auditorium, canteen, toilet, public phone, pick-up and drop-off area. We also trained him how to make an emergency call from the public phone if he needs to contact us urgently.

Lastly, we brought him to the canteen to check out the food and its prices. On a rough estimate, each meal costs around $2 and we were amazed by the variety of food in his canteen. Chinese food, Western food, Indian food, bread, sandwiches, pau, snacks and variety of fruit juices. It’s even better than my office canteen!

At the point, our boy got really excited with the canteen. So, we trained him how to order his food, count money and make payment independently. We gave him two $1 coins, and he came back with a pack of snacks (junk food) and a bottle of fruit juice.

So next year, I’ll expect him to spend money on junk food and fruit juices, rather than a proper meal. I think I better pack his lunch box for him, and give him some pocket money if he wants to buy something else to eat.

When we left the school, the boy finally smiled and said “I can’t wait to buy my own food. Will you give me enough money to go to school?” I think the only thing that motivates him to go to Primary 1 is the canteen and buying his own food now.

More works to be done this school holiday to further prep him for Primary 1. And we look forward to a good start to his formal education very soon.

Have you attended your kids’ Primary 1 Orientation Day last week? I love to hear from you too!


K2 Year-End Graduation Concert

If you have a preschool child, there is one special event that you’ll surely look forward every year –that’s the year end graduation concert! If you have a K2 child, that year will be extra special because you can witness your little graduate walking up the stage in his or her graduation gown with mortar-board on.

After waiting for four years, I can finally see my little boy walking up the stage with full confidence to receive his graduation certificate. At that instance, I was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was happy and excited to see that he has completed his last year of preschool. On the other, I was filled with uncertainty and apprehension of what his formal education would be in the next coming years.

His graduation concert was held at the Sanctuary of his church kindergarten last Friday. Little Edison has been learning and practising for his dance since a month ago. Before the concert, he also taught me how to sing his concert theme song which is “My Life is in You, Lord”.

The song goes like this: “My Life is in You, Lord. My Hope is in You, Lord. My Strength is in You, Lord. In You. It’s in You.” A very nice song indeed.

During his first performance when he was in pre-nursery, he was a little lost and had stage-fright. On the second year, his performance has improved. By the third year, he really enjoyed performances and looking forward to his concert. I really treasure these opportunities for him to perform on-stage and gradually build-up his self confidence.

Luckily, we brought along our Olympus m4/3 camera with zoom lens. We were seated on the sixth row from the stage. Without the zoom lens, we won’t be able to capture these pictures.

So, here’s sharing some of the pictures that we took on his graduation concert.

Theme of the concert is My Life is in You, Lord.
Walking up the stage, yay!




Friends Forever!
Performance time!




Two handsome boys posing for picture

I shall end this post with a short message for my boy.

Dear Edison,

Congratulations on completing your last year of preschool! You made me proud, not because you’re the best student in class, but for the skills and talents that you’ve developed from a young age in this kindergarten.

You cried when you were sad and alone. You laughed at something that was funny, and you frowned at something that was not. You learned to be independent when I was not with you. You made friends, and you’re always so sociable and loving towards people around you.

I will always support you in all ways through your schooling days. I wish you every success in finding your own happiness and excel in your education in the coming years.





A Letter to My Son

Dear Son,


When you were newborn, you drank your milk, burped and cried
When you were sleepy, you yawned with your gummy mouth opened wide


When you were one, you drank your juice from your own sippy cup
And you were strong enough to pull yourself up


When you were two, you tried to eat all by yourself with a spoon
You messed up the food and made us clean the entire afternoon


When you were three, you ran everywhere and played with your first ball
At night, you refused to sleep and quietly skipped down the hall


When you were four, you like to draw frogs and coloured them green
Every morning, you woke up and brushed your teeth until they sparked white clean


When you were five, you read a story book all by yourself
You don’t need a step stool to reach for your book shelf


When you were six, you refused to step into the ladies toilet with me
And you said you’re a big boy just like Daddy

Dear Son, you’re a happy, smart and funny boy
You’re going to primary school next year, but you’re still my little BABY BOY!


Edison at Six

I seldom write about Edison’s milestones these days because it’s not easy to capture the essence of his development now. It’s more mental and emotional rather than physical. As always, updates about a little big boy are not as much fun as those of a little baby boy.

But let’s face it – growing up is FUN. So, I need write a post about him today. At this age, this is how he is:

Edison 2

  1. He loves to talk, and he does the talking for both V and I all the times. Sometimes, we call him the ‘Rediffusion’ because he talks non-stop and there is no button to OFF. He’s funny when I’m in the mood to listen, but he irritates me when I really need some peace.
  2. He’s still gorgeously affectionate and very lavish with his hugs, cuddles and kisses. He likes nothing better than cuddling up to me as soon as he wakes up in the morning.
  3. He used to be a picky eater when he was much younger, but his eating behaviour has improved tremendously as he grows. His favourite food now is fish and chips, and sushi. He dislikes eating at hawker centres.
  4. He loves golf (not the real golf, I mean). He plays with his toy golf set every evening, and he can never get sick of it. If his passion still persists when he goes into his primary school, we will consider sending him for the real golf lessons.
  5. He loves the water, and though he can’t swim yet, he enjoys splashing about in the pool and shooting everyone with his water gun.
  6. He still enjoys mazes a lot. He likes board games and word games too.
  7. He is still a slow reader, but he has made good progress ever since he started his Phonics class. He can read a story book by himself, but he still needs some assistance from me.
  8. He is pretty independent and is happy to do things on his own. Play with his toys, do his water paintings, watch TV, run around the house, ride on his bike etc.
  9. He is quite short for his age, I think. He’s about 108cm in height and 20kg in weight. He looks more boyish now, and the only thing that hasn’t change much is the intensity of the look in his eyes, and the way he furrows his brows when he is concentrating or thinking.


Parent-Teacher Meeting – May 2013

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Before the Jun holiday began, I attended the parent-teacher meeting at Little Edison’s school. I can’t believe how quickly two terms have come and gone. He has completed half a year in K2, and that is to say, he will be entering Primary One in six months’ time.

Argh! Primary One. The term itself never fails to send jitters to me.

As usual, I attended the parent-teacher meeting with average expectations. I know that Little Edison is not doing very well in Chinese, and he’s also resistant to speak the language at school. I’m also under the impression that other kids are doing fairly well based on their works that were displayed in their class room.

This year, the hardest thing that we encountered is Chinese spelling. We struggled a lot in the first term, getting him to learn his Chinese spelling. The Chinese spelling is conducted every Friday. So from Monday till Thursday, we have to practice daily and this sometimes leads to his meltdown when he still couldn’t remember the words.

I keep encouraging him that he should try his best to learn Chinese spelling, even though I’m not expecting him to get perfect scores all the time. Much to my surprise, he got full marks for all the ten spelling tests in Term 2.

His teacher, Mrs. Lee, informed me that he’s doing reasonably well in English and Maths, and she has no complaints about his behaviour in class. However, the main observation that she has on him is that he likes to ‘day-dream’ in his class.

I admit it, this is not the first time I heard about such comment about him. He has rather short attention span, which is why his teacher always asked him to sit at the front (near the white board) when they are in a group setting.

For the past three years, the teachers presented his progress reports to me in hardcopies. The reports contain pictures, sample worksheets, development checklists and evaluation reports. This year, the school has developed an online system for the teachers to upload the materials so that the parents can view them on the web.

I must say that I’m very impressed with the system. It takes a huge amount of efforts to upload the materials onto the online system to share with the parents. I’m also very thankful for the guidance and care that the teachers have given to him. The kindergarten is well run, and it has a very positive and friendly learning environment.

I’ve decided to give him a reward for his good behaviour at school and his hard works. He asked for a trampoline, and I had to say YES. So, my task this weekend is to search for a trampoline for him.