What About Preschool?

I’m still grappling with the decision of whether to send Little Edison to preschool next year or wait. Is he ready for preschool? Is he confident and independent enough?

Product Review: BabyTV DVD

Often times when parents think of educational TV programs for children, they will name off Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Barney etc. These programs teach our children music, maths, counting skills, letter and word recognition, social skills and most importantly – they teach positive values.

First Anniversary in The Shichida Method

A few readers e-mailed me and asked me for comments on The Shichida Method. I apologize for not responding to you earlier as I’ve planned to post it in my blog to share with everyone. After evaluating this program for a year, I do have a lot of comments to share.

Sesame Street

Many children’s first experience in learning the alphabets, shapes and numbers came from watching Sesame Street. Sesame Street first came on air in 1969 and since then, it has entertained and taught millions of children around the world.

Books for Toddlers

My wonderful, creative and active 21-month-old son absolutely adores books. Every night when we reach home, he will quickly walk into my room to take his books. We will sit together – he flips the pages while I read to him. This makes me extremely happy. It’s a good bonding time for us.

Starting Preschool

I’ve been wondering if I should send Edison to a preschool next year. After many rounds of discussions with my husband, considering the benefits and importance of preschool, we have decided to enroll him for March 2010 intake.

Childcare or Kindergarten

In order to clear my doubts on preschool education, I get myself a copy of Preschool Guide (Vol. 6 2008/2009) published by Young Parents. In this guide, there is a comprehensive listing of kindergartens and childcare centers in Singapore. Some of the useful topics featured in this guide include ways to determine whether our kids are ready for preschool, the search for a kindy/childcare and the critical life skills that…

Preschool Education

Being a first-time mother is always nerve wrecking, especially when it comes to new things that we are not aware of.
Recently, there are so much talks in the forum about picking a kindergarten, nursery or childcare for their children. This makes me nervous again. I can’t even tell what the differences between kindergarten, nursery or childcare are.