Reward Yourself with a Unique Mother’s Day Gift This Year!

Parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Hands down. There is no instruction manual to turn to, no foolproof way to any task, and no one-size-fits-all solution to any challenge.

Talk about the mundane daily tasks, parenting has a million tedious aspects to it that are seemingly never-ending. You can never really grasp the entirety of this fact, even at just the basic physical level, until you’ve been at it for a while. That’s how tiring it is.

On the other hand, there’s an immense responsibility to it. You only get ONE chance to be the parent of your child’s childhood. Not that you’ve to do everything perfectly, but you really wouldn’t want to screw it up. The safety and health on all aspects of our children – physically, emotionally, spiritually – falls on your shoulders. That’s how heavy it is.

Next comes the never-ending worry. Trust me, whether your child is one year old or ten years old, you’ll always worry for them. I have no idea what “overprotective” means until I became a mother. Even though I’m not much of a worrier by nature, but parenting has awakened fears I never knew I had.

Lastly, being a parent comes with more responsibilities and stress than any occupation, but there’s no monetary compensation of any kind. The irony of it is that the more time you spend on parenting, the less money you make. The more money you spend on parenting, the less money you save. Haha!

But above all, LOVE is the reward you get. LOVE makes all the heart-swelling, earth-shattering, near-madness, and time-consuming challenges of parenting worthwhile. And LOVE is the greatest thing a parent can give and receive from their children.

This year, Mother’s Day falls on 14 May 2017. So, mums, let’s take a moment to reward ourselves for all our hard works. Every year, I buy something for myself on Mother’s Day. And I’ll continue to do so until when Edison makes enough money to buy me a Mother’s Day present. =)

Without further ado, here are my Mother’s Day gift picks that I’m sure every mum will appreciate. So, get one for yourselves or for your lovely mummies. Show your appreciation for these deserving ladies in our lives.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. LLOYD THE GIFT Cherry Blossoms Collection 14K Gold Necklace & Ear Rings

Mother's Day Gift

This is the gift that I bought for myself through Airfrov this year. LLOYD THE GIFT is one of the top jewellery brands in South Korea, and now with Airfrov, I can safely shop for overseas products all around the world.

2. Tanzanite Solitaire Ring in Solid 14K Gold

Mother's Day Gift

What about a gorgeous solitaire ring without breaking the bank? Tantalizing Tanzanite is a limited edition collection from JL Heart Online featuring pretty Tanzanite gems in different hues. You can customize your Tanzanite solitaire rings with solid 14K white, yellow or rose gold. Worn alone or as stacking rings, they are perfect as your Mother’s Day gift.

I do not like to spend a fortune for an expensive piece of jewellery just for the luxurious feeling or for showing off.  My jewellery collection is unique and meaningful, usually hand-made. That’s the reason why I love JL Heart Online – quality, original, handmade jewellery at affordable prices. Read my review HERE.

Thank You, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – Singapore’s Founding Father

Remembering LKY

23 March 2015 will always be a day to remember as Singaporeans lost their first leader. Singapore’s founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, passed away peacefully at Singapore General Hospital at the age of 91.

At 7am that morning, I tuned-in to Class 95 and I could sense that something has happened. I was still in a state of denial, hoping that it wasn’t true. Fear crept up on me as I flicked my Facebook to find out the truth. My heart was crushed with sorrow. The time has come, finally.

As I drove to work, my eyes were filled with tears. Throughout the day, I was fighting back tears in my office whenever I read something about him. At night as soon as Edison went to bed, I watched the running tributes on TV. My tears rolled down and I wept silently.

I’m never a fan of history or politics. But that night, my heart swelled with gratitude when I finally understood the extent of hardships he faced, and the depth of sacrifice he made for this country – until today.

I never thought I would cry. And I never thought I would feel this sad. Everyone has to die someday, and he has lived a well-deserved, meaningful, and extraordinary life. That’s what I originally thought. But today, I felt an emptiness I’ve never felt before.

I love seeing him at the National Day Parade. The way he waved to the crowd with his spirited smile can never be forgotten. Even though he grew old, it’s always nice to see his appearance at events and meetings with leaders all over the world. He is undeniably one of the most inspiring and well-respected global leaders.

To us, he’s our greatest transformational leader who has dedicated his entire life to build this country from a tiny little island with no natural resources into a thriving economic success today.

Last night for the first time, Edison looked at the newspaper. It was the special edition on Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. He looked at his picture and said, “Mama, I know him. He is Lee Kuan Yew. He died yesterday.” His school made the announcement during the morning assembly; they sang the national anthem and lowered the flag.

“He’s Singapore’s first Prime Minister. He made this beautiful country for us to call home. Look around you. You’ve everything that you need to grow up – education, healthcare, safety, peace, food, water, electricity, recreation, public transport, etc. There is nothing you need that you can’t find in Singapore.” I told him.

“He’s a very clever and great man,” he replied, looking visibly sad that we lose a great leader who has given his entire life to get us to where we’re today.

For the past two days, I read so much about him that I felt impelled to write a tribute to him. Even though I wasn’t born in this country, I’ve spent almost half of my life here. I’m truly grateful for everything that he has done for Singapore.

I can only repeat the same word, over and over again. Thank you for everything!


Dear Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

THANK YOU for giving us a beautiful and clean country to call home,

THANK YOU for your selfless dedication to this country,

THANK YOU for giving us safety and security which is a scarcity in the world,

THANK YOU for giving us food and clean water which is in shortage in some parts of the world,

THANK YOU for your visionary leadership that transform Singapore into a stable and economically thriving society today, and

THANK YOU for teaching me how to love and cherish my loved ones.

It’s very painful to accept that you have to go. It’s even more painful to say goodbye to you. May your generous soul rest in peace. May all of us find comfort in knowing that you’re finally pain-free, re-uniting with your beloved wife, and watching over us from heaven.

You’ll always be in our hearts.

We will be taking a moment of silence as a mark of respect till 29 March 2015.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy CNY

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year 2014.

May good luck and fortune always be with you in the Year of Horse. Huat ah!

May the Gentlemen always be handsome and the Ladies always be pretty!

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Merry Christmas!

Seasons Greetings

May this Christmas marks the beginning of a wonderful year for all of us. Have a joyous Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Thank you for your support and readership!

 P/S: I’m taking a blog break this week. See you again next week.


Christmas Craft: Have Fun Gift-Wrapping with Kids

It’s my favourite season of the year again – Christmas! Although we don’t get fluffy white snow here in Singapore, there is always a special atmosphere in the air that is full of love and giving whenever Christmas is around the corner.

That’s what I love most about Christmas!

In addition, we can get a chance to

… do many late-nights shopping,

… enjoy the beautiful light-up along Orchard Road,

… decorate the Christmas tree,

… spend time with family and friends,

… splurge on expensive gifts for our loved ones, and even ourselves!

Speaking of gifts, I like to wrap my own Christmas gifts to give them a unique personal touch. Of course, all the shops provide gift-wrapping services these days, but this is something personal that I like to do it on my own.

Getting the kids to help out in gift-wrapping raises their excitement level as Christmas approaches. From using commercial Christmas wrapping papers to making our own creative wrappers, getting the kids’ involvement also turns a mundane task into a family craft project.

We all know that kids love to get involved. To be a part of something important, and to contribute. And I think Christmas is the perfect time for us to get our kids involved in gift-wrapping and making personalized Christmas gift tags.

Even if their artworks may not look as appealing as those commercialized gift-wrappers, I think it’s alright because they at least had fun decorating and creating something together as a family. Nothing beats a present wrapped with love, little fingermarks and lots of laughter! I’m sure you’ll agree too.

Here are FIVE fun gift-wrapping ideas for you to get creative this Christmas – with your kids, of course!

Xmas Gift

You will need:

Newspapers, children’s artworks, scotch tapes, baker’s twine, Christmas gift tags, scissors, recyclable boxes or containers, paper bags, masking tapes, washi tapes, paints, stickers.

1. The kid’s artwork makes a perfect gift wrap

The kids will surely enjoy seeing their artworks on the packages they give to others, thus making them a perfect option for gift wraps.

So, start collecting some previous artworks from your child now. You can use the original or photocopy the artwork so you can re-use it. Wrap small gifts in the photocopied artwork with your child, it will surely add a personal touch to the gift itself!

2. Decorate our own paper bags

Paper bags double as a wrapping idea for homemade treats and smaller gifts. Instead of using plain-coloured paper bags, let our kids decorate the outsides of the bags with stickers, glitters, paints, paper cut-outs, felt or even jingle bells.

After the gift is placed inside the paper bag, fold over the top of the bag and punch a hole through the folded area. Thread a baker’s twine through the hole and neatly tie it to hold the bag closed. You can also decorate it with masking tapes. They add a beautiful finishing touch to the gift bags.

3. Make our own custom gift boxes

An old cereal box or other recyclable containers give us an option to make our own personalized Christmas gift boxes. We can either paint them, or wrap them in artworks or decorative papers. Tie a baker’s twine around the box as a final touch to the Christmas wrapping idea.

4. Recycle the newspapers

I can’t tell you how much I love the baker’s twine and newspaper look! It’s both vintage and modern, plus recycling is my priority. Even kids could do this! Print our own Christmas gift tags and tie them up using a baker’s twine for a beautiful finishing.

5. Make our own Christmas gift tags

Designing our own Christmas gift tags is certainly not an easy task to do. Thanks to the kind people at Fancy Girl Design Studio and Free Pretty Things, you can now download these beautiful Christmas gift tags for free.

Simply print them with a colour printer and add your own personal Christmas greetings, and voila, you’re good to go!

After all the crafting activities, please wash our hands with Lifebuoy antibacterial hand wash. Keeping our hands clean is our first weapon in fighting the spread of germs and therefore keeping ourselves illness free. Lifebuoy antibacterial hand wash protects the health of those we care for, all day long.

I hope these simple Christmas craft ideas add fun to your gift-wrapping this year by getting your kids involved. Hopefully, your packages stand out in the crowd too!

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