Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Wishing all of you a Happy Mid–Autumn Festival and a harvest of happiness in this autumn! A good friend of mine WhatsApp this cute video to me, and I’d like to share it with you.  

All About Family Bonding

In a world of hustle and bustle where everyone is running short of time for almost everything, there are limited family bonding sessions which involve all the family members. Personally, I’m a strong supporter of such bonding sessions.

Appreciating Dads on Father’s Day

There was a time where the role of a father was mainly in the financial aspect. He was the breadwinner of the family. When he was able to bring home the bacon, his job was considered done and he was respected in his community. However, today’s fatherhood has evolved so much more than just paying the bills. It means the other half of a couple equally responsible for raising children.…

Our First Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

Thanks to The Beautiful Moment Photography, our family was recently invited to an outdoor photo shoot. I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I am; because we’ve never been to an outdoor photo shoot with a professional photographer before.

Our New Home

You might have seen this advertisement on the newspaper recently. It has been published for at least three times since last week. My father-in-law commented that this boy looks like our dear Edison. I chuckled and said, “Well, yes, that’s him!” Coincidentally, our boy carries the same blue water bottle to school. Haha! But this advertisement is not the reason why we booked an apartment unit at Bartley Residences. Our…

Childhood: Now and Then

When I was young, I grew up surrounded by siblings, cousins and a large group of neighbor friends. We had a wonderful time growing up together and we were all raised to make our own fun. We didn’t have any of the electronics handheld devices of today and even the TV program was very limited. We rode bicycles along the dirty road in front of our houses. We played dressed-up…

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Dear Readers and Friends, Happy Mid–Autumn Festival! May your day be filled with lots of yummy mooncakes, colourful lanterns and happy family reunions! Love from Emily & Family  

Father and Son

There is always a special bond between a father and son. Maybe it’s because the son will carry on his father’s surname or because a father can share his hobbies with his son. Whatever the reason, the bond is there. It’s a very beautiful thing, I always tell V. However, if the father-son relationship is not nourished, it will gradually weaken and eventually disappear, especially during those teenage years. I…