Happy Father’s Day 2011

Do you realize that the expectations for being a good dad are completely different now as compared to generations ago? Traditionally, Dads were not expected to emotionally connect with their children, being a good dad simply meant being a breadwinner or a provider for the family. TODAY, it’s about being a breadwinner and a caretaker. Modern dads build a strong, healthy and close relationship with their children. They are a…

Relationship with In-Laws: How Do You Fare?

This is probably my first post on family dynamics. In general, I think we have it very good. My parents-in-law are staying in Serangoon and it’s about 15 minutes drive from our home in Sengkang. We meet each other almost every day. We have outings at least once a month. My parents-in-law are incredibly helpful and supportive to us. They adore and take care of Little Edison unconditionally. For that,…

Mother’s Day 2011

We all know that treating our mothers to something beautiful on Mother’s Day is essential. They need to know that they’re loved and appreciated, and just a Mother’s Day card alone is not enough. Mothers do everything for their families. From cooking, cleaning, educating and childcare to inculcating good values to her children, mothers do whatever it takes to impart warmth and comfort to their loved ones. Mothers become nurses…

Father’s Day Dinner

We had a simple Father’s Day celebration – a buffet dinner at Pearl River Palace Cantonese Restaurant with my parents-in-law and brother-in-law, Kenneth.

Being a Dad

To all the daddies out there – Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy this special day with your loved ones this weekend.

The Daddy

As Father’s Day is approaching, it’s high time to pay special tribute to the countless contributions of our dear husbands.