Mother’s Day Gift

A handmade gift from a child is always the most appreciated Mother’s Day gift. I received my first ever Mother’s Day gift this week – it’s a paper flower made by my three-year-old son, Edison.

Home Trip in May

In this picture, it’s my dad with his three precious grandchildren – Jaerone, Jaynie and Edison. I edited this picture with Picasa using the Focal B&W effect.

Father & Son

There is a similarity between them – both of them love going to the games arcade! Their eyes will beam with joy the moment they see a car racing game.

My Dad with a Handful of Kids

This is my dad – enjoying the precious moments with his three grandchildren – Jaerone (18 months), Jaynie (3 y/o) and Edison (20 months).

It was a nice family gathering. We had so much fun and lots of good food. It’s nice to see my niece Jaynie and nephew Jaerone again. My little boy was so excited to see them too!

I Miss My Hometown

For some unknown reasons, I miss my hometown Ipoh a lot these days. I miss my papa and mama. I miss my brother and sister. I miss the food, the weather, the streets, the green sceneries, the people, my house and everything little things in Ipoh.


I like my mother-in-law.

Yes, you read that right! I like my mother-in-law. Is she perfect? Nope, but I’m not perfect either.

When others are complaining about their annoying and interfering mother-in-law, I find myself enjoying the relationship with my mother-in-law.

My Rolex Lady Datejust

Recently, I received the most beautiful watch in my life from my husband. When I opened the Rolex box, the dazzle of the diamonds took my breath away. What a timepiece!
I LOVE IT. It is just so beautiful. I’m so excited!

Happy Ox Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my readers! Let’s moo forward to a bullish year ahead! CNY is a time for reunion when families gather; neighbours, relatives and friends pop up at our doors to celebrate the arrival of spring. Everything is new, red and rowdy. Reunion dinner plays a big part on the dining table on the CNY eve. Family members gather for this most important dinner of the…