Living Without A Helper – Pros and Cons

It’s official now that we’re NOT going to hire a domestic helper. Some of you might be aware that our Indon helper left four months ago. After her departure, we tried to look for a replacement but we failed to find a suitable candidate. The Husband and I tried very hard to keep the house from falling apart. I’m very appreciative to my parents-in-law who help us tremendously in taking…

Maidless Week 3

Our helper has gone for three weeks now. V wasn’t satisfied with her performance so we transferred her back to our maid agency. I start to get used to waking up without a cup of piping hot coffee, breakfast won’t be ready for me and my bed won’t be made up either. But it’s okay. V and I are trying very hard to keep the house from falling apart. Okay,…

Conversation with My Neighbour

At the playground yesterday morning, I met my neighbour who is staying on the tenth floor. She is a very nice lady. Her daughter and Little Edison are playmates.


“If you have a domestic helper, you’ll have headache. But if you don’t have a domestic helper, you’ll end up with handache and backache.” That’s how I look at it.

Be a Responsible Employer

I was saddened by the news of yet another maid abuse case in Malaysia few days ago. In the recent case, a couple abused their Indonesian maid with a hot iron and scalding water.

Four Months Later

Our new helper has been with us for four months now. Little Edison has finally accepted her. Read more >>>

Managing the Helper

As promised, I’m going to share with you some important rules in managing our helper (foreign domestic worker) based on my two years of experience. If you intend to hire one, please take some time to read this post.

About Our Helper

Our new helper, Pin, has been with us for two months now. So far, she has been very hardworking (although I find her a bit slow). Daddy V commented that she is not careful enough when she is doing her work.