Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

Me, mother of one, 40-year-old-ahjumma, who has never been to a concert before… has attended a Korean star’s fan meeting event! I don’t mind being the oldest fan there, just because… it’s Park Bo Gum fan meeting in Singapore. And it’s his first in Singapore!

Unbelievable, isn’t it? ^___^

I didn’t tell V that I bought a Cat A ticket that costs $228. Else, I’ll get a whole night of nagging (don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog). He simply couldn’t understand why his old wifey is still fangirling over Korean idols.

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

The tickets to the fan meeting event were sold out two months ago. On the first day of its sale, I had to fight an “online war” for half an hour to secure two Cat A tickets. The ticketing system crashed as fans thronged to the site to purchase their tickets. All 2,000 tickets were sold out within three hours of sale. Luckily, the organiser added another 1,500 seats and eventually, they were sold out too. Can you imagine his explosive popularity?

I Remember You (also known as Hello Monster) is the drama that transformed me into a Bogum fan. His portrayal of character “Min” – a psychopathic serial murderer with a complex personality – was especially outstanding. His split-second change of expression from smiling to creepy scary has forever inked in my mind.


Next comes Reply 1988. If you watched this drama, you’ll know it’s impossible not to fall for the adorable Choi Taek, a genius baduk player who is mostly quiet but struggles with the simplest of daily tasks (he’s super hilarious too!). He totally captured my heart with his innocence and naivety.

This innocent look makes me wanna watch Reply 1988 over and over again!

From there on, I was a die-hard Bogum fan. Do I even need to mention the massively popular K-drama Love in the Moonlight?

Now, back to Park Bo-Gum’s first ever fan meeting in Singapore!

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

The event started at 6:15pm. The enormous crowd welcomed Bogum with a very loud cheer. Unknowingly, I was transformed into one of the 3,500+ screaming fans! I love that the event was well organised into several chapters, making it more engaging and fun too.

The fan meeting opened with the first chapter – Happy Gallery – where Bogum showed his fans some pictures that have never been released before. One of them was taken the day before in front of Marina Bay Sands.

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

K-Drama Review: I Remember You (Also Known as Hello Monster)

I’m a huge fan of Korean dramas but I realized that I’ve never shared anything about it on my blog. Today, I’m writing my first K-drama review on one of the BEST dramas that I’ve watched this year. Hope that you’ll enjoy reading it too!

I’ll split my review into 3 sections – Introduction, The Story, and Final Verdict. The Introduction section is spoiler-free, and if you haven’t watch it, this section gives you a general “feel” of the drama and why I consider it a worthy-watch. The Story and Final Verdict sections contain spoilers. If you’re avoiding spoilers, you may skip these sections.


I don’t know what makes me watch this drama, so I started it without any high expectations. Along the way, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed watching it. Towards the end, I was completely obsessed! I guess it’s because of its genres, plot, teasers and the awesome casts.

This is the official poster of the drama. I’ve no other words to describe it other than sizzling HOT! Jang Nara (the female lead) wears a sexy spaghetti-strap dress as she grips the shirt of her leading man, Seo In-Guk, and in return he wraps his arm around her waist. I heard that Lee Jin Wook was supposed to take the male lead – however, I’m glad he didn’t. (He went to take The Time I Loved You instead.)

It’s not often to find a Sherlock-Holmesy crime-thriller in K-dramaland, so I Remember You is pretty unique (I’ll use short form IRY from now on). Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk) is a genius criminal profiler who is cold, exacting and charismatic. Cha Ji-An (Jang Nara) is an elite detective who has been secretly observing Lee Hyun for a long time. They worked together on solving cases and gradually developed a romantic relationship.

Picture Credit: cherrytomato_89

The drama starts with an interesting question – Is monster (referring to murderer) born or created? In every episode, there is a crime to solve. These crimes turned out to be bits and pieces of a puzzle to solve an even bigger crime involving a serial murderer who has disappeared for a long time.

I’ve to say that this drama keeps getting better after each episode, and that makes me look forward the next. Seo In-Guk did particularly well in his role, his mysterious character and slick look as a genius profiler made me glued to my screen the most. He certainly has the charms, and I’m also enjoying his chemistry with Jang Nara.

Despite its rather low ratings, this drama is truly a hidden gem. There are lots of tense moments that will have you dying to watch the next episode. In short, here are 5 reasons why you should watch IRY:

  1. The excellent story plot with mysteries everywhere
  2. It has a good pace that slowly reveals each and every character in the plot
  3. The amazing chemistry between Lee Hyun and Cha Ji-An
  4. Team Leader Kang and his special investigation team – team work and comedic moments!
  5. Lastly, the serial murderer whom you’ll find out at the end of the drama – so creepy yet intriguing!

Pink bullet

The Story

Some people might find the start of this drama a bit dull, but it captured my attention right from the start. The first two episodes are the crucial part that tells us the origin of the story – how Lee Hyun grew up, how he lost his father to the murderer, how his younger brother was mysteriously missing, and why his father thought he was a monster. At some point, I wondered if he really killed his own father, but luckily, he didn’t.

At the start, Lee Hyun and Cha Ji-An were constantly bickering at each other. They have something in common – their fathers were killed by the same murderer when they were young. This is the reason why Cha Ji-An has been stalking Lee Hyun for many years, but without his knowledge.

From Episode 5 onwards, our bickering duo became inevitably reliant on each other as they worked together to solve cases. It’s also their first sign of romance that made me squealed with delight. Ah, finally!

Gradually, they found solace in sharing the pain of losing their fathers at a very young age. And they became investigation partners in a rather awkward situation. This is one of my favourite parts in this drama – it’s so hilarious!


In Episode 8, our heroine was attacked by an anonymous stalker. Our hero was annoyed at his own concern for her, and eventually he brought her to his house for temporary stay. That’s how their cohabitation started.

At the middle of this drama, we also realized that Lee Hyun’s brother is still alive – although his identity was not known to Lee Hyun yet. That was a big part of the guessing games in the earlier episodes. From here, the drama was getting more tense and exciting.

Picture Credit: cherrytomato_89

I must say that I’m very impressed with Park Bo Gum’s acting as Lee Min (Hyun’s brother). He went from chilling to heartbreaking in a split second so effortlessly. The reunion between these two brothers is the most heartbreaking part. I never expect it to be so heart-wrenching; I had to brave myself with a packet of tissues to watch that episode.

When it comes to best cliffhangers, this drama has plenty. My favourite cliffhanger is when Ji-An gave Hyun an unexpected kiss for saving her life. The episode ended there when all the viewers are dying to know what his reaction would be, especially when they haven’t confessed their feelings towards each other yet.

The drama also revealed to us how the monster (murderer) was created. That scene certainly broke my heart, and turned my feelings from hate to pity and sympathy. Back to the first question in this drama, “Is monster born or created?” In this case, he was created.

Final Verdict

I would say this drama is mainly about crime and thriller, but it also has a good mix in romance and comedic moments between the casts. I’m honestly grateful to be able to watch a drama of such calibre and intensity.

Seo In-Guk certainly gained a new fan in me. This is his first drama that I’ve seen, and I was completely blown away by his superb acting, intensity, intelligence and sexiness. Yes, he’s hot and manly – especially when he’s dressed in a suit, his masculine magnetism instantly melts my heart.

Thanks to cherrytomato_89 for feeding me daily with Seo-In-Guk’s hotness!

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode of this drama. The only minus point is its ending that was done too haphazardly. It lacks that emotional punch to the gut that I was hoping for. Most of plots have a clear closure – but some were intentionally left open-ended. Thus, there are still some unanswered questions lying in my head.

All in all, it was a great drama and I truly recommend it. IRY is a well-thought drama with a meaty plot and multi-layered characters to a point that watching once is never enough. After writing this review, I’ve a sudden urge to re-watch it.

To all the K-drama fans out there, if you haven’t watch IRY, you should really check it out. 🙂

Blog Train: The Mummy “Me Time” We All Deserve

You’ve barely five hours of sleep, the house looks like you just had a party, laundry is piling up, the kid’s exam is coming, and the baby is screaming for attention.

Well, we have all been there and let’s admit it – it’s not pretty. Motherhood is crazy.

You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and under-appreciated. You want (perhaps craving for) “me time”. Time away from this crazy multi-tasking, time to recharge, time to be yourself, time to not feel like a mummy – for just a little while.

You have fantasies about reading a book in peace, wearing your favourite heels, having a drama marathon, or enjoying a nice, uninterrupted adult-only lunch. You’re not alone.

Modern parenting advice tells us that we should find our “me time” away from the kids. We’re also told that it is essential for us (to recharge and to relieve stress) and important for our kids too (to allow them to learn to be independent).

What I’ve learnt from my 8 years of motherhood journey, even if it’s just 20 minutes of “me time” every day, it can make an enormous difference in our life. It will make us a happier, healthier and better mum.

How do I spend my “me time”? You may ask. This is the main topic of this post. It’s also part of a blog train initiated by Danessa of Prayerfull Mum where a group of mummy bloggers share their thoughts on their “me time”.

1. Blogging is my favourite “me time”

Blogging Me TimeBoring as it may seem, but the time I spent on blogging is absolutely counted as my favourite “me time”. I enjoy recording my thoughts, my experiences, and my travel journal on this blog. It also encourages me to think deeper into certain aspects of my life. Most importantly – when I read back, I remember all the happy memories and beautiful things that I’ve experienced in life.

Through blogging, I also learn new skills from time to time – photography, photo-editing, graphics design and CSS, just to name a few. I just started to learn Adobe Photoshop on my own (something that I wanted to do long time ago). I hope to be able to make my photos look better, draw vector graphics and design my own website one day.

2. Watching K-drama is my most relaxing “me time”

K-drama me timeI’m a Korean drama addict for about ten years now. Once I started watching a K-drama, one episode leads to ten more and before I knew it, the sun has risen. My dark eye circles are so worth it when I finally finished a good drama with an equally good ending.

Yeah, I used to be crazy like that. Sometimes, V is quite annoyed with my obsession with K-drama. Due to my lack of discipline, I choose to watch live drama now (meaning: still airing in Korea) rather than completed drama. Only two episodes per week means I don’t need to marathon and sacrifice my sleep.

K-drama makes me feel young at heart, giggling like a fangirl in front of my computer and swooning over how sweet and handsome the male lead is. Here’s the screenshot of the two live K-dramas that I’m currently watching.

Do you notice the similarities? Yes – the plain white top. What is it about a hot guy in a plain white top that’s so darn attractive? Whatever it is, I LOVE IT! Do you?

3. Baking is my most enjoyable “me time”

Baking Me TimeI don’t bake very often, but when I really do, I’ve a great sense of satisfaction and fun. I love to bake and think of it as a fun part of “me time” away from work and family. Baking is also effective to relief stress as the baking process is soothing and truly enjoyable.

From creativity to measurement, textures of the ingredients, smell of the baking and the first yummy bite, my mind is completely enwrapped and enraptured when I bake. I’m also the sort of person who enjoy reading cookbooks just for fun. I find that very simple yet engaging and enjoyable for me. Any cookbook lovers here?

We should always make time for the enjoyable little things in our life. How do you spend your “me time”? I’d love to hear from you too. Leave your “me time” ideas in the comment section below. 

Blog TrainMummy’s “Me Time”

11736992_10152885003231415_1536250971_nNext up on this blog train is Susan (one of my favourite mummy blogger!). She is a full-time working mum who finds that there are never enough hours in a day. She finds herself juggling between family and work while being a nurturing mum, loving wife and a career woman. She blogs at and hopes to inspire other mothers to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Hop over to her blog to read her take on mummy “me time”!


37th Birthday – 3 Years ‘till 40!


Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and I’m glad to report that I’m still alive. (just joking!)

For some perfectly healthy people, being alive may just mean ‘merely existing’. But for those who are not, being alive has a greater and deeper meaning. It means ‘truly living’ by being able to enjoy life, love others, live with a purpose, and accomplish things.

Therefore, the simple joy of being alive, being able to move freely, and being able to live with my loved ones are my daily blessings that I should never take for granted.

37 is officially into the late thirties category – but I don’t feel that old yet. In my opinion, what we feel about ourselves doesn’t exclusively tie to that number. It’s all in our mind and soul.

I’ve gone through a wild and rocky childhood, a tough and challenging young adulthood, and I finally arrived into this happy world of motherhood in my 30’s. In short, I’m very grateful to be where I am today.

During my teens, I was obsessed about turning 21. I would think about my life in the twenties – my first job, my first boyfriend, my first paycheck, my first step into financial freedom, etc. Life in the 20’s was like a dream come true to me.

But when I entered my 20’s, the harsh reality of working life hit me. I was also under peer pressure. When my friends got married, I wondered when my turn is. When my friends bought their cars and houses, I wondered when my turn is. In short, I was never really satisfied with my life when I was in my 20’s – even though I enjoyed my first taste of freedom.

Being in my 30’s now, I find life totally amazing. I have a good job that pays well. I have an adorable son who takes up an incredible amount of time and energy from me. But yet, I find that I’m not spending enough time with him.

Few days ago, I told him that my birthday is coming. He secretly drew this birthday card for me (pictured above). It’s a very beautiful fruit basket with all my favourite fruits in it. I love this little boy more than anything and I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with him.

I have a very supportive husband who is always there for me. Sometimes his quirks are driving me crazy and I feel like tearing his hair out, but sometimes, he’s as sweet as a cherry pie. He’s my helping hand, he’s my shoulder to cry on, he’s my best friend, and he makes my life so complete.

On my own personal time, I enjoy learning new skills – photography and blogging. I love to write, and I’m happy to know readers like you who enjoy reading my blog. I blog because I enjoy expressing my thoughts here on this blog. Even if I have 1 reader or 1,000 readers, I still enjoy the blogging process.

1 Nov 2014 – I celebrated happiness with my loved ones. I’m blessed!

And I look forward to the future, to learning more from life, to appreciating simple things in life, and to have a positive attitude to life.

Thanks to everyone for your love!

Enjoy Quiet Times


I love quiet times – time away from work and everyone else. It’s getting increasingly rare now when I have to juggle work and family without a helper.

My quiet times happen once a week on Saturday morning after I send Edison to his weekly English enrichment class.

The class duration is 1.5 hours and I will wait for him at the cafeteria. The time is too short for me to drive back home, so I rather stay there and wait.

During this hour, I will slowly eat my breakfast alone and watch my favourite k-drama on my tablet. It’s really very enjoyable; I don’t know how to describe it. It’s one of the most precious “me alone” times that I really enjoy.

On a side note, do you know what k-drama that I’m watching? If you look at the tablet screen, you can get the clue, and the love candy that I put on this picture is a very important item in this drama too. I’m seriously hooked on this drama now.

Would you like to have at least an hour of quiet time every single day?