Product Review: Noddy Fun Book

Noddy Fun Book is a comprehensive brain development tool that emphasizes on logical thinking skills, develops hand-eye coordination, fosters observation and concentration skills as well as stimulates artistic senses.

Leapfrog Letter Factory

I’m always on the lookout for interesting educational CDs for Little Edison. I’m firmly against too much television viewing for young children, thus I’m very selective in buying these CDs.

Product Review: BabyTV DVD

Often times when parents think of educational TV programs for children, they will name off Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Barney etc. These programs teach our children music, maths, counting skills, letter and word recognition, social skills and most importantly – they teach positive values.

Photo Memory Basic Training Set

Spotted an interesting photographic memory basic training set in the Tensai shop, and I bought it instantly. Suitable for children from 2 years old and above, this training set contains 24 wooden cubes and one booklet of 100 pages.

Maclaren Quest Lightweight Stroller

I bought a Maclaren Quest stroller from a recent BP. It arrived within 3 days after I made the payment. So, we collected it last Friday. It comes with a free Maclaren Universal Organizer and a front bar. The organizer holds two cup and the front bar allows us to hang toys on the stroller.

Seikisho Mask White by Kose

It is called Mask White, but it is absolutely BLACK!
I’ve been using Kose Mask White for more than a year now. Being a mask junkie, I’ve tried all types of masks: peel-off, wash-off or mask sheets. But Kose Mask White is still my top choice. I’ll tell you why.