How long have you been blogging and why you love to blog?

I started blogging since 2007 with the intention of capturing my son’s precious childhood memories on my blog. Children grow up so fast and we, as a parent, have 10+ years to remember them as our children. Blogging remains my top choice in capturing these cherished moments.

I used to write on a Blogger blogspot, but I’ve migrated to my own self-hosted WordPress blog in Jan 2009. You can read my older entries from my Blogger blog.


You are a full-time working mother. How do you find time to blog regularly?

I’m indeed busy with my work, taking care of my son and managing the household. I usually get my inspirations to blog when everyone is asleep. When I’m in a relaxed mode at night, inspirations are pouring in, I start to write my blog entries and schedule them to the posted on my blog.


Work keeps you away from home during the day. How do you make up for the lost time?

Work and commitments take up a huge part of my day. I prioritize my work and I try to be home before dinner time everyday so that I can have dinner with my family. After dinner, I’ll spend time with my son – watch TV, read books, play games and pat him to sleep at night. That is my quality time with him.

During the weekends, we go for outdoor activities. It may be difficult to plan for long holidays as both of us are working, but we do have short trips to nearby destinations. This is the best way to spend time with my husband and son.


What is the biggest challenge that full-time working mothers are facing these days? How do you strive to overcome this?

Juggling work and family life remains the biggest challenge to me. We often hear about quality time, but I feel that quality and quantity are equally important. I learn to manage my time diligently and be there for my son whenever he needs me. Constantly give in my time and do my best in my journey to being a good mother!


Why do you choose to become a working mother?

I’m glad that I’ve chosen this path because I feel that I’m able to filter down the richness of my experiences and knowledge to him. And of course I’m financially independent and dependable – should anything happen to our ability to have a two income household due of unforeseen circumstances.


Can I use your photos?

I will most likely say yes provided there is a link back to Our Little Smarties, but please just e-mail me first. Thanks.


Lastly, please sum up motherhood in three words.

I would say – fulfilling, happiness and responsibilities.