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Educational resources for kids featuring free worksheets, activities, learning tips, and more!

1. 4 Great Tips for Composition Writing
When it comes to composition writing, many of us stumble and find ourselves in a complete blank state. We either struggle to come up with ideas or struggle to put them down in words. Even more so when it comes to teaching our children how to write. Here are some tips shared to us by Jan & Elly English Language School.

2. Solve Your Child’s Math Problems with KooBits ProblemSums
I’ll share with you FIVE different ways to solve your child’s math problems with KooBits ProblemSums, a Singapore math online learning system for primary school students.

3. Five Things You Need to Know about Private Tutors in Singapore
Benefits of hiring a private tutor, types of private tutors in Singapore and their rates, and tutor agencies to help you find the tutor of your choice.

4. Pleco Chinese Dictionary
If you’re a ‘banana mom’ like me who is struggling to teach your kids Chinese, go try out this app. It’s free and easy to use.

5. Free Printable Worksheets
There are some excellent free printable worksheet sites available on the internet, covering a variety of subjects including grammar, geography, math, spelling, handwriting, coloring, hand crafts, etc. These are some of my favourites.

6. Learning English Kids
It’s a website for children to learn English through games, songs, writing, stories, and other activities. Incredibly fun and educational!

7. I shared a lot of homemade flashcards on this blog, from picture flashcards to number flashcards, photographic memory and sentence structure. You can download them for free:

8. Children’s Learnings and Activities

9. Useful Parenting Tips

10. Starting Primary One


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