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We bought our second home at Bartley Residences in 2012, and collected our keys three years after that. Moving into a new condo is always a positive and uplifting life experience. Hence, we were so thrilled to document our home renovation process, along with product reviews and our recommendations.

Disclaimer: Our home renovation is not sponsored.  All opinions are entirely our own.

Renovation Journey of Our New Home

1. 9 Useful Singapore Websites for Home Renovation and Interior Design Ideas
Here are 9 local websites that we visited frequently for home renovation and interior design ideas.

2. Interior Designer Selection
Selecting an interior designer can be a daunting task. The more IDs you meet and discuss in person, the more you become ascertain of your project scope and requirement. With every new visit, you’ll surely learn something new that you’ve not thought about earlier.

3. Interior Design – Balcony & Dining Hall
These are the 3D drawings of our balcony and dining hall.

4. Interior Design – Foyer & Living Hall
These are the 3D drawings of our foyer and living hall.

5. Interior Design – Master, Common & Study Room
These are the 3D drawings of our 3 bedrooms.

6. Bartley Residences Key Collection
Yay! Here’s a toast to our key collection!

7. Defect Inspection Part 1 | Part II
And here’s the most back-breaking and frustrating part of a new home – defect inspection and rectification. We took 3 long months to clear 80% of the defects before we started our renovation.

8. Designing the Perfect Balcony I | Part II | Part III (Final)
Balconies are often left drab and under-utilized, but the right decor can turn them into a fabulous and functional outdoor living space. We want to have an after-work husband-and-wife chillax corner, a kid’s outdoor play area, and a small garden at our front balcony.

9. Furniture, Electrical and Kitchen Appliances
This is all about shopping.

10. TaoBao Shopping
Yes, TaoBao shopping! Almost all new homeowner did it. It’s very addictive, so you’ve been warned. =)

11. Electrical Works, Paint Colours and Laminate Selection
Before the start of our renovation, we finalized our electrical works, paint colours and laminate selection. Too many decision-making!

12. Renovation Part 1 – False Ceiling, Electrical and Painting

13. Renovation Part 2 – Carpentry and Lighting Installation

14. Renovation Part 3 – Carpentry Installation and Balcony Decking

15. Renovation Part 4 – Completion

16. Happy Breezy Days with Acorn Ceiling Fans
We selected Acorn ceiling fans and it was one of our best decisions ever. Reasonably-priced with outstanding quality, the design of the fan oozes style and class with every curve and contour that appeals to both the young and young at heart.

17. Steigen Automated Laundry System
It is a known fact that new homes today are shrinking in size. Thus, space saving gadgets like Steigen automated laundry system are now essentials to our lives. It solves all my laundry drying woes too.

18. WinUs Korean Combi Blinds and Unislat
Going for a “curtain-less” theme this time, we selected WinUs Korean Combi Blinds and Unislat. We simply love the simple and modern look, as well as easy maintenance.

19. 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films
Upgraded from “good to have” to “must have”, 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films keep our home cooler and more comfortable. It also protects my home interior from the damaging UV rays.

20. Home Tour
Last but not least, we welcome to you for a home tour.  🙂

21. Post-Renovation Review
A summary of things that we like that have worked well, as well as things that we dislike and have missed.

22. Brandt Induction Hob
I’ve finally replaced my old gas hobs with induction hobs. Brandt induction hob makes me fall in love with my kitchen all over again. LOVE its sleek and shiny glass frame that is so easy to clean!

23. Home Makeover with Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint
A year after we moved-in, we decided to give our home a mini make-over with Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint. We LOVE the beautiful feature walls and brick wall created using Nippon Momento and Travertino.

Create Our Brick Wall with Nippon Momento Travertino
Master Bedroom Feature Wall with Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint
Common Bedroom Feature Wall with Nippon Momento Enhancer Series