How do I even begin to describe what it’s like to travel to Japan? The Land of the Rising Sun is nothing short of good food, amazing cleanliness and awe-inspiring landscapes. Every moment of every day is filled with new discoveries, cultural differences and utter delights. I can’t describe it beyond that, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Travel Information

📞  Country Code: +81
⏱  Time Zone: GMT +9 hours (1 hour ahead of Singapore)
✈  Peak Travel Period: late March – early April (Cherry Blossom), August (Summer), December (Winter)
📅  Four Seasons: Yes
💰  Currency: Japanese Yen, JPY (¥)
🚝  Transport Card: Kitaca, Suica, Pasmo
🥛 Tap water: Safe to drink
🔌 AC Socket Type: Types A & B – 100V 50/60Hz


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