Maintaining my Weight after CSH Therapy® at Absolute Slimming

It’s a fact that many people who shed their pounds off have difficulty maintaining their weight. That scary truth – I knew it because I’ve been on various weight-loss programs for the past 5 years but I failed to maintain my weight until I joined Absolute Slimming this year.

Last month, I shared my weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming on THIS POST. In a short span of 25 days, I lost 4.2kg plus 4.5cm off my waist! The results were impressive and visible. Even V complimented that the rounder parts on my body have “shrunk”. And a friend whom I’ve not met for 2 years recently commented that I’ve slimmed down so much. I was completely over the moon LOL.

Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming

CSH therapy® developed by Absolute Slimming is a home-grown and all-natural slimming solution that consists of cupping, scraping and heat treatment therapy. It aims to restore the body’s natural metabolic functions to achieve fast, natural and sustainable weight loss results with 99% success rate!

With that said, the key advantage is being sustainable in the long term. You don’t need to worry about weight rebound (but pls be realistic – don’t try to eat fried chicken every day!). Once your metabolic functions are restored, your body can burn calories more efficiently and you can maintain your weight effortlessly.

Sounds too good to be true? Tsk, ladies, I got you! Let me share with you how my weight has been faring so far.

It’s been almost 3 months since I completed my 8 sessions of CSH therapy, and my weight is still the same. Here’s the proof – reading taken just yesterday (pardon my ugly feet).

Absolute Slimming Review: How I Lost 4.2kg in 25 Days (No Weight Rebound)

This is my personal weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming. In just 25 days, I lost 4.2kg plus 4.5cm off my waist! This shockingly easy treatment doesn’t involve hunger, slimming pills or crazy exercising at all. So, this post titled Absolute Slimming Review tells you all the details (and some secrets, pssst!) of this amazing weight loss treatment.

Absolute Slimming Review

Sitting at my work desk, I often felt like my pants were about to burst. I was so scared to step on the bathroom scale because the number keeps going up. To be honest, I’ve tried my fair share of weight loss techniques but none of them worked. I was SO frustrated as I could no longer fit into my usual “M” size clothing. #cry

I also realised something. I’ve been eating the same kind of food as I always have. I’ve been exercising about the same amount of time as I always do. So, if all these things are the same, why does the scale keep going up? Sadly, this is no joke and I need to put a stop to it.

When my weight gets more stubborn with age…

Then, a painful realisation hit me that even though nothing (diet/routine) has changed, but I’m older than before. As we age, the following changes occur to our body:

❗ Our blood circulation weakens, which prevents the removal of toxins that encourage fat deposits

❗ Our metabolism slows down, which prevents our body from effectively burn fat deposits

As a result, our fat becomes hardened as layers upon layers of them are deposited over time (eeek! sounds so scary!).

Is there a way to fight back and win?

So, I was out desperately searching for solutions. I figured I’d need a sustainable weight loss program that tackles the root cause of the issue – slowing metabolism. After rounds of searching, I was SO delighted to have found Absolute Slimming.