Christmas Craft: Have Fun Gift-Wrapping with Kids

It’s my favourite season of the year again – Christmas! Although we don’t get fluffy white snow here in Singapore, there is always a special atmosphere in the air that is full of love and giving whenever Christmas is around the corner.

That’s what I love most about Christmas!

In addition, we can get a chance to

… do many late-nights shopping,

… enjoy the beautiful light-up along Orchard Road,

… decorate the Christmas tree,

… spend time with family and friends,

… splurge on expensive gifts for our loved ones, and even ourselves!

Speaking of gifts, I like to wrap my own Christmas gifts to give them a unique personal touch. Of course, all the shops provide gift-wrapping services these days, but this is something personal that I like to do it on my own.

Getting the kids to help out in gift-wrapping raises their excitement level as Christmas approaches. From using commercial Christmas wrapping papers to making our own creative wrappers, getting the kids’ involvement also turns a mundane task into a family craft project.

We all know that kids love to get involved. To be a part of something important, and to contribute. And I think Christmas is the perfect time for us to get our kids involved in gift-wrapping and making personalized Christmas gift tags.

Even if their artworks may not look as appealing as those commercialized gift-wrappers, I think it’s alright because they at least had fun decorating and creating something together as a family. Nothing beats a present wrapped with love, little fingermarks and lots of laughter! I’m sure you’ll agree too.

Here are FIVE fun gift-wrapping ideas for you to get creative this Christmas – with your kids, of course!

Xmas Gift

You will need:

Newspapers, children’s artworks, scotch tapes, baker’s twine, Christmas gift tags, scissors, recyclable boxes or containers, paper bags, masking tapes, washi tapes, paints, stickers.

1. The kid’s artwork makes a perfect gift wrap

The kids will surely enjoy seeing their artworks on the packages they give to others, thus making them a perfect option for gift wraps.

So, start collecting some previous artworks from your child now. You can use the original or photocopy the artwork so you can re-use it. Wrap small gifts in the photocopied artwork with your child, it will surely add a personal touch to the gift itself!

2. Decorate our own paper bags

Paper bags double as a wrapping idea for homemade treats and smaller gifts. Instead of using plain-coloured paper bags, let our kids decorate the outsides of the bags with stickers, glitters, paints, paper cut-outs, felt or even jingle bells.

After the gift is placed inside the paper bag, fold over the top of the bag and punch a hole through the folded area. Thread a baker’s twine through the hole and neatly tie it to hold the bag closed. You can also decorate it with masking tapes. They add a beautiful finishing touch to the gift bags.

3. Make our own custom gift boxes

An old cereal box or other recyclable containers give us an option to make our own personalized Christmas gift boxes. We can either paint them, or wrap them in artworks or decorative papers. Tie a baker’s twine around the box as a final touch to the Christmas wrapping idea.

4. Recycle the newspapers

I can’t tell you how much I love the baker’s twine and newspaper look! It’s both vintage and modern, plus recycling is my priority. Even kids could do this! Print our own Christmas gift tags and tie them up using a baker’s twine for a beautiful finishing.

5. Make our own Christmas gift tags

Designing our own Christmas gift tags is certainly not an easy task to do. Thanks to the kind people at Fancy Girl Design Studio and Free Pretty Things, you can now download these beautiful Christmas gift tags for free.

Simply print them with a colour printer and add your own personal Christmas greetings, and voila, you’re good to go!

After all the crafting activities, please wash our hands with Lifebuoy antibacterial hand wash. Keeping our hands clean is our first weapon in fighting the spread of germs and therefore keeping ourselves illness free. Lifebuoy antibacterial hand wash protects the health of those we care for, all day long.

I hope these simple Christmas craft ideas add fun to your gift-wrapping this year by getting your kids involved. Hopefully, your packages stand out in the crowd too!

Lifebuoy_Banner (resized)


Have Some Climbing Fun at Changi!


As you probably know, we’re big fans of Changi airport. Every school holidays, they organize various fun and exciting activities for the kids. In the past, they had indoor playground, Angry Bird Space, ice-skating, bouncy castle etc. If you’re wondering what they have planned for this June holiday, please read on.

This month, you (or rather your kids) can look forward some exciting climbing fun at Changi Airport. The theme of the event is Gems of Indochina where it features a 10-course obstacle track for kids six years and above, and measuring at least 1 metre in height.


Same great place and same old rules apply. The event is held at Terminal 3 Departure Check-In Hall Row 11. You need to spend a minimum of S$40 (S$30 for Changi Rewards members) at any Changi Airport outlets to redeem one activity pass. Each activity pass admits one eligible participant.

Main Activity: 10-Course Obstacle Track


The moment Little Edison saw the obstacle track, he was so eager to climb up the track. “I can’t wait to climb up there!” he said. Then, he saw the white nets at the center of the track and he asked me, “Mama, what are the white nets for?”

I paused a while and said, “If you fall, you will go into that net. I think.”

“What if I fall to the right side?” he asked again.

I realized that he starts to get a little nervous with my answer. So, I assured him that he will not fall as there is a safety harness strapped on his body before he climbs up the track.

So, after putting on a safety helmet and harness, he went up the track by himself. He was stuck at certain obstacles, and thankfully, the airport staffs never fail to provide guidance to him.

Edison 1

He managed to complete the 10-course obstacle track! It’s his first climbing experience, and he was so excited and proud of it.



Goodie bags will be given to the first 30 participants every day.

Event Highlight: Interactive Exhibition

GEMS of Indochina 1

This exhibition is open to all visitors (no minimum spend required). It features photography, artifacts, travel information, and interactive displays about heritage sites like the Golden Stupas in Mandalay or the Laotian Plain of Jars.

Have some climbing fun this weekend!

For more information, please check out Changi Airport website HERE.

The Maze Story

Little Edison enjoys solving mazes because they are fun. He likes challenging mazes that looks like a big piece of art with many intricate lines to go through. I used to download a lot of printable mazes for him, until one day when I finally declared “I’m running out of mazes! Please give me a break!”

Then, I’m lucky to have found some Kumon maze books in Popular book store. I quickly bought all of them. Edison loves these Kumon mazes. He can complete the whole book within a day, but I give him a limit to a maximum of 4 pages a day. Else, we will risk running out of mazes again.

Kumon Maze Books

Mazes are a very good exercise for him, as they require a lot of patience, analytical skills and sharp thinking to solve. Every time he solved it, I can feel a certain sense of accomplishment in him.

But when he hits a dead end and couldn’t find his way out, he gets frustrated. He scratches his head and he calls for help. “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” And he will keep erasing until the whole table is covered with debris!

Kumon Mazes

Sometimes, when I’m really tired and still recovering from a “mental breakdown” mode after a long day at work, I’ll go: “It’s a good try, boy. Why not you make a detour and see what other paths that you can take?” – hoping that he’ll find his way out soon.

But most of the time, I’m a good Mama. *Ahem*

I’ll help him to erase and I’ll give him a hint on other possible paths that he can take. It’s the same thing in life, I told him. We should never give up, but to keep trying and trying until we reach our goal. Our life is like a maze, we need to explore possibilities.

He nods his head as if he truly understands what I meant. And I continue, “The maze also teaches us that there are many different paths to choose; one may lead us to the exit, or even back to the beginning. We need to take a chance and find one that is closer to finish.”

When he finally reaches the end of the maze, he feels accomplished, as if he stomped past a large obstacle.

Yesterday, he called me at my office and said: “Hi Mama! I got a surprise for you. Come home quick, okay?” I looked at the clock, it was 4pm and I said, “I’ll be back at 6pm sharp, okay? Wait for me.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. Bye!” He hung up the phone, leaving me in suspense for the next two hours.

When I reached home, I saw this:


He created a maze for me to solve and he was very excited about it. That must be my reward for being a good Mama. He has graduated from solving mazes to creating mazes now. I stood there in awe, and of course, I solved that maze!