Watching BabyTV

Have you ever looked at a 2-year-old watching TV? His eyes gazing attentively at the screen, with his jaw slack, his head slightly tilted and his face full of expressions. It’s just too cute.

I blogged about BabyTV a few months ago. Little Edison is still a very big fan of BabyTV. We have the whole set of about 12 DVDs at home. BabyTV is one of the programs that I allow him to watch at home for its various educational values.

This program has somehow become my part-time babysitter. During the weekends, Little Edison doesn’t go to his grandparents’ home. He will stay at home with me. When I need to steal some time to do my own work and our helper is busy cleaning the house, he will indulge in BabyTV.

Each DVD lasts for about 40 minutes. I rush to finish my work within this duration. One of his favorite characters in this program is Oliver – the monkey (in picture). Whenever he sees Oliver on the TV, he will tell me what Oliver is doing –

“Mommy, Oliver eats ice-cream.”

“Mommy, Oliver drinks orange juice.”

I’d be like “Oh yeah, that’s Oliver? Do you like Oliver?”

Sometimes, I will watch the program with Little Edison too. I enjoy it as much as he does.

Product Review: BabyTV DVD

Often times when parents think of educational TV programs for children, they will name off Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Barney etc. These programs teach our children music, maths, counting skills, letter and word recognition, social skills and most importantly – they teach positive values.

As I was searching for a suitable educational program for Little Edison, I received an e-mail from Innoform Media to do a product review on BabyTV DVD. I gladly said yes. If you have not heard of BabyTV, let me give you a brief introduction.


BabyTV is a unique educational program specially developed for growing infants and toddlers. Launched in 2003, BabyTV is distributed in 85 countries globally via over 300 affiliates, and is localized in 15 languages. In Singapore, you get to see BabyTV through StarHub Cable TV.

BabyTV’s original program library is built around nine key developmental themes – activities, bedtime, building friendships, first baby songs, first concepts, guessing games, imagination & creativity, music & art and nature & animals. It covers all the important learning fundamentals that our toddler needs.

front-3dI sit on the couch with Little Edison snuggled next to me. I play the BabyTV DVD titled Nature & Animals on my TV. At the start, we are greeted by this playful and cute BabyTV Butterfly. Its bright smile and friendly spirit instantly catch Little Edison’s attention.

I click on Farm Animals. Oliver, the monkey, gives an introduction of the farm animals and the food they eat in simple and short sentences. Then, there are some music play including our favorites ‘Old McDonald has a farm’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’. It encourages our toddler to sing and develop music interests.

In the next segment, the chicken and cow talk about what’s happening in the farm. It shows real life situations like how a chick hatches from the egg, how a sheep is shaved during summer, how to milk a cow and how to ride on a horse. Little Edison is delighted to watch these amazing educational adventures.

tinysThere is another segment that features two tiny people. They teach words, numbers, colors, dances and much more. As for me, I enjoy this segment about Moo-Moo, the hungry cow, who is trying all means to get her food. It is simple, yet fun and hilarious. Little Edison laughs along with me.

Nonetheless, for a two-year-old, boredom comes fast too. Each segment is designed with vibrant colors and lovable characters to capture their attention. The segments are short, but they are able to provide both education and entertainment to the toddlers. With fun silly characters and energetic songs, even the parents will enjoy watching them.

If you don’t have Cable TV at home, fret not. The first five volumes are available on DVD now. They have been officially released to all stores on 25 Sep 09. Retail price is $14.90, targeted at audience from 6 months to 48 months of age. The running time is approximately 40 minutes.


It’s a fantastic educational TV program that I would like to recommend to my readers. As we watch the program, I can see my boy’s mind exploding with wonder and excitement. We absolutely love the songs and stories in the show. So, check them out!