Bartley Residences: Designing the Perfect Balcony (Part 3 Final)

Finally, fibre broadband has been installed after a long 3 weeks’ of waiting, and I can resume my regular blogging. =)

Today, I’m going to share my final post on balcony decking and decoration, as well as how I maintain it. If you missed my earlier posts on this topic, you can read them here: Part 1 on balcony reno and décor ideas, and Part 2 on design and decking considerations.

We used wood-plastic composites (commonly known as WPCs) which are composite materials made of wood and thermoplastic. The main advantage of WPCs is that they do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot and decay. It does not have the natural weakness of solid timber (i.e. warping, splitting and cracks), making it a durable product that is sure to last.

Wood decking

To ensure that the decking lasts a long time, it is important to have a good foundation underneath them. Brackets are being laid as the base profile, followed by the WPCs. The gaps between the WPCs are important for ventilation so that humidity and water are able to flow out. In our hot climate, it also provides space for thermal expansion of the WPCs without causing any distortion to the decking.

Artificial turf

For the artificial turf, an AirDrain System consisting of black plastic pockets is being installed as the base to provide rapid water drainage to prevent surface ponding. Beneath the artificial turf, there is a layer of high quality fibres that acts as a backing. The artificial turf is then glued onto a net on top of the black plastic pockets.

The installation of WPCs and artificial turf in my two balconies took one day to complete. The installers from Absolut Outdoors are punctual at work, experienced and pro-active in offering us suggestions and tips in maintaining our balcony decking. Truly thankful to these guys for their great job! 🙂

Here are some pictures of my two balconies:

Main Balcony

Edison is truly delighted with this IKEA tent that I set-up for him
My coffee corner

designing the perfect balcony

Master Room Balcony

Balcony deckingI laid two pieces of artificial turf as the “fringe” (detachable) for styling purpose. I hang my laundries here too because it has direct sunlight.
A close-up view of the WPCs

My colleagues came to visit me yesterday and they were so kind to buy me these beautiful orchids for my planter boxes. The size of the pots fit my planter boxes perfectly! I love how my balcony is full of real flowers!

Planter boxes

The planter boxes that I got from Absolut Outdoors come with a water level indicator, so it’s easy for me to check when my plants need water.

Maintenance of the balconies is pretty easy for me. For the WPC, I just sweep and mop as usual. For the artificial turf, I vacuum it using a handheld vacuum cleaner (took less than 10 mins) and mop as usual.

I’m loving my outdoor spaces so much now. On Sunday mornings, we have breakfast at our balcony while we enjoy the morning sun and breeze, plus a beautiful pool view. In the evening, I roll out my yoga mat to do some stretching exercise. Sometimes, I do my work at the balcony while Edison is playing out there.


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Bartley Residences: Renovation Part 3 (Carpentry Installation & Balcony Decking)

So, one week passed in a blink of an eye. How fast! ^_^

Our renovation is close to completion now, and we’re all getting VERY busy and anxious. Truth be told, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of works to be done in the next 2 to 3 weeks until we move-in. Looking forward to burn more calories this month with the packing and unpacking. T__T

Even though house-moving is a headache, the feeling of a brand new start in a brand new home is GREAT. And today, I declare that this is the biggest project in my life so far – it requires more planning, time and efforts than our wedding and first home.

Last week, the carpentries in our master bedroom and Edison’s room have been installed. The burst water pipe delayed the carpentry installation in the living hall to this week. Ceiling fans and lighting installation have also been completed this week. In addition, the painters came to touch-up on the paints after the installation.

tv feature wall

I was so thrilled to see the ceiling fans with LED lighting. I know they’ve been in the market for years, but it’s my first time installing them (my current home is using the good ol’ KDK fan). Our electrician shared with us that ceiling fan with LED lighting may create annoying moving shadow of its blades at night. The shadow can be seen on the ceiling, but nonetheless, if the house lighting is bright enough, it should be less noticeable. Okay, let’s hope it’s not so bad.

The 4 drawers on the TV console (bottom row) have flip-up and slot-in doors – for ease of use – we’ll be putting our blu-ray player and other electronics stuffs there. Two of the drawers will have tinted glass doors – to be fixed next week.

The glass on our dining feature wall has been installed too. We wanted the edges of the glass to be chamfered for both visual and safety benefits. The installer placed two wood planks to support glass with a caution notice “not to remove before 15/1”. It makes me a little worried that the glass might fell off any time (but of course, it didn’t).

Just two days ago, our balcony decking installation has been completed. This is the thing that I’m most looking forward this week.

I’m so in LOVE with my main balcony!

balcony decking

Adding a splash of green to my balcony using artificial putting grass creates a comfortable setting for my outdoor space. Plus it’s so comfortable to walk on! Putting grass is shorter than the normal green turf, thus making it easier to clean too.

balcony with putting grass

The dark brown wood decking adds a rich contrast against the putting grass. So glad to transform our outdoor area into a comfortable space to read, relax, and play. The length of the putting green is just nice, and we still have a lovely chillax corner at the other end.

Look! We have a putting cup too!  😎

Here’s a close-up look at the wood composite decking in our master bedroom balcony.

wood composite decking

We installed three planter boxes – two on the right and one on the left. The planter box comes with a water level indicator, so when my plants need some hydration, I won’t have to count on my spider senses. [Related posts: Designing the perfect balcony – Part I and Part II]

balcony planter box

outdoor balcony decking

And so, I’m gonna have a new hobby in 2016. Yes, gardening – you got it right!

In my next post, I’ll be able to share with you more beautiful pictures after all the debris are cleared and plastics are removed. On a side note, I’m pretty amazed with the durability of the protection sheets (although they looked quite thin to me). They are still looking good without any tearing after 3 weeks of rough renovation works.

Tomorrow, our indoor and outdoor blinds will be installed. I’m so looking forward to see how amazing these Korean WinUs blinds are. We’ve decided to go completely “curtain-less”. So, we will be using Unislat for our living hall and Combi blinds for all bedrooms.

Will update more in Part Four. Stay with me, will you?

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Balcony decking by:
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Interior Design by:
Rezt & Relax Interior
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Designer: Tim Tian and Jingyu


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