Product Review: b.liv Skincare

It has been a very busy week. What is new these days? Sad. 🙁

I have office works to do after Little Edison goes to sleep. By the time I crash into bed, I’m too tired to apply any cream on my face. Thanks to b.liv, my face is still well-behaved despite the lack of maintenance and sleep. 🙂

I’ve been using b.liv products for about one month now. This brand was recommended to me by my dear sister. I must admit that I’m very impressed with the products. If you have oily skin, blackheads or whiteheads problems, this brand will really suits you.

This is the range of products that I’m using now.

And here’s my thoughts about them:

#1: Squeaky Clean

Overview: It is green-tinted, gel-like, non-foamy and smells a little minty. It has fine micro-beads that helps in exfoliation and removal of impurities as well as excess oil.

After Use: I use this cleanser once at night. It makes my skin feels so clean, refreshed and smooth after using. It really lives up to its ‘squeaky clean’ name. Exactly the kind of clean feeling that I’m looking for!

#2: Off with Those Heads

Overview: This is a light cooling gel that removes black/white heads and keeps excess oil secretion under control.

After Use: I apply it on my T-zone and cheek after toner twice a day. Black/white heads reduced significantly after one week but I wouldn’t say that they are completely eliminated. However, the residue stubborn blackheads can be easily removed with gentle squeezing.

T-zone doesn’t feel oily after a whole day at work (even with make-up on). That’s what I really like about this product! It keeps oil secretion at bay. A must try!

#3: Shrink and Tighten (for day use)

Overview: A lightweight serum, slight hazy in color with a mild citrus scent. Filled with collagen, antioxidants and skin cells repairing properties, this serum helps to shrink the pores and calm down skin irritation.

After Use: I’ve been using it for two weeks now. I apply it on my face after Off with Those Heads. It absorbs into the skin effortlessly and it doesn’t feel sticky or oily. I haven’t seen any significant improvement in pore size at the moment. Probably in another two weeks or so, but I will continue using it.

b.liv Skin Care

How adventurous are you when it comes to trying out new skin care products? Will you buy skin care products online without trying or feeling them?

I consider myself moderately adventurous. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t try every single product in the market. But I’ve no qualms about shopping for skin care products online even if I’ve not seen the actual products on the shelves.

My third question to you is – what is the ‘push factor’ that makes you purchase certain skin care products online? For me, it will be good reviews from someone that I know of as well as bloggers that I trust. Secondly, it will be the price, ingredients and popularity of the brand itself.

Recently, I stumbled upon a new brand of skin care products that I’m totally unaware of. It is called b.liv. I saw it the first time on my sister’s Facebook. Apparently, she has decided to dump her long-time lover, Kose and switched to b.liv. She raves about this brand on her Facebook too. So, I told myself they must be really good.

A few days later, I read a review of this brand on Cindy’s blog. I like to read Cindy’s blog because she recommends a lot of good stuffs to her readers. You can read her review HERE.

Now, I know that I can purchase b.liv products online. They offer free shipping to Singapore too. Without much hesitation, I placed my order for some of the products that suit my skin type. I received the products via DHL three days later. Unbelievably fast, isn’t it?

Actually, this brand is also available at SaSa. But I prefer to shop online these days because I find that some of the sales assistants are way too pushy. And to bring Little Edison to shops like this, it can be quite a nightmare too.

These are the products that I’ve bought. I’m into my day two now. I’m truly impressed with them!

You can check out b.liv website at